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KBE of North America

KBE of North America
269 Tremaine Cres.
Kitchener, ON N2A 4L8 CANADA
(519) 572-1562

Francine Gall, Pres.




With KBE movable floors we are offering the ultimate aquatic versatility for your facility. A swimming pool that can be simultaneously a deep diving pool, a child friendly shallow depth pool or a mid-depth pool for exercise and water games. Installing a movable floor will increase water usage and maximize the swimming pools potential. One pool with unlimited possibilities!
The KBE head office is located in Wilhelmshaven, Germany and the company was founded in 1965. Initially, the aim was to develop and design facilities with the ability to adjust the water depth of swimming pools for schools.
In the 1980’s KBE started to sell moving floor systems worldwide and for many different applications – community centres, residential pools, hospitals and therapy centres, schools and universities. The KBE products have evolved over time and each and every floor is designed and engineered to the specifications of the clients.
KBE North America Movable Floors is a division of KBE Germany which sells, supports, and installs the products across North America.

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