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IPSSA Expands & Adds New Awards



IPSSA Expands & Adds New Awards

The Independent Pool and Spa Service Association (IPSSA) continues to grow and has created more opportunities for its members and chapters to earn recognition and prizes.  IPSSA now offers three awards designed specifically for service professionals that are members.

The newest of these awards is called The Pool Professional of Tomorrow Award to be awarded to any member that demonstrates a commitment to the growth and future of the pool service industry through the activities within their chapter and community.  Designed specifically for newer members, applicants must be active in the industry for less than 10 years. The winner receives a $500 prize and travel accommodations to the annual Weekend of Inspiration event in 2024. 

Additionally, the Independent Pool and Spa Service Association has expanded its well-known Terry Cowles Lifetime achievement award. Established in 2006, the award for individuals was established for those with over 10 years of active service in IPSSA and provides a cash award and complimentary tickets to the annual banquet event.  The new Chapter of the Year Award provides a first, second and third place award that includes cash funds for the chapter as well as complimentary tickets and hotel accommodations for chapter members to the organization’s Weekend of Inspiration event. 

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IPSSA - Independent Pool & Spa Service Association, Inc.

Those interested in applying for these awards, please contact Rose Smoot ([email protected]) for details on the nomination criteria.  Submissions must be received by September 1, 2023 to be considered for the awards.  Since its inception in 1988, IPSSA was established to promote educational opportunities and provide business support and resources to its members.  These awards are part of the organizations continued desire to engage members and the criteria reflect the organization’s core values of community, education and support of all IPSSA members.  More information about how to join a chapter can be found on their website, the official Facebook page, or by calling 888-360-9505.

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Marianne Trusty is a Press Correspondent for the pool & spa industry. A published author and social media influencer reaching over 20 million people around the world each day. Contact Marianne about publishing op-editorials, breaking pool news and press releases at [email protected]

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Trichlor Tax Bill Postponed in California

A controversial bill that has been called “The Trichlor Tax” has been postponed after pushback from California pool industry professionals.



Trichlor Tax Bill Postponed in California

Senator Ben Allen, a Democrat from Santa Monica, introduced SB 676, a bill that aimed to authorize a local tax on specific swimming pool chemicals. However, the bill has been postponed until 2024. If passed, the bill would have allowed local public entities to impose a tax of up to $0.30 per tablet on trichlor tablets purchased at retail stores. The revenue generated from the tax would have been used for public education on the proper use of trichlor tablets in commercial and residential pool settings, as well as local water conservation efforts.

Exact Specifics of SB 676:

“This bill would authorize a county to levy a tax by ordinance, approved by a 1/2 vote of the electors, at a rate of no more than $0.30 per tablet, on the sale within its jurisdiction of trichlor tablets, as defined. The bill would require a county imposing such a tax to contract with the department to administer the tax and would require the ordinance levying the tax to sunset no later than 5 years after its effective date unless the ordinance is extended by the electors, as specified. The bill would require a retailer engaged in business in a county that has an operative ordinance enacted pursuant to the bill to collect the tax from the consumer at the point of sale and would require the retailer to remit the tax to the department. The bill would require the department to allocate the tax revenues, as specified, and would require the county to expend those revenues for purposes of public education related to proper use of trichlor tablets in commercial and residential pool settings and local water conservation.”

Controversial Bill Gets Pushback From California Pool Industry

During the recent meeting at the Western Pool & Spa Show, the CPSA Board of Directors unanimously voted against the bill after a spirited discussion. Discussions with the bill’s sponsor, HASA, revealed that amendments were being considered to expand the authority to dichlor tablets, as well as granular and stick forms of the products.

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While the bill would not have applied to wholesale sales, concerns were still expressed by board members that it could set a bad precedent, and that the bill was premature since there had been no discussion with the industry on this topic.

With legislative policy committee deadlines quickly approaching in April, the decision was made to turn SB 676 into a two-year bill, meaning it will not move forward in 2023 but will still be eligible for consideration in 2024. This delay provides an opportunity for a broader debate within the industry regarding this topic.

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BioLab Plant Reopening Will Impact Chlorine Prices for 2023



BioLab Plant in Westlake, LA - Reopening Will Impact Chlorine Prices for 2023

The news of BioLab’s plant burning to the ground during Hurricane Laura in 2020 had a ripple effect on chlorine prices that has lasted for the past two years. We first reported that BioLab was rebuilding the plant back in July of 2021. A recent announcement that construction is completed and in time for summer production has pool industry analysts optimistic. “We are delighted to reopen our BioLab facility in time to support the 2023 pool season,” said Michael Sload, CEO of KIK Consumer Products.

BioLab is the nation’s second-largest manufacturer of dry chlorine products. An announcement that the Westlake, Louisiana facility is fully operational means that one of the driving factors for the initial spike we saw on the price of chlorine has been removed. Prices for dry chlorine products soared in 2021 due to concerns about shortages and remained high through the summer of 2022.

Understanding The Correlation Between BioLab & Price Increases

The conditions for a sudden surge in the price for chlorine stemmed partly from the fact that BioLab was out of commission. The main factor that was driving prices to explode during the past two years was largely due to the pandemic in general.

A large percentage of the population was quarantined, which meant more people than ever before, were at home and using their swimming pool. This put a much higher glut on demand than anticipated. With the pandemic shutting many plants down, and logistical delays plaguing distributors throughout most of 2021, these conditions as well as rising inflation in 2022 kept prices high through the summer.

The reopening of the BioLab facility will certainly impact the supply chain in a positive way. “BioLab will be actively supplying the pool market for the 2023 season which should provide some relief,” said plant manager Donald Brunette.

BioLab ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating the reopening of the Westlake, LA facility.

Prices are predicted to begin dropping a bit in light of that fact but will certainly not sink lower than they were prior to the pandemic. As the population starts to adjust to a post-Covid world, the surge we saw for swimming pools has already begun to recalibrate to pre-pandemic levels. The only remaining catalyst for keeping chlorine prices from truly resetting back to 2020 is the cumulative rate of inflation is roughly 14.7% higher than in 2020.

While this should certainly factor into the equation, most experts agree that with this news, the chlorine shortage is finally over and a bucket of chlorine tablets should cost substantially less next summer than it has in previous years. This comes as welcome news for both consumers and pool professionals.

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Ultimate Water Taps Jeff Jones for Sales of Chlorine Genie



Jeff Jones

Ultimate Water, whose flagship product is the Chlorine Genie, is pleased to announce the addition of industry veteran Jeff Jones as the new Regional Sales Manager and Buying Group Liaison for the company’s residential and commercial divisions.  Based out of Texas, Jones has been in the swimming pool industry for over 40 years spanning a broad range of roles including the VP of Sales for DEL Ozone, National Sales Manager for Letro Products, as well as work in construction management and sales for Blue Haven and Riverbend Pools.  Most recently Jones managed buying group sales for Florida Water Products. 

“We are very pleased to have Jeff join our team,” says Thomas Vessiere, National Sales Director for Ultimate Water.  “Jeff brings deep experience, industry knowledge, and strong relationships that will be especially helpful as the demand for the Chlorine Genie grows exponentially in our industry.” 

Having sold and designed pool water sanitation systems for many years, Jones is very enthusiastic about being a part of the growing success of the Chlorine Genie.  “The design and functionality of the Chlorine Genie makes it an ideal product for our industry and is especially welcome right now as builders, retailers and service professionals grapple with the most efficient way to continuously produce chlorine safely, cost effectively and immediately for their customers,” explains Jones. 

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Jones will be at the AQUALive Show booth # 416 and can be reached directly at [email protected] or by calling 214-415-2510.

More information about the Chlorine Genie can be found at:

San Diego, CA

(800) 970-7616

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