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Creative Polymers, Inc.

Creative Polymers, Inc.
9200 Latty Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63042
(314) 524-0191
(314) 524-4040

Jeff Jarboe, V.P.

Dave Hunsicker, Dir. Research

Email: [email protected]



Creative Polymers is a paint & coating manufacturing company that has proven research and history with a high tech performance line of pool and waterpark protective coatings.
SPLASH ARMOR Pool Coating is the new industry standard for a long lived system that at least doubles the performance of basic epoxies that caulk, yellow and stain. Our system, SPLASH ARMOR, retains color, gloss and cleanability, reducing costs for labor and materials to reapply every few years. Easy to roll or spray apply, it is sold direct from Creative Polymers or their website:
DECK ARMOR, SLIDE ARMOR, FOAM ARMOR, ROCK ARMOR are additional high tech performance coatings that are easy to apply and designed for harsh chlorine environments in all aspects of a pool or waterpark environment.

Manufacturer Brands:
Deck Armor||Foam Armor||Plasti-Thane||Plia-Thane||Poly-Mate||Poly-Tek||Pool Armor||Slide Armor||Splash Armor||Theme Armor

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