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Sunlite Science & Technology, Inc.

Sunlite Science & Technology, Inc.
4811 Quail Crest Place
Lawrence, AL 66049 USA

Greg DiVilbiss
[email protected]
(785) 856-0219

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Sunlite was founded in 1996 as a LED chip and wafer manufacturing company. Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) technology was used to fabricate chips for sale to LED assembly companies for use in LED lighting applications.
It was soon discovered that because traditional methods are so widespread and each step of the manufacturing process is performed by a different company, that the final products fall far short of the original potential for LED chips and wafers.
Sunlite decided to make higher quality LED lighting products. Using vertical integration, Sunlite now controls all aspects of production and design, providing freedom of innovation in residential, commercial and industrial applications. Sunlite’s proprietary Application-Specific LEDs (AS-LEDs) have a non-traditional design that is made specifically by Sunlite Science & Technology for Sunlite lighting products.
While other manufacturers take the extra steps of putting their LEDs on a Metal Core Printed Circuit Board (MC-PCB) and use plastic coverings, Sunlite places their AS-LEDs directly in aluminum housing. This proprietary patented process gives unsurpassed heat dissipation and durability of Sunlite products which catapults our lighting to the top in terms of efficiency, brightness, and lifespan.

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