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880 Jupiter Park Dr., Ste. 14
Jupiter, FL 33458
(561) 743-0449
(877) 274-7261
(561) 743-4922

Dave Stuart, Owner/C.E.O.

Matt Ribar, V.P. Retail Sls.




APi® was founded in Jupiter, Florida with the intention of providing the pool and spa industry with simple, effective water treatment products that are proactive, instead of reactive. All APi products are based on the philosophy that preventing problems is more efficient than treating problems. By creating products used to proactively manage water instead of reactively treating it, we have set an industry standard. Our effective, simple products for pool and spa water maintenance are unsurpassed by any competitor.
Since our humble beginnings in 1996, we have grown our business to include a network of distributorships, and retail and service locations all over the country. In 1997, we celebrated our first sales of E-Z POOL® to a service company and to a retailer in Sarasota Florida. In 1998, we made our first sale of E-Z POOL to SCP Distributors LLC, a distribution network that leads the pack as the world’s largest wholesale distributor of swimming pool supplies.
We continue to stay on the cutting edge of the industry by introducing new products under two product lines: EZRES® Residential Water Care Products and EZPRO® Commercial Water Care Products (NSF50). Since our beginnings, we have successfully formulated, marketed and introduced more than a dozen different brands to the pool and spa industry.

Manufacturer Brands:
Cloud-Out! ™||E-Z Pool®||EZ Spa®||EZPoolPRO®||EZPRO®||EZRES®||EZSpaPRO®||EZymePRO®||PepperPRO®||Pepper®||Revive!®||RevivePRO®

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