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Prozone Water Products, Inc.

Prozone Water Products, Inc.

Prozone Water Products, Inc.
3004 11th Ave. S.W.
Huntsville, AL 35805
(256) 539-4570
(256) 539-4225

Cherie Brook, Pres.

Ronald Barnes, C.E.O.




Prozone – Simply Brilliant
Prozone purifies pool and spa water, making it sparkling clean, clear and drinking water pure.
Prozone’s Advantages: •Reduces the need for harsh, costly chemicals up to 90% •Saves maintenance, time and money •Eliminates eye and skin irritation, hair damage •Eliminates chemical odors •Prolongs equipment life •Produces crystal clear water that smells fresh, feels softer and is more refreshing •Operates in high heat & humidity where corona discharge fails. Prozone systems produce Ozone and Hydroxyls, the most powerful oxidizers in nature which destroy contaminants and neutralize harsh, irritating by-products of all pool chemicals. Prozone makes the simplest, most innovative Advanced Oxidation Process/Ozone systems on the market. A leader in the design of specialty ozone systems, Prozone has supplied over 1.5 million systems throughout the world. Prozone pioneered the original Very Ultra Violet ozone generator cartridge in 1977. Since then, Prozone has innovated full systems integrating its ozonator designs into applications such as swimming pools, spas, water parks, air purifiers and more. Prozone systems provide the ultimate in ozone absorption while operating in conjunction with the existing circulation system. Their simplicity and effectiveness have become the industry standard for low-cost, reliable and easily implemented ozone systems. Healthier Water. Pure & Simple.

Manufacturer Brands:
Complete Sanitation System-CSS®||Dynamic Venturi Injector||Eco Master®||Ecozone®||Hybrid® Corona||Mycropore® Diffuser||Prozone®||Twister Air Purificaiton Systems

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We Build Professionals - Genesis - The World Has Changed, And So Have We.
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