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Animals In The Pool

Animals In The Pool – Finding wildlife in your pool might actually be more common than you think.



Animals In The Pool - Jake Paul Actually Wants Giant Snakes In His Swimming Pool

Homeowners go to great lengths to ensure that animals don’t get in the pool. When animals get into your swimming pool, havoc can ensue. Installing a pool fence or wall around your backyard is no guarantee that wildlife won’t pay a visit. Let’s face it, your swimming pool is a natural watering hole for all sorts of wildlife. Animals may be prone to want to visit your pool when you’re not around.

Animals in the pool - raccoons, squirrels, frogs, lizards, birds are the most common.

Statistically speaking, the most common animals you’ll find in your swimming pool are creatures like frogs, snakes, raccoons, squirrels, and birds. However, there are plenty of other larger wildlife that are eager to make use of your swimming pool as well.

Bears Are Naturally Drawn To Swimming Pools

Making it a habitable environment for creatures to visit is never a good idea. Keeping snacks about and your pool cover open when you’re not home is practically an engraved invitation for animals to want to visit your pool.

Yogi came for the snacks you left out and to take a dip. No big deal, just leave him a towel.

Finding a bear in your backyard is a very realistic proposition for homeowners that live up in bear country. Leaving food items unattended, and an oasis, like a swimming pool is very inviting for bears. If you do happen to live in area where bears are prevalent, take precautions. Spraying animal repellant, bringing food indoors, using an automatic pool cover and automatic sprinkler system are both great ways to keep bears away.

Bambi & His Abormal Love For Pools

Deer are another form of wildlife that are naturally drawn to swimming pools. The fact that they can easily jump over a fence means that they are not an effective deterrent for these animals. During hot summer months, deer may be drawn to your swimming pool, thinking it is a watering hole.

You may wake up one morning and say ‘Bambi, what are you doing here?’

While they may be beautiful to look at, deer aren’t very good swimmers. You’re just as likely to find one on the bottom of your pool as you are to hear one frolicking about in the shallow end. A smart way to deter deer from entering your backyard is to use deer deterrent spray. The animals find the scent repulsive and will definitely give your swimming pool a wide berth.

Cougars & Mountain Lions

Another animal that may naturally be drawn to your pool are cougars and mountain lions. In rural parts of the country, these creatures may come down from the hills to want to use your swimming pool as their own personal watering hole. The typical animal repellants we’ve recommended should keep a mountain lion from wanting to make your swimming pool, their swimming pool

Animals in the pool - cougars and mountain lions are naturally drawn to water.
Animals in the pool – cougars and mountain lions are naturally drawn to water.

Homeowners that live in places like California, Oregon, and Colorado have the highest populations of mountain lions in the country. While certainly not as likely as finding a bear or deer in your pool, you could quite likely come across one of these animals if you live in a state known for high populations of mountain lions.

Alligators In The Pool

Finding an alligator in your swimming pool may sound far-fetched, but not if you live in Florida. The sunshine state is known for a prolific amount of alligators. Over 1.3 million alligators live in Florida right along side homeowners with luxurious pools.

Finding an alligator in your pool is entirely possible in Florida.
Finding an alligator in your pool is entirely possible in Florida.

While by no means a common occurrence, at least a few times each year, a local down in Florida or elsewhere along the Gulf Coast, will report finding an alligator swimming around in their pool. One story that recently comes to mind are the homeowners in Florida who came outside one evening to find a 9-foot gator doing laps in their pool.

Pigs In The Pool

Boars and wild pigs can get trapped in your pool.
Boars and wild pigs can get trapped in your pool.

Okay, this one isn’t very likely to happen unless you happen to live in a place known for wild pigs. It has been known to happen though. Some homeowners who live in areas known for wild boars or feral pigs have woken up to the surprise squealing of a pig in their pool.

Swimming with the pigs actually sounds kind of fun.
Swimming with the pigs actually sounds kind of fun. Credit: Pinterest

Pigs are actually pretty terrific swimmers. The famous Swimming Pigs in the Exumas are a testament to how these animals love swimming. Consequently, they are naturally drawn to pools.

Hippos In The Pool – Hey… It Could Happen.

While certainly uncommon, one homeowner in Botswana woke up to find a hippopotamus using his inground pool. Okay, we’ve got nothing here. If you live in an area of the world prone to hippo invasions, you’re on your own.

Don't let hippos get in your pool even for a dip!
Don’t let hippos get in your pool even for a dip! – Credit: Reddit

After the hippo was through using the pool as his own personal oasis, the homeowner had their hands full removing over 100 pounds of hippo dung from the bottom of his pool. That’s definitely not a job any pool service guy in the United States wants to try and tackle.

Sharks In The Pool

Finally, there are the sharks in the pool. What, wait a minute… yeah, we’re just kidding about that last one. Thankfully ‘Jaws’ is the last animal on earth you’ll find hanging out in the deep end of your pool. While some sharks have been known to leap out of the water in pursuit of prey, the odds of one hopping into your pool are nil. Still, there are a fair amount of people who have some abnormal fear about sharks in the pool. There’s actually a clinic name for this weird fear called Galeophobia.

Finding a shark in the pool isn't very likely.
Finding a shark in the pool isn’t very likely. Credit: Buzzfeed

Then There’s The People Who Actually Want Animals In Their Pool

Some people like YouTubers Dudeson and Jake Paul actually went to great lengths to get animals in their swimming pool. The video below shows them swimming with not one but two 10 foot snakes in the pool.

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Alise Everton has been working in the pool industry for the past decade and is an experienced press correspondent and contributor for numerous trade publications and web portals including and among others. Contact her for guest posting opportunities, press releases, and pool equipment related news.

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Makeup In The Pool Can Be Problematic



Makeup In The Pool Can Be Problematic

Wearing makeup in the pool can be a controversial topic, as some people believe that it is harmful to both the skin and the pool itself. However, with the right precautions and products, it is possible to wear cosmetics in the pool without causing harm.

Why Makeup In The Pool Can Be Trouble

First and foremost, it is important to understand that most cosmetics are not designed to withstand the harsh chemicals and chlorine found in pools. This means that if you choose to wear makeup in the pool, it is likely to smudge, smear, or even wash off completely. The best beauty supply stores carry makeup that is waterproof and sweat-proof. These are products that are specifically designed for use in the water and are a better choice if you’re opting to wear cosmetics in the swimming pool.

Wearing Cosmetics When Swimming

When it comes to eye makeup, waterproof mascara and eyeliner are a must. However, it is important to remember that even waterproof products can smudge or run if they come into contact with water for an extended period of time. Therefore, it’s best to avoid applying too much eye makeup, or to touch up your cosmetics after swimming.

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When it comes to foundation and powder, it is best to use a waterproof and sweat-proof formula. Furthermore, it is important to apply sunscreen before applying makeup, as the sun’s rays can be damaging to the skin, even when you’re in the water.

Thinking of wearing makeup in the swimming pool? Make sure to pick waterproof cosmetics. Photo Credit: Redbook
Thinking of wearing makeup in the swimming pool? Make sure to pick waterproof cosmetics. Photo Credit: Redbook

Waterproof Makeup

When it comes to waterproof makeup, there are several options available on the market. Some popular choices include:

  1. Waterproof Mascara: Brands like Maybelline, L’Oréal, and CoverGirl offer waterproof mascaras that are designed to resist smudging and running.
  2. Waterproof Eyeliner: Pencil eyeliners are the best option for a waterproof eyeliner as they are less likely to smudge or run. Brands like Urban Decay, Stila, and Nudestix offer waterproof pencil eyeliners in a variety of shades.
  3. Waterproof Foundation: Many cosmetic brands offer waterproof foundations that are designed to stay put even when you’re in the water. Some popular options include L’Oréal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation, Estée Lauder Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Makeup and Maybelline Superstay Full Coverage Foundation.
  4. Waterproof Lipstick: Brands like Revlon, Maybelline, and L’Oréal offer waterproof lipsticks that are designed to resist smudging and fading.
  5. Waterproof Concealer: Brands like Tarte, Nars, and Urban Decay offer waterproof concealers that are designed to stay put even when you’re in the water.

What You Should Know About Wearing Cosmetics In The Pool

In terms of whether you should wear cosmetics in the pool or not, it ultimately comes down to personal preference. Some people enjoy wearing makeup in the pool to feel more confident, while others prefer to let their natural skin breathe. If you do choose to wear makeup in the pool, it is important to take the necessary precautions to protect your skin and the pool itself.

Additionally, if you are wearing makeup in the pool, it is important to remember that makeup can clog the filters in the pool, and it could also leave an oily film on the water. This can be harmful to swimmers, as well as to the pool itself. Therefore, it is important to clean your face thoroughly before getting into the pool, and to avoid applying too much makeup.

Ultimately, wearing makeup in the pool can be possible, but it’s important to use waterproof and sweat-proof products that are specifically designed for use in the water. Additionally, it’s important to take precautions to protect your skin and the pool itself.

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Insta VS Reality Sets In For Pool-Seeking Tourists



Insta vs Reality Sets In For Pool-Seeking Tourists

A traveler discovered the hard truth of how different parts of Bali can be from one another when she proudly displayed the breathtaking panorama from her hostel.

Luna De Fauw, a Dutch tourist, shared a video she shot from her hotel balcony in Canggu, Bali, on TikTok in December.

She began her video by showcasing the immaculate pool inside the hotel grounds, and then cut to a muddy field with unfinished houses in the background.

Travel Bloggers Record Their Insta VS Reality Pool Experience

Captioned “Bali Insta vs real life,” Ms. De Fauw’s video showed the bright blue poolside tranquility with lined-up deck lounges, manicured lawns, and palm trees.

@luna_maryse Had je niet gedacht he #itbelikethat #kosonehostel #canggu #bali #instavsreality ♬ original sound – Andrei King

The camera panned next door to a muddy expanse with patches of grass and abandoned buildings, with a massive construction site in the distance.

Reactions on Social Media

People on social media reacted to Ms. De Fauw’s post about Bali by calling it “overrated,” but some defended the well-known tourist destination.

Some have criticized Ms. De Fauw for trying to save money on her Bali vacation, urging her to “pay the price” for a more luxurious experience.

Yet others managed to find the humorous side of things by making remarks about the muddy grassy area adjacent to the hostel.

‘We love the alternative beach,’ one of them joked.

This follows the posting of similar footage by other TikTokers from the popular holiday destination, showing beautiful villas next to swampy areas.

On the popular video sharing app TikTok, British tourist Victoria Goulbourne revealed the truth about her vacation last November.

@victoria_goulbourne Dont be fooled by insta 😅🌝 #traveltok #bali #canggu #indonesia #traveltok #comedy #fyp #instavsreality #baliviews #balitravel ♬ original sound – Andrei King

Her video overlaid with the words “Insta VS Reality” panned from the pristine pool, deck, and palm trees in front of the villa to the murky swamp and dirty creek in the backyard. It perfectly showcases the difference between expectation and reality.

Insta Vs Reality & Travel Culture

The “Insta vs Reality” travel culture refers to the discrepancy between the idealized and heavily edited versions of travel experiences that go viral on social media, versus the more mundane or even negative aspects of those same experiences. Tourists posting videos that feature a beautiful pool only to pan and show off a construction zone or unlandscaped surroundings is one example of this phenomenon.

By only showcasing the attractive or picturesque aspects of their travels, such as a beautiful pool, and hiding or downplaying the less desirable parts, such as a construction zone or unlandscaped surroundings, these tourists are presenting a skewed and unrealistic portrayal of their experience. This can create a false impression for viewers and lead to disappointment or frustration when they arrive at the same destination and find that it doesn’t match the idealized version they saw on social media.

This type of behavior also contributes to the growing trend of “fake” or “staged” travel content on social media, which can be misleading and deceptive for consumers. It’s important for travelers to be mindful of this and to strive for authenticity and honesty in their travel content, rather than only presenting a polished and idealized version of their experiences.

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Top 10 Pool Toys I’m Asking Santa For This Year

These top 10 pool toys made our wish list this year



Top 10 Pool Toys To Ask Santa For This Christmas

One thing is for certain in my backyard, you can never have enough pool toys. A swimming pool party is the perfect time to break out your best pool floats, toys, and games that make the experience that much more enjoyable. This year, I’ve put a few special requests on my list for Santa. There were definitely a few new pool toys that made my wishlist. I’m hoping Jolly Old Saint Nick will stuff at least a few under the tree for me this year.

Top 10 Pool Toys This Year

If you’re looking for some incredibly fun pool toys that will appeal to kids of all ages, you’re in the right place. Pool Magazine has you covered with a list of toys and accessories that will make your pool the place to be this holiday season.

TEMI Remote Control Shark

One of the most fun pool toys that came out this year is TEMI’s Remote Control Shark that works similar to an RC Boat. This cool shark spouts water and has a LED light on it. Straight out of a James Bond Movie this remote controlled pool shark is the perfect pool toy for those on the naughty list. Dr. Evil would love this RC shark as it really does have laser beams coming out of it’s head.

CPO Class - Virtual Online Classes - Become a Certified Pool Operator

Splash Runner Motorized Pool Lounger

Ok, I’m going to be honest and say I hope Santa drops a couple of these off at the pool this year. This remote controlled pool lounger propels you through the pool area with strong dual 66 watt power motors. A fun and comfortable pool chair that accomodates adults up to 300 pounds.

NinoStar Inflatable Balls

If these inflatable balls don’t cater to your inner Star Wars nerd, nothing will. Me being a tremendous Star Wars buff, t hey’re right up my alley. I really hope that Santa comes and drops a few of these fun inflatables off at the pool this yar.

Pool Punisher Tank Float

These fun inflatables have been the hit of the summer all year long. With cannons that shoot pool water, you can have some raging water fights with this inflatable artillery. I almost picked some up earlier in the year but missed my chance and then they were all sold out. Certainly wouldn’t mind if Ol’ Saint Nick dropped a few tanks off for some fun pool battles.

Giantex Inflatable Water Trampoline

This fun inflatable water trampoline looks absolutely ideal for the pool. For kids and adults who enjoy the trampoline and the swimming pool, this pool toy is like the best of both worlds. Certainly a top ten toy that I have no trouble asking Santa for this year.

TOSY Rechargeable LED Frisbee

A neighbor of mind had this fun pool toys in their backyard and we all had a ball this summer tossing the frisbee around in the pool at night. I’d say this is the one pool toy on my list that is just as at home on the lawn or at the park as it is in the swimming pool.

Catch-A-Splash Reusable Water Balloons & Slingshot

There are a few things that always put parents off hosting a water balloon fight. For one, filling all the balloons takes time, and so does cleaning up all of the broken balloons after the fight. Catch-A-Splash solves both with their reusable cotton water balloons that are easy to fill, and fun to shoot with the included slingshot. Two very good reasons why it’s on top 10 pool toy list.

Dunn-Rite Splash & Shoot Basketball Hoop

This fun basketball hoop provides hours of fun in the backyard. A sturdy adjustable backboard and net held in place by a 25 gallon pedestal. Another pool toy I hope I get two of so that we can go end-to-end for “full-court” pool hoops.

Dunn-Rite Volleyball Net

Yep, we’re going back-to-back with two Dunn-Rite pool toys. Hey, they make great products! Their sturdy volleyball is easy to set up and provides hours of enjoyment in the pool. With that said, it should be very easy to see why it rates a spot on our top 10 list of must-have pool toys this year.

Splash2o – Strongest Kids Water Cannon

This garden hose powered pool cannon guarantees you will never lose a water fight ever again! With a max range of 40 feet and 360 degree turning radius, this is without a doubt the #1 pool toy I hope I find under the tree this year.

We hope that our list of pool toys gave you some fun ideas for gifts that will bring hours of enjoyment for the loved ones in your life. Know of some great pool toys that didn’t make our list? Sound off in the comments with your own favorite pool toys.

4.9/5 - (17 votes)
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