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Snappy Structures, Inc.

Snappy Structures, Inc.
7958 #132 Pines Blvd.
Pembroke Pines, FL 33024
(954) 926-6611
(954) 926-6612

Joe Sparacino, Gen. Mgr.

Email: [email protected]



Snappy retains an engineering firm that has been working with us since 1974 in the design and fabrication of custom pool enclosures. The firm is ready to work with architects to design enclosures to blend with any type installation.
Blueprints, construction details, load calculation, and other pertinent data are all a part of the total package provided. Each structure is designed to meet local building codes, always keeping in mind the durability and maintenance-free aspects pf the total structure, constant effort is expended to ensure the most modern and efficient design.
The rectangular enclosure is most economical. Custom shapes such as round, and rounded end rectangular are available. We work directly with the designer on any custom shape

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