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Tune into the Pool Magazine Podcast. We interview the pool industries leading designers, builders and contractors. We also talk with some of the leading equipment manufacturers and thought leaders in pool technology today.

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Pool Magazine Podcast proudly sponsored by Basecrete – Leaders in Waterpoof Bondcoatings

Pool Podcasts

What makes for a great pool podcast? Content, entertainment, and educational value are the key metrics we look at. Ideally, you’re looking for thought leaders in the pool industry with podcasts that are adding value to the discussion on a variety of subjects on pool construction, swimming pool maintenance & supplies.

When you are looking for inside information, expert advice or want to know what is really going on in the pool world, one of the best resources to utilize are the bloggers and podcasters that comprise the digital community of the pool and spa industry. The following podcasts are bar none the most active and reputable pool podcasts on the internet. We’re confident that you’ll find something to love on each of them.

Here are a few Pool Podcasts you should definitely be listening to:

Viking Capital - Pool Financing
Pool Magazine Podcast proudly sponsored by Viking Capital – Pool Builder Financing

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We Build Professionals - Genesis - The World Has Changed, And So Have We.
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