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Pool Cleaning Videos Popular on TikTok & Instagram

Experts say Pool Cleaning videos trigger A.S.M.R.



Pool Cleaning ASMR Videos Get Hundres of Millions of Views - Miles Laflin is a TikTok Star

Pool cleaning companies are creating a huge following on social media. Researchers say they’re getting millions of views on their pool cleaning videos because these kinds of short films satisfy a deeper element within our human nature.

Sociologist and City University senior lecturer Stephanie Alice Baker told the New York Times that pool cleaning videos have a well-established trick of the trade that simply make for really compelling videos. She says that the shock factor of witnessing the complete transformation of a dirty pool into a clean one is something that is very satisfying to viewers on an emotional level.

One popular pool cleaning professional Miles Laflin, also known as The Pool Guy is located in the U.K. and has racked up hundreds of thousands of subscribers and followers along with over 69 million video views on YouTube alone. He’s equally if not more popular on Instagram and TikTok.

“It’s long been known in the fitness industry that one of the most successful ways to build an audience is a before-and-after post,” Dr. Baker said.

She also mentioned that one of the videos’ most appealing aspects was the way it affected the audience’s feelings.

When a pool company is able to revitalize a filthy pool, folks watching may feel some sort of sense of accomplishment, according to Dr. Baker. Baker suggested that viewers may get a sense of success, order, and mastery while watching these types of videos.

It’s nothing new for pools to take the spotlight on social media. We’ve written time and again about videos involving pools that set social media on fire. The fact that there may be some type of therapeutic benefit from watching them is pretty new information though.

@thep00lguy The transformation though! @poolboyb4nners #thep00lguy #hollayaboy #123PandoraME #fyp #satisfying ♬ original sound – thepoolguyml

This new short-form video emphasis that TikTok focuses on has helped propel this particular video genre to new heights with a younger demographic. More than 45 billion people have watched videos with the hashtag #oddlysatisfying on TikTok.

Researchers like Dr. Richard believe that for our ancestors, witnessing someone work with their hands taught them a skill. Richard believes watching films of individuals working activates a region of our brain that, according to him, keeps us captivated.

Dr. Richard thinks that we are hard-wired to look at people’s hands when they are teaching us or explaining something because subconsciously we believe that doing so will help us survive.

Richard said watching pool service videos and the action of someone working with their hands while providing professional advice, coupled with a soothing voice and the sound of flowing water triggers an autonomous sensory meridian response. A.S.M.R videos are said to provide a relaxing, even sedative sensation. Viewers claim the feeling begins on the scalp and moves down the body.

Miles Laflin - @thep00lguy has become an overnight celebrity with his pool cleaning videos.
Miles Laflin – @thep00lguy has become an overnight celebrity with his pool cleaning videos.

While we can’t vouch for the tingly feelings, we can say without a doubt that some of these pool cleaning videos are absolutely mesmerizing to watch. Today Miles Laflin has gone from a run-of-the-mill pool guy to being approached on the street daily for autographs and selfies by followers. Despite the fame his videos get, he’s not a rock star or a famous athlete. All Miles had to do to get famous was to start cleaning pools.

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Health Benefits of a Backyard Steam Sauna



Health Benefits of a Backyard Steam Sauna

When it comes to health and fitness, backyard steam saunas are one of the best-kept secrets around. Not only do they provide a host of health benefits, but they also offer a level of comfort and luxury that is hard to beat. If you’re looking for a way to improve your health and add some extra comfort to your pool area, then adding a steam sauna may be the perfect solution. In this article, we will discuss the many benefits of adding a steam sauna to your pool area and talk about some of the different options available.

Experience Maximum Health Benefits By Taking a Sauna After Swimming

There are many benefits to swimming for your health. Swimming is a great cardio workout, it’s low-impact so it’s easy on your joints, and it’s a great way to stay cool in the summer heat. But did you know that taking a sauna after swimming can enhance those health benefits?

When you swim, your body temperature rises and your heart rate increases. This all happens because water conducts heat away from your body faster than air does. That’s why when you get out of the pool, you feel cooler than when you first got in. Having a relaxing sauna after swimming takes advantage of this effect and can help your body recover from strenuous exercise more quickly.

Pool Service Software
There are numerous health benefits to enjoying a sauna including detoxifying, improving circulation, and destressing.
There are numerous health benefits to enjoying a sauna including detoxifying, improving circulation, and destressing.


One of the main benefits of a steam sauna is that it can help you detoxify your body. When you sweat, your body releases toxins and impurities that can be harmful to your health. However, when you sweat in a steam sauna, these toxins and impurities are quickly removed from your body through the pores in your skin. This helps to cleanse and detoxify your body, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Improving Circulation

Another great benefit of a steam sauna is that it can help improve circulation. The heat from the steam dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow throughout the body. This increased circulation can help to reduce pain and inflammation, as well as improve overall cardiovascular health. In addition, the increased blood flow can also help to reduce cellulite and give your skin a healthy glow.

Relax & De-Stress

If you are looking for a way to relax and unwind, then a steam sauna is also a great option to reduce stress and anxiety. The heat from the steam helps to loosen tight muscles and relieve tension headaches. The humid air can also help to clear congestion and ease respiratory problems. In addition, the calming atmosphere of a steam sauna has been shown to help reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Learn about the health benefits of adding a backyard steam sauna

Choosing a Backyard Steam Sauna That Fits Your Lifestyle

There are many different types of steam saunas on the market today, so make sure to find one that fits your lifestyle as well as your needs and budget. If you’re thinking about adding a sauna for the health benefits, you may be wondering if an outdoor sauna makes more sense than an indoor one.

One of the main advantages of a backyard steam sauna is that it’s typically easier to install than an indoor model. This means you can enjoy your new sauna much sooner. And, since most outdoor saunas are made from high-quality materials, they’re built to last.

How much does the installation of an outdoor sauna room cost in 2022? -Backyard Steam Sauna - Barrel Sauna by Thermory
How much does the installation of an outdoor sauna room cost in 2022?

The installation of a sauna outside may be a smart idea, but there are a number of things to think about first:

Installation Cost

In addition to the sauna’s purchase price, you almost certainly will need to run electrical and water lines from your home to the sauna location. Even though it’s a short distance, you still have to consider hiring several experts and possibly even installing a concrete pad for your spa to sit on.


Weatherproofing your new sauna will increase the cost if you reside in a region that experiences exceptionally cold winters or excessively hot summers. There are numerous options available for insulating your sauna from the elements.


Your personal sauna may sound like the perfect place to unwind, but how private will it really be? Consider the noise from your surroundings, including your neighbors, bystanders, and even the nearby road. Privacy fencing is a must for those who will be concerned about prying eyes.


You can require permission to build any form of outbuilding, even on your own land, depending on where you live. To maintain the cohesive look of all the homes in the community, HOAs may have particular laws prohibiting such installations.

Most residential communities don’t require building permits for structures 120 square feet or smaller. For your unique needs, you’ll need to speak with a building contractor or get in touch with your local permitting office. Find out whether you’ll need permits for any necessary plumbing or electrical work while you’re speaking with them.

Sauna Kits

One of the best barrel saunas available is the Thermory No. 61 Barrel Sauna. This premium barrel sauna kit is ideal for relaxing with guests. It seats 4 people and even comes with a front porch. The innovative design means that with a 7’3″ inside diameter, it’s tall enough to comfortably stand in; making it a popular option with those looking for a larger outdoor steam room.

HUUM DROP 9 electric sauna heater for outdoor sauna room - Backyard steam sauna room by Themory
HUUM DROP 9 electric sauna heater for outdoor sauna room

Adding on a 9kw electric sauna heater provides plenty of heat for your outdoor sauna room. The HUUM DROP 9 heater which is compact and designed for sauna rooms up to 530 cubic feet, is the perfect add-on for the Thermory No. 61 Barrel Sauna. An add-on digital controller means that you can easily adjust the heat inside the sauna without going outside. Convenient WiFi temperature controls allow you to adjust the temperature from an Android or iOS device.

Modular Sauna Rooms

For those looking for a more contemporary backyard steam sauna design, the Auroom Cala Glass Cabin Sauna Kit certainly will not disappoint. The 3-person Glass DIY Sauna Cabin Kit is easy to use and economical to operate. Perhaps the single most thing you’ll enjoy about the Cala’s compact indoor sauna design is the exquisite attention to detail, featuring a sophisticated glass front wall and door.

Adding a Sauna to your Backyard
Auroom Cala Glass Cabin Sauna Kit

Ultimately whether you are thinking of a DIY Sauna Kit or a Modular Sauna Room, the Auroom Cala and the Thermory Barrel Sauna are priced competitively to start at around the $8,000 range making them one of the more affordable outdoor amenities to add to your backyard.

Investing in Your Health & Your Home

Ultimately, adding a sauna to your home is an investment in your health. If you’re looking for backyard amenities that add value and a way to improve your health and well-being, adding a sauna is a great option. The initial investment may seem like a lot, but the ROI is worth it when you consider the health benefits you’ll enjoy.

There’s no doubt that saunas have a plethora of health benefits, from improved circulation to better skin. But did you know that adding a sauna can also add value to your home?

That’s right – not only will you be able to enjoy all the benefits of regular sauna use, but your home will also be worth more if you ever decide to sell. So if you’re on the fence about whether or not a backyard steam sauna is worth the investment, consider all the ways it can pay off in the long run.

Featured Photo Credit: Auroom Wellness
Additional Photo Credits: Thermory USA

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Hidden Waterfall Pool Goes Viral



Hidden Waterfall Pool Goes Viral

Travel enthusiasts are trekking out in search of a hidden waterfall pool that recently went viral on social media. Local officials, however, warn against the dangers of the perilous terrain associated with the picturesque location. They advise caution for those seeking it out.

Travelers Seek Out Hidden Waterfall Pool in Australia

Woy Woy Waterfall Pool is a (not-so) secret hidden man-made pool that lies within the heart of the Brisbane Water National Park, located approximately 85km north of Sydney, Australia. On social media, you’ll find hundreds if not thousands of videos and photos of people enjoying the scenic man-made pool.

“I’ve lived in Woy Woy for years and never knew this place even existed,” said one local in response to an online post.

Travelers thinking about visiting the local attraction have been warned to be especially careful near the pool’s narrow ledge.

“This is a dangerous area, so please take precautions. We’ve already had one visitor recently fall and require medical evacuation by helicopter ” one person responded.

Locals Caution Travelers

While travelers from all over enjoy swimming in the man-made pool, some locals have cautioned visitors that the water may not be as safe as they think.

“The water is from a nearby waste management facility, definitely be careful putting your head underwater,” one person responded.

“When you realize that it’s a sewage outlet,” another commented.

“Nice spot, but don’t swim in it after rains as (the pool is) linked to runoff and has lots of fecal coliforms,” a third person said.

Woy Woy Map

According to Daily Mail, a waste management facility that uses the same waterway as Woy Woy Falls is located a short distance away.

For those truly adventurous souls that are still determined to check the place out, WalkMyWorld has a step-by-step guide on how to find this hidden Aussie waterfall pool.

Featured Photo Credit: Instagram / Delwynk

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Sinkhole in Swimming Pool Kills Man, Swallows Guests



Sinkhole in Swimming Pool Kills Man, Swallows Guests

A man was found dead after being swallowed by a sinkhole that opened up in a private swimming pool. The incident transpired in Israel where authorities are still trying to figure out what caused two men to be swept away by the receding water after a sinkhole sprang up within an inground swimming pool at a private property in central Israel. One was recovered dead at the scene on Thursday afternoon.

The body was located by search crews in the town of Karmei Yosef after a four-hour recovery operation conducted by rescue personnel who were lowered deep underground. The search was hampered by concerns that tunnels extending from the sinkhole could lead to a second collapse.

It took rescuers several hours of searching before they were able to uncover the body of the man who had gone missing. The other 34-year-old man who had been trapped for some time, was saved and treated for minor injuries to his lower body.

Rescuers worked for hours to find the missing victims body. - Photo Credits: Fire and Rescue Services
Rescuers worked for hours to find the missing victims body. – Photo Credits: Fire and Rescue Services

Employees of a private company were having a pool party when the incident occurred. About 50 people were present at the time of the accident, according to one guest.

“The water level suddenly started receding and a hole opened up, creating a vortex that swept two people inside,” the guest told news sources.

She said a sinkhole opened a vortex formed which swallowed up the victim in a matter of seconds. She yelled at her coworkers to get out of the pool as the sinkhole emerged, but they initially assumed it was a game. Authorities say, fortunately, there were only 6 people in the pool at the time or injuries and casualties could have been far greater.

“Seconds later, the ground just dropped… I watched two people just disappear,” she added.

According to police, an investigtion into the incident is currently underway, and they plan to find out if the pool was operating with the proper license.

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