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Spa Specialist Havenmade, Inc.

Spa Specialist Havenmade, Inc.
14971 Raritan St.
Broomfield, CO 80023
(303) 635-0316
(303) 404-2224

James Arjuna, Spa Dev. & Sls.

Sandy Arjuna, Pres.

Email: [email protected]



Each year we keep on improving, while the major spa companies are forced to reduce the quality move to Mexico, use Chinese parts and raise prices. Now our lowest priced spas are much higher quality than the expensive low quality of pretty much all the other brands and models. When we discovered the Internet in 1995, we realized that it was the way to go. Low overhead, better quality for less dollars, with a short food chain. If you can find a better quality spa than Haven, show it to us, because we have not seen one. You cannot produce high level of quality of spas, with old fashioned, hyped up, marketing programs and too many people to pay. Something has to be cost cut and that is quality or your prices have to be extreme. That is fact, and now the competition will never catch up to this quality and value, because we are so far ahead in the Internet Marketing. We started before anybody and we have outlasted all the other “Internet” spa stores, because of our dedication to seeking perfection in quality hot tubs and dedication to service.

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Haven Spas

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