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Aquionics, Inc.

Aquionics, Inc.
4215 Stuart Andrew Blvd., Ste. E
Charlotte, NC 28217
(980) 256-5700
(980) 598-8012

John Psaroudis, N. Amer. Aquatic Sls. Mgr.

Email: [email protected]



For over 30 years Aquionics has been UV water treatment leader. Decades of continuous development has put Aquionics and the Halma UV Group at the forefront of UV science and technology.
Working with consultants, cities, municipalities as well as with the biggest names in food, beverage, electronics, pharmaceutical, aquaculture, pools and leisure, we have gained valuable insights into our customers’ requirements and specialized applications. This enables us to offer not only the most technologically advanced UV systems, but a complete product portfolio for municipal, industrial, or leisure water treatment problems.
Ultraviolet (UV) treatment works in the same way as strong sunlight to permanently purify water by making biological impurities inactive. Aquionics’ UV disinfection systems use powerful lamps to produce concentrated ultraviolet radiation which destroys micro-organisms.
Aquionics products are used to safeguard the environment from harmful chemicals.

Manufacturer Brands:
Photon™||UV Swim

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