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RJE Technologies, Inc.
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Safety Turtle Pool Alarm was developed in 1996 and introduced to the swimming pool industry in 1999. The simple concept of alerting a parent or caretaker if a child (or pet) entered the water took the market by surprise. No other system works so easily and requires no installation, programming or wiring.
RJE Technologies, Inc. purchased the Safety Turtle Pool Alarm product line in November of 2012, expanding its aquatic safety product line. RJE technologies, Inc. manufactures SonarGuard Swimming Pool Security System and AquaGuard Pool Alarms. SonarGuard has been on the market for over 10 years and has already resulted in 11 recorded “saves”. The AquaGuard Pool Alarm is a consumer installed alarm that entered the market in 2006.
RJE Technologies is a wholly owned subsidiary of RJE International, Inc. whose rich history started over twenty years ago in sonar based navigation and search equipment. RJE is the world’s leading supplier of advanced diver sonar navigation equipment to the military. RJE also provides the underwater locator beacons for the black boxes on aircraft.
The decision to branch into swimming pool safety was a natural progression for the company whose technology was life saving. The addition of Safety Turtle Pool Alarm gave RJE a wider range of products with the goal of becoming the leading one-stop source for proven water safety technology products.

Manufacturer Brands:
Aquatic Incident Alert||Safety Turtle

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