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Surf Loch LLC

Surf Loch LLC
9747 Olson Dr.
San Diego, CA 92121
(858) 454-1777
(858) 454-1888

Ranney Lochtefeld, Bus. Dev.

Tom Lochtefeld, C.E.O.

Email: [email protected]



The SurfLoch SurfPool™ is the result of over 20 years of research and development by Thomas Lochtefeld, recognized as the leading pioneer of commercially successful surf technology. With a team of top wave engineers that spans the globe, Lochtefeld has successfully solved the key problems that have historically made surfing without an ocean commercially impractical.
The SurfLoch SurfPool™ utilizes pneumatic technology that has reliably generated waves in pools for over 30 years. However, by applying its knowledge and expertise Surf Loch optimized pneumatics for surfing, and patented innovations to achieve a wave frequency, quality and consistency that were previously unattainable.
Furthermore, this game-changing surf attraction produces waves at greater efficiency than possible in the past. All these factors result in the first surfable pool in the world that is easy to maintain, mechanically robust and, most importantly, commercially sound.

Manufacturer Brands:
Surf Catcher®||Surf Pool®||Surf Rider®

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