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Spabed® Dry Hydro Massage System

Spabed® Dry Hydro Massage System
5317 31st St., Ste. 17
Kenosha, WI 53144
(262) 551-8044
(262) 551-8044

Dominic A. Ricchio, C.E.O.

Frances R. Ricchio Schmitz, Sls. Coord.

Email: [email protected]



As long as men have been walking upright, they have been plagued by back troubles. Debilitating back problems cost American workers millions of dollars a year in medical bills and lost wages. One of the most important actions each of us can take to maintain our healthy lifestyles is to take better care of our backs.
Using heat, massage, and full body flotation, the Spabed® works to relieve your body and allow you to experience all that life has to offer. In addition to pain and stress relief, a wellness program consisting of regular massage can provide benefits to your long-term health and personal well being. Engineered by hydrotherapy innovators the patented Spabed® provides the best dry hydro massage available. Fully clothed, you’ll float on a bed of warm water as high pressure adjustable hydro therapeutic (invisible hands) air-enriched water jets massage away pain, stiffness, and stress.
The Spabed’s unique combination of flotation, heat, massage, and full-body therapy will leave you relieved, relaxed, and rejuvenated.

Manufacturer Brands:
Dry Spa®||Eurowave™||Spa Bed®||Spa Med®

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