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Alpha West Marketing Group

Alpha West Marketing Group
25 Larkspur Dr.
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
(818) 519-6195
(916) 791-6715

Paul Matthews, Principal

Tim Dougherty, Principal

Email: [email protected]



The Alpha West Marketing Group was founded in 1979 on the basic principle of providing value added customer service to the Pool and Spa trade. Our philosophy hasn’t changed in 35 years. Alpha West Marketing will always provide the manufacturers we represent and the customers we service with the following commitments:
The strongest and most professional sales force in the industry.
Direct route to new business partners through years of industry experience, and established positions in the market place.
An unparalleled group of sales partners through our belief in hiring quality not quantity.
The highest quality working relationship created and maintained to benefit both customer and manufacturer.
The most effective level of product knowledge, constantly accessing our customers needs and wants, helping them to make an intelligent and long term buying decision.

Manufacturer Brands:

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