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Cincinnati Pool Designer – Brad Dieterich

Today we’re talking with Cincinnati Pool Designer – Brad Dieterich of Paradise Pool And Patio in Cincinnati, OH.

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Cincinnatti Pool Designer - Brad Dieterich

Today we’re talking with Cincinnati Pool Designer – Brad Dieterich of Paradise Pool And Patio in Cincinnati, OH. Cincinnati is not traditionally known as a vertiable hot bed of inground pools. However, it has become a huge market for Vinyl Liner inground pools over the last two decades.

How Cincinnati Pool Designer – Brad Dieterich First Got Started…

As one of the leading vinyl liner pool installers in that market, Brad first got his start in Cincinnati. His first foray into the industry was working for another local builder. Consequently, he began to realize that he wanted to learn the pool industry inside and out. That’s when he to work with a veteran builder on more challenging projects. Dieterich moved to the Big Apple and began working for a Top 50 PSN Builder in New York. During his tenure there, he had the experience of working on some over the top million dollar pool projects. It was also an opportunity to sharpen his design skills and learn the latest inground pool construction techniques.

I worked on some insane builds (200 linear feet of a vanishing edge, infinite edges built on a mountain top, residential project over 1 million in cost, etc.).

Brad dieterich – paradise pool and patio

Eventually Dieterich decided that he wanted to work on his own pool projects and bid New York a fond farewell. Consequently, he then parlayed that experience into starting his own pool construction firm back in Cincinnati. Dieterich decided that he would begin by applying the modern techniques and design styles he learned in New York. He would incorporate these techniques into his own pool projects that he’d create for customers in the Ohio tri-state area.

How Paradise Pool and Patio Became a Leader in Pool Designs For Vinyl Liner Inground Pools

Fast forward a few years later, Dieterich has successfully managed to turn Paradise Pool and Patio into one of the leading retailers of Vinyl Liner pools in the Cincinnati area. Certainly, this is truly a remarkable accomplishment for their organization. It’s also a testament to how one company has managed to capture market share in a territory not traditionally known for inground pools.

Today, Paradise Pool And Patio has become one of the leading builders of Vinyl Liner inground pools in the state of Ohio. Recently he was also nominated as one of America’s Top Pool Designers. Dieterich and his organization have gone a long way towards turning perception around in Cincinnati. His organization is helping homeowners there reimagine what a luxury inground pool should look like. We asked Dieterich what the biggest difference is between the way Cincinnati Pool Builders build an inground pool and the way builders in New York build a pool.

Difference Between Building Pools in Cincinnati & NY

“In New York, most of the pool projects I saw were gunite pools. Cincinnati homeowners typically want a vinyl liner inground pool. While we definitely build gunite pools, most homeowners in this neck of the woods opt for Vinyl Liner. As such, I’ve become an expert at designing and installing them. ” said Dieterich.

Let’s take a look at one of Dieterich’s latest design concepts. First, here is the design rendering he submitted to the homeowner.

Inground pool design by Brad Dieterich of Paradise Pool and Patio in Cincinnati, OH

Now, let’s look at the finished product. Notice how closely it resembles the initial 3D rendering.

The completed pool design project by Cincinnatti pool builders Paradise Pool And Patio

Certainly, the design and the end product closely resemble one another. Dieterich, a master of Structure Studios Vip 3D software is capable of producing artistic 3D rendering walkthroughs for his clients.

I first learned 3D rendering software in New York. This is something Cincinnati homeowners aren’t used to seeing. A sophisticated 3D walkthrough that helps them visualize the end product is a game changer out here.

Brad dieterich – paradise pool and patio

The number of customers entering the market in Cincinnati this year is certainly a surprise but definitely not shocking. Over the last year, the pool industry has seen enormous growth – partially due to pent up demand in markets not traditionally known for inground pools. However, much of the growth the industry has seen this year has been driven largely by the Covid-19 pandemic and a renewed interest from homeowners with little travel options ahead of them.

We asked Dieterich if he has seen similar events transpire in the Cincinnati area. “There has been an explosion this year in the amount of homeowners asking for a pool estimate. We’ve never seen anything like it and it’s all we can do to keep up with the demand right now. ” Certainly, this parallels what we’ve seen throughout the industry and matches what is going on in many other parts of the United States right now.

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Olympus Pools Faces Allegations of Unfinished Pools

A growing number of customers have begun to complain that Olympus Pools has not finished their pools…

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Olympus Pools facing allegations of unfinished pools

Complaints have begun to surface from a growing number of customers of Lutz, FL based Olympus Pools. Customers have begun to complain to Better Call Behnken of NBC in Tampa that they are fed up with unfinished pools and little communication from the company. Customers complained to local news station WFLA NBC Channel 8 that they’ve signed contracts over a year ago, have spent tens of thousands of dollars and see little recourse in sight as they continue to wait for their pools to be finished.

Olympus Pool Complaints

“I spoke with the owner’s wife, Alexis, probably about two or three weeks ago and she went over some of the issues they were having and I felt like I believed her and trusted it was getting back on track, but the proof is somebody shows up and actually does my pool,” said Holly Taylor-Hanke, of Wesley Chapel.

Taylor-Hanke signed a contract in March 2020, but she still has a shell of a pool and claims no one from the company has set foot on her property in over a month. She claims that commitments are made and appointments are set, but that staff do not turn up.

Olympus Pools facing allegations of unfinished pools
Olympus Pools faces allegations of unfinished pools and unpaid invoices from subcontractors.

Homeowners take to Social Media to complain

Taylor-Hanke’s story seems to not be unique. Homeowners in Pasco, Hillsborough, and Manatee counties have turned to consumer advocates like Shannon Behnken for help. A large number of customers have also taken to social media to voice their concerns.

Man Lam of Wesley Chapel decided to build a pool for his 5-year-old-son in September of 2020. Lam said he paid $54,000 in cash in order to receive a discount from Olympus Pools. Now almost eight months later his pool remains unfinished – and he expressed growing concerns about the foundation of his home.

“The soil degradation is because of rain forcing the soil into the pool, and they’ve addressed it by bringing in workers here and just putting soil back into the foundation,” Lam said.

Lam says workers left his job sitting for six weeks and only came back this week to do emergency repairs and to add more soil underneath his home.

“There has to be a long-term solution, because the rain is coming and it’s going to form again, with a hole underneath my house,” said Lam.

Pool Magazine reached out to the company yesterday for a comment but had not received a response by the time this article was published. Better Call Behnken likewise did not receive a response from Olympus Pool owners James and Alexis Staten when they attempted to reach them.

Big Problems After a Huge Year of Growth

Prior to recent events, Olympus Pools had held an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau. Their accreditation has since been revoked. The companies rating has now dropped to a “C+” the cause of which has been Olympus Pools failure to resolve underlying cause(s) of a pattern of complaints.

A check of recent permits applied for by Olympus Pools shows that the pandemic brought a huge influx of new business to the company. In 2019 the company had pulled 351 permits in Pasco and Hillsborough counties, that number jumped up to 597 permits in 2020. Aside from a terrific sales year, records show that Olympus Pools received a $264,800 PPP loan in April 2020.

John Vanburen in Tampa said that he first hired Olympus Pools nine months ago. Vanburen says workers have left his backyard an eyesore and haven’t returned in weeks. He also complained of work that has been performed repeatedly failing inspection again and again.

Read Aaron A.‘s review of Olympus Pools on Yelp

Complaints from Subcontractors have emerged

Complaints have also begun to surface from subcontractors who claim they have not been paid. Aaron Allen of Paver Solutions, a local contractor whose been in business for over 20 years took to Yelp to voice his frustration. We spoke with Allen and he says he refuses to remove the review even if he’s paid the $20,000 he says Olympus Pools still owes his company.

Olympus Pools has posted a message on their website that the waitlist to start pool construction is now 5 months. This however does not appear to answer questions existing customers have. Some complain they’ve been waiting for over a year for their pool to be completed but the company continues to take on new business while their projects remain unfinished.

Featured Photo Credit: WFLA News

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Scott Walk is one of the Top Pool Designers / Pool Builders in Georgia

Chatting with Scott Walk, one of the leading pool designers in Georgia today.

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Scott Walk - Premier Pools - Pool Kings - Top Pool Designers

We got the chance to catch up with one of the leading pool builders in the state of Georgia today. Scott Walk of Scott Walk’s Premier Pools & Spas in Alpharetta, GA has made a name for himself. The last few years, Walk has worked to become one of the top rated pool builders in the local area.

A member of the Premier Pools & Spas franchise, the Walk family actually independently owns and operates two locations – one in North Georgia, and the other in Chattanooga, TN. Their family business has been one of the cornerstones that model and define the successful formula Premier Pools has been able to reiterate throughout the country.

Building Pools is a Family Business

Scott Walk who comes from a previous background in construction and home remodeling, first got his start in the pool industry approximately ten years ago. Together, he and his wife Kim Walk have established one of the largest pool construction operations in the state of Georgia. Their son Ashton also works for the family’s thriving business and has been closely learning the industry side by side with his father over the past five years.

The Walk Family owns & operates two Premier Pools & Spas franchises, one in North Georgia and another in Chattanooga, TN.
The Walk Family owns & operates two Premier Pools & Spas franchises, one in North Georgia and another in Chattanooga, TN.

Walk attended the prestigious Genesis program. He says he’s focused now on becoming one of the top pool builders in the country. SWD registered with Genesis, less than fifty individuals nationwide have achieved the certification level he has.

Pool Kings Project: Georgia Peach Pool Paradise

Walk has had one of his projects showcased nationally on the DIY Network hit TV show Pool Kings. Consequently, the episode helped draw mass attention to his work. The reality home improvement show is quite popular. Each episode has been watched by millions of television viewers and is closely followed in the pool industry.

We asked Walk what it was like working on such a high end project, and what gave him the skillset to start building luxury inground pools.

“Working on the Pool Kings show was a unique opportunity. It is a rare privilege to be able to showcase your work to such a diverse audience. The feedback we’ve received has been incredible.”

Scott Walk – Owner of Scott Walk’s Premier Pools & Spas

“Initially we went through several changes in the design process, but ultimately wound up with a concept that delivered on all of the clients wishlist items.” said Walk. “This particular project was difficult. We faced some challenges with excavation and the weather.”

Walk's work was showcased on the hit TV show Pool Kings. His lazy river pool was featured in Season 7.
Walk’s work was showcased on the hit TV show Pool Kings. His lazy river pool was featured in Season 7.

Walk said that his two main concerns throughout the project were being able to deliver a premium product to the homeowner while meeting filming and scheduling deadlines. “You know, they make it look so easy on TV. Trust me it is alot harder than it looks.” said Walk.

Walk’s prior experience in building luxury pools assisted him heavily on this particular project. Since attending the Genesis program, Walk says he has been consistently increasing the level of difficulty and complexity in the projects he has undertaken.

“They were looking for over the top pool designs for the show. We had to deliver!” said Walk. “We were able to showcase the range of our abilities and included some phenomenal pool features not found in your typical build.”

Luxury Pools - Pool Kings - Scott Walk - Premier Pools & Spas
Walk sets the standard for luxury pool builders in Georgia with over the top designs like this one.

Luxury Pool Features

Scott guided us through some of the remarkable amenities in this resort style luxury pool. “There’s really so much we built into this backyard. We’ve got the beach entry pool with bubblers. A lazy river with a bridge to an island that has a super sized spa.” said Walk. “We’ve also incorporated a slide and two waterfalls in this pool. Not to mention the work that went into building this incredible outdoor kitchen area.”

From start to finish this particular project was over 5 months in the making said Walk. In the end, he and his crew worked nearly round the clock. It was necessary in order to meet the deadlines for the episode to run in time. Ultimately, his team delivered and in magnificent fashion. The completed pool and backyard is nothing short of breathtaking.

Walk and his team worked hard and the effort shows. Consequently, the end result is a truly unique and one of a kind luxury pool design. This is a five star resort style backyard that any homeowner would envy. We asked Walk where his inspiration comes from on these projects and what the design process is like for him.

“I really learned so much from the Genesis program that guides me in my design process today. I also find tremendous inspiration from the other builders in my organization. These are people who are really pushing the envelope today in pool engineering.”

Scott Walk – Owner of Scott Walk’s PremIer Pools & Spas

Scott Walk on Pool Design

“I always start my designs in Structure Studios first. We will create a walk through of the entire pool area in 3D for the homeowner. This helps them visualize the design concept, features and amenities.” said Walk. “I find that this adds value to the process. It truly immerses the client into giving us the feedback necessary to design them their dream backyard,” continued Walk.

Walk’s experience in building luxury inground pools has led to a long list of satisfied customers. It has also helped make his firm one of the top rated builders in the state. He attributes much of his success to his organization. “We are firm believers in the Premier formula.” said Walk. “That has really been what has helped us become so successful.”

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California Pools Opens Philadelphia Location

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California Pools Opens Philadelphia Location

Mar. 29, 2021 / PRZen / PHILADELPHIA — California Pools, America’s most recognized builder of swimming pools and everything outdoors, announces the addition of its 32nd independently-owned and operated U.S. location in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. California Pools has received more awards for its custom pool designs from the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals than any other pool builder in the world and is consistently named among the Top 5 Pool Builders for its customer service.

California Pools has built more than 70,000 pools since its inception in 1952, setting the foundation for the new Philadelphia location that will leverage that experience to serve surrounding Philadelphia areas, including Chester, Delaware and Montgomery counties. The company offers a full range of creative design and build services for new custom residential swimming pools and spas, residential swimming pool and spa remodeling, and custom outdoor living.

California Pools adds their 32nd independely owned and operated franchise location.

“California Pools is unique in that we have been designing and building custom pools and backyards for nearly 50 years,” says Steve Terry, President at California Pools Franchise, Inc. “We are excited to have a new franchise location to partner with homeowners in the Philadelphia area to transform their outdoor spaces into dream backyards they can enjoy year-round.”

California Pools is known for working closely with each client to develop innovative ideas that fit their lifestyles and budgets and keeping them informed every step of the way. Using its extensive experience to hone best practices, the company is able to finish 98 percent of its projects on time and within budget, a rare industry achievement. California Pools provides virtual and/or in-home consultations, 3D designs, detailed pricing, vast project material choices, and a proven process.

“We treat every client like family and want them to have the most positive experience possible from start to finish,” says Andrew McFarlane, owner and operator of California Pools Philadelphia. “One of the most fun parts of my job is showing clients all of the options they have to take their outdoor space from typical to extraordinary while keeping it easy to maintain. From water and fire features to innovative lighting and automation, our team is ready to bring California Pools to the Philadelphia area.”

McFarlane will lead the California Pools Philadelphia team, bringing with him construction and design experience dating back to his teenage years. He believes that helping design and build backyard dreams and family memories is a privilege. Mcfarlane has experience in virtually all facets of construction.

About California Pools

California Pools is a national pool building company with dozens of local offices throughout the country that are led by a team of professionals with decades of experience. The company was founded in 1952 and has since built more than 70,000 pools, earning multiple national awards for design and customer service. Beyond custom pools and spas, California Pools designs and builds outdoor kitchens and bars, fire pits and fireplaces, fountains, outdoor sitting and dining areas, and other outdoor entertaining areas equipped with audio-visual technology, automation and innovative lighting.

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