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Eco-Choice Pool Coatings By Sau-Sea

Eco-Choice Pool Coatings By Sau-Sea

Eco-Choice Pool Coatings By Sau-Sea
84 Tecumseh Trl.
Medford Lakes, NJ 08055
(856) 495-3696
(800) 472-8732
(609) 654-2209

Steve Hunter, Owner




SAU-SEA Swimming Pool Products, Inc. is a U.S. manufacturer of high quality swimming pool coatings for both residential and commercial applications. Our swimming pool coatings suit any pool including plaster, gunite, masonry, concrete and fiberglass.
We are a family-owned and operated company, having been in the swimming pool paint industry for over 60 years and manufacturing swimming pool coatings exclusively for over 35 years. With many years of “hands on” experience in the development of the best quality formulations, as well as the proper surface preparation and application procedures involved, SAU-SEA’s products are widely recognized as the standard for quality throughout the swimming pool industry today.
We produce all of our coatings under strict quality controls—monitoring them in the factory and in the field—and use the very finest ingredients available. Our ECO-CHOICE Pool Coatings are VOC Air Quality Compliant in all states, with the exception of some parts of California.
With SAU-SEA Swimming Pool Coatings you will enjoy the true cost savings of less frequent re-painting and outstanding coating service between recoats. Our coatings offer superior protection to both bare, unpainted and previously painted pool surfaces, and have an excellent success rate when applied over other manufacturers’ pool paints.

Manufacturer Brands:
Eco-Choice Liquid Plastic||Eco-Choice Premium High Gloss 2-Part Epoxy Pool Coatings||Eco-Choice Premium High Gloss Vinyl Pool Coatings||Eco-Choice Premium Semi-Gloss Natural Rubber Pool Coatings||Eco-Choice Putty Patch||Eco-Choice Ultra High-Gloss Natual Rubber Pool Coatings||Eco-Choice Ultra High-Gloss Natural Rubber Pool Coatings

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