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RokQuest, Inc.

RokQuest, Inc.
503 E. Davis St.
McKinney, TX 75069
(972) 540-5514
(214) 585-0313

Billy Aylor, Pres.




Rokquest is an industry leader in the manufacturing of GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement) products. We at Rokquest are proud of our reputation for excellence, a reputation based on our commitment to the highest product standards. We are committed to providing customers with talent, energy, and resources in the highest quality planning, design, and construction that will last for generations.
Rokquest began development of GFRC products after years of experiencing problems building with real rock. It not only provided for a stacked, blocky look, but produced excessive leaking, cracking, and eroding. Real rock products resulted in too many unnatural and unpredictable projects, and we needed a better alternative.
We found what we were searching for in 1994, and began developing and manufacturing GFRC products to deliver top quality rock products for both residential and commercial applications. We supply all product and materials necessary to create unique, realistic, and stunning waterfalls and rock formations. We handle anything from the smallest pool to the largest theme park mountain.

Manufacturer Brands:
Nu-Rok||Nu-Rok System||Rok Tile®||Rokemboss

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