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Solar Factory Pool Products, Inc.

Solar Factory Pool Products, Inc.
6266 Sly Park Rd.
Placerville, CA 95667
(916) 800-3654
(877) 882-7602

David Hoff, Pres./C.E.O.

Email: [email protected]



Years ago David Hoff started Solar Factory Pool Products to provide consumers the first ever breakthrough “modular” system for solar pool covers, and to make a difference in the fight for water conservation by selling owners of backyard swimming pools a highly useful device called the free-floating Solar Roller ® Pool Cover Remover that helps pool owners manage their solar cover.
The affordable Solar Roller ® is revolutionary because it employs a completely different method of rolling the buoyant solar covers directly on the water in sections like pieces of a puzzle rather than tugging the whole cover on deck with an expensive deck reel. Utilizing a modular approach to roll covers in “sections” allows owners of odd-shape pools (that can’t use a deck reel) to now easily own a solar cover, which is about 70% of all swimming pools.
Because millions of pools now have a solution for handling these once bulky solar covers, the patented Solar Roller ® invention is arguably the most important breakthrough in water conservation ever to come to the swimming pool industry.

Manufacturer Brands:
Solar Caddy™||Solar Roller® Cover Stick™||Solar Roller® Spa Stick™

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