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Is Pool Fence DIY All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

We take a look at Pool Fence DIY, one of the most popular fencing products for DIY pool owners. Is Pool Fence DIY a good product?

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Is Pool Fence DIY a Good Product?

Pool Fence DIY has fast become one of the most popular fencing products for Do-It-Yourself pool owners. The product touts itself as a super easy installation for homeowners looking for a relatively simple pool fence. With slick advertising commercials featuring an Amish family of homeowners with a swimming pool (you have to suspend disbelief a bit), the marketing is very entertaining to say the least. It takes a whimsical approach at branding while not projecting the tragedies of drowning that come from failing to properly secure the pool area.

The Amish Spokes Family Is A Hit on Social Media, but is Pool Fence DIY a good product for consumers?

With a positive score of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon and very few consumer complaints, the consensus from pool owners is that Pool Fence DIY is actually a pretty decent product. It’s enormously popular and is regularly sold on Wayfair, Home Depot, Walmart, and Overstock. Pool owners looking to construct a pool fence on a budget have few high quality options to choose from. The one chief complaint that consumers seem to have is that it feels flimsy. Given that the product is constructed of a woven nylon mesh and a few steel bars, that’s not suprising. It’s meant to be able to be disassembled and quickly installed. The company itself provides a series of instructional videos to make the fence a more fixed structure.

As far as more traditional pool fences are concerned Pool Fence DIY is not an intraversable security fence. The product itself is meant to present a barrier, particularly to smaller children who may accidentally wander into the pool area. As a means of deterring family pets and animals from wandering into the pool, it probably performs just as admirably.

To be clear, this product is meant for homeowners operating on a budget. This fence system is ideal if you need to secure your pool area, but aren’t necessarily looking to shell out thousands of dollars on a permanent pool fence. The system starts at around $100 for each 4×12 section of the kit. For your entire total cost, you’d first need to calculate your pool area.

For more higher end pool fencing systems, you can typically expect to pay anywhere from $5,000-$10,000. As budget friendly options, this is a good alternative for homeowners looking to stay in compliance with local pool fence rules and regulations.

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Pentair Buys Water Appliance Manufacturer Rocean

Pool Magazine Editor



Pentair announces aquisition of Rocean - recent buyout of Water Appliance Manufacturer.

Pool equipment giant Pentair has added their name to the slew of high performing manufacturers poised for growth this season. With their recent acquisition of Water Appliance Manufacturer Be The Change Labs, Inc. which does business under the brand Rocean.

Rocean produces a sleekly designed high performance seltzer water appliance that filters and carbonates water right from the tap. When you think of the product, think the Keurig of Seltzer. The machine was recently touted by Times Magazine in it’s “Best Inventions of 2020” issue.

Rocean Seltzer Water Machine
Rocean Seltzer Water Appliance at the CES 2020 Convention in Las Vegas – Photo courtesy of The Spoon

Pentair Aquisition of Rocean symbolizes continued growth in Consumer sector

The announcement came December 28th, in the form of a press release. When you think about it, it’s really a sensible buy for a pool equipment juggernaut like Pentair. Here is a company already known throughout the swimming pool industry for their long track record of producing pumps, filters, and extensive catalog of water filtration products.

“This acquisition further advances our strategy to expand our core water treatment products in the residential and commercial water business…”

Mario D’Ovidio, Executive Vice President and President, Pentair Consumer Solutions

Why Pentair Acquiring Rocean Makes Sense

The timing of the acquisition itself makes complete sense for Pentair. Historically known for their line of commercial and industrial products, the manufacturer has been making progressive headway into the consumer sector. The buy out symobilizes a commitment to double down on the gains made this year universally throughout the pool industry, as homeowners continue to invest in their backyard. Pentair had revenue in 2019 of $3 billion, and trades under the ticker symbol PNR. With approximately 120 locations in 25 countries and 9,500 employees worldwide.

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Pandemic Leads To Sharp Increase in Fiberglass Pool Sales

Pool Magazine Editor



Fiberglass Pool Manufacturer Growth for 2021

The swimming pool industry has seen meteoric growth this year. Nowhere is this more true than in the Fiberglass Pool sector. The vertical had already seen enormous growth over the last ten years. In 2020, however the Fiberglass Pool sector saw a double digit increase in growth.

“Most of [our dealers] have ordered more than ever before, so it’s like a double bump.”


Covid-19 Leads To Increase in Fiberglass Pool Sales

Many manufacturers attribute the increase in sales largely to the Covid-19 Pandemic limiting the options for discretionary spending. With limited traveling options, many homeowners who traditionally spend discrectionary dollars elsewhere are building swimming pools.

Fiberglass Pool Manufacturer Latham Pool Products is looking to fill over 300 positions around North America.

“Things were looking good before the lockdowns, but the lockdowns put everything on steroids,”

Bob Harper – CCEO of latham pool products

It’s definitely looking that way for Latham. The industry giant went on a hiring spree this year hiring new executives and looking to fill over 300 positions at 20 various locations around the country.

Leisure Pools hasn’t shown signs of pumping the brakes either. The company added over 400 new dealers this year alone. The Knoxville, TN based manufacturer acquired the facilities of luxury yacht manufacturer Group Beneteau. The quarter million square foot facility sits on 40 acres and is the 3rd large plant in it’s repertoire.

Leisure Pools recently acquired a brand new facility for manufacturing Fiberglass Pools
Leisure Pools recently acquired a brand new facility for manufacturing Fiberglass Pools

“It was starting to push out our lead times. So we decided that instead of continuing to increase our lead times, we’d [increase] our manufacturing capacity.”


After nine weeks training with the staff at Leisure Pools, the facility has retooled to begin producing Fiberglass Pools. The facility recently rolled out it’s first fiberglass pool shell. That’s not all, rumor has it that Leisure is soon to start franchising. After adding United Aqua Group CEO and franchising veteran Patrick Walls as COO, they are now concentrating on developing their franchise operation. While details are still being ironed out, the Fiberglass Pool giant stated that it has plans to begin franchising early 2021.

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Cleaning and Service Equipment and Supplies

Pool Automation Opportunity for Pool Owners

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Pool Automation Opportunity for Pool Owners

Over time, technology has dominated all areas imaginable. Today, this innovation is in sync with luxury, specifically in new pool construction for high-end owners. The capability of managing pool, spa, lighting, and landscape operations from the comfort of one’s home is becoming irresistible for many homeowners. Conversely, middle-class pool owners still prefer operating their pools mechanically due to management costs. With the expansion of the pool industry, more opportunities are created for construction and remodeling companies.

Pool Automation Opportunity for Pool Owners

Closing The Gap In Pool Automation

Even with the rising trends in technology, a more significant percentage of pools lack automation. For instance, in the United States, where there are over 10 million existing pools, the total number of automated pools remains unclear. At NAPCO Media, Patrick McCarthy, senior editor CT Lab, acknowledged pool automation as one of the largest markets in the recreational industry. Based on current studies, worldwide pool equipment and maintenance market are anticipated to pull in $17 billion in the next two years.

Organizations like Alan Smith Pool Plastering & Remodeling finish over 800 orders yearly that require a wide range of installations, hence indicating a gap in the industry. Additionally, Jeff Smith, the sales director of the organization, visualizes a wide range of opportunities based on a large number of unautomated pools.

Approximately 60% of pools still lack automation and require renovation.

Owens Pools and Spas, David Owens

Modernizing the past

In the face of significant increases in proceeds accompanying automation, some pool constructors are oblivious to the market. On the report of vice president of All Seasons Pools and Spas, Dan Lenz, not all pool owners lodge automation systems in their pools. Undeniably, this may be due to the existing generation gap; most pool owners belong to the older generation and primarily show disinterest in pool automation.

The Younger Generation of Homeowner Demand Pool Automation In Their Inground Pool

On the other hand, the younger generation particularly desires the ease and enjoyment of controlling their spas from the comfort of their homes. Sadly, the majority of homeowners are older, although there is hope for the future. Young homeowners fascinated by automation are anticipated to emerge in the coming years, thus leading to a massive expansion of the industry. Lenz concurs with this since currently, there’s a spotted age group considered more than tech-savvy purchasing houses and managing organizations. Consequently, automation, specifically app-based applications, is expected to increase in the coming years.

What’s working?

Automation involves a massive classification of products that are progressing continually with regards to performance amidst various manufacturers. Based on Lenz, identifying locations where existing pools gain from automation while delivering this information to potential customers is vital for an organization’s prosperity. He adds that the service team is well equipped for these conversations; that’s why a flat rate exists for all activities enjoyed in a pool through automation. Furthermore, the company is not only concerned about selling their products but also establishing and maintaining a long-term relationship with customers.

Promoting Pool Automation Through Awareness

A powerful aspect of improving sales is through educating target consumers on the existence, availability, and functional nature of these products. There is a high probability that when a target population is aware of the product, they will not hesitate to make their purchase.Apart from merely switching the pump and lights on and off, pool automation entails an extensive spectrum of improvements. 

Both the variable-speed pump and chemical automation have their control systems to ensure comfortability and easiness. However, some clients usually prefer upgrades while some are not so mindful; preferences vary from one customer to another.The majority of people possess inadequate information on LED lights, thus anticipating a lot of ease in regulating colors just as one would operate a standard white light. As this is not the case, people have to know that a control system will be required to control the lights automatically while explaining the inconveniences of manually alternating colors in the LED lights.

More to come

As seen in this article, automation is a broad area, and letting customers know of their control alternatives, and upgrades is a useful marketing strategy. For instance, when winterizing pools last year, we sought to point out anything in the pool that could be incorporated into our marketing strategy by targeting potential customers. We consider our customer’s budgets and never force people to purchase against their will. Ultimately, it is evident that the market is ready for expansion, and with a thought-out plan, we can significantly increase our sales and achieve tremendous success.

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