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Olympus Pools Responds To Allegations

Olympus Pools says that a shortage of materials has led to a series of unexpected delays.

Pool Magazine Editor



Olympus Pools responds to allegations

Olympus Pools reputation in the Tampa area has certainly seen better days. Owners James & Alexis Staten currently face a firestorm of customer complaints and unwanted media attention from consumer advocates. Allegations of unfinished pools and unpaid subcontractors have tarnished the once sterling reputation of the Lutz, FL based company.

In a previous article we wrote about Olympus Pools, we reported how locals in Tampa were beginning to express frustration that their inground pool projects had not been completed in a timely fashion. At the time of publication, owners James and Alexis Staten were unavailable for comment. Shortly after the publication of our original article, owner James Staten reached out to us to convey his side of story. Sadly, it resembles many similar stories we’ve heard lately. Staten explained that a lack of materials is causing a series of delays in the construction of his companies projects.

James Staten, owner of Olympus Pools says that a shortage of materials has snowballed into an avalanche of complaints.

“We are simply staring at a perfect storm of too many projects and a lack of parts and equipment to finish everyone’s projects in a timely fashion.” said Staten on a phone call with Pool Magazine Editor Joe Trusty, last week.

When we inquired as to how Staten responds to allegations that he has not paid subcontractors like Aaron Allen, Staten said this was emphatically false.

“I wasn’t even aware of who this guy was until all this happened in the media to be honest with you.” Staten suggested that a list of former clients, employees and subcontractors were picking this as the opportune time to kick Olympus Pools while they were down. “They are piggybacking off the notoriety this issue is getting” said Staten “Plain and simple, that’s all that is”.

When we asked how Staten intends to alleviate consumer concerns that his company will fold, Staten responded “We aren’t going anywhere. We want our customers to know that above all else, completing their projects is our number one priority. We have been a part of this community for years and are committed to finishing their pools.”

Olympus Pools has posted a message on their website that there is currently a 5 month wait to even begin a construction project. When we mentioned the fact that customers on social media seemed frustrated that Olympus Pools continues to take on new work while their pools remain unfinished, Staten responded “We are not selling anymore pools this year – period. We fully intend to complete the pool projects we’ve started as quickly as possible”.

Staten whose business Olympus Pools has become well known in the pool industry, expressed concern that his companies reputation had come under such a barrage of bad publicity as of late. When we discussed the root cause and underlying issues generating customer complaints Staten replied “We did not anticipate the incredible difficulties we’ve had this year being able to meet deadlines because of ongoing delays.”

Staten cited shortages as the primary culprit causing delays and consequently so many customer complaints as of late. He suggested that Olympus Pools was experiencing the fallout of the recent Texas freeze taking many essential components off the market. “Valves are impossible to find right now” said Staten “The problem is not unique, there are alot of pool companies experiencing the same customer complaints due to all of these shortages.”

Staten, who sounded exhausted on the phone expressed gratitude at being able to tell his companies side of the story, if only to fellow contractors in the pool industry. “I’m certain that there are other companies out there like us that are going through the same thing right now. All I can tell you is that we are building these pools as quickly as we possibly can. We are not taking on any new business until we can catch up.”

Editor in Chief of Pool Magazine - Joe Trusty is also CEO of, the leading digital agency for the pool industry. An internet entrepreneur, software developer, author, and marketing professional with a long history in the pool industry. Joe oversees the writing and creative staff at Pool Magazine. To contact Joe Trusty email or call (916) 467-9118 during normal business hours. For submissions, please send your message to

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  1. Avatar

    Kelley Berens

    April 26, 2021 at 6:57 am

    The statements made by Staten in this article are just not true. Why would customers be ‘piggybacking off the notoriety of this, and kicking Olympus when they’re down’? Customers just want their pools finished. And why is Olympus ‘down’? They contracted over 1000 pools in 2020, many of whom prepaid, and were left with eroding holes in the ground for 6 months plus, in some cases. That’s just neglect. Also, Staten claims the allegations of Olympus not paying subcontractors is false. Tell that to the homeowners who received Liens. I have personally spoken with subs who haven’t been paid, and refuse to do work for them.
    We contracted with Olympus nearly 10 months ago, and our pool is not complete. Yet, pools are being built all around us in our neighborhood with little to no delays. We are not fools. Just admit the wrongs and make it right. Blaming Covid and supply shortages, when we know that’s false, just makes it worse.

  2. Avatar

    Diane Halstead

    April 26, 2021 at 11:29 am

    I am an Olympus Ponzi Scheme Pool Victim. I have been threatened by both James and Alexis Staten that they would not complete my pool if I went on ABC Action News. I would love to speak to the Pool Magazine CEO Joe Trusty. All of what James Staten told you is FALSE. Feel free to contact me if you want the truth and not a bunch of lies from a criminal who has stolen millions and is trying to stay afloat. He is broke! I have had to pay to finish my own pool $13,092, in addition to the $98,210 I paid upfront. I had no problem getting subs, materials, etc. The only problem we found with 100% of all Olympus Subs and Venders all had one thing in common … they had not been paid by Olympus Pools. They are refusing to work with Olympus Pools, same story from Hawkins Electrical, Unlimited Pavers, My Tile Guys Ed , Baystone Tile, Jimenez Quality Pools-Plumber from 2020 to 2021 unpaid, Elite Gunite, Prestige, Lightening Aluminum, there are salesman unpaid and in a lawsuit in Pasco unpaid, my salesman Matthew Bates $10k. As soon as I found this out it all made since. I scheduled work and had my pool wrapped up in 2 weeks. I ordered my own $5500 in decking and it gets here Monday. I have a crew scheduled to finish laying them. I have reached out numerous times to my James Staten and my PM to with NO response about getting a refund. I will be filing a police report with other pool victims, be prepared to see him in jail! He has no money and is having to sell new pools to pay for the old. There is Absolutely NO SHORTAGE of supply or contractors, no one wants to work for Olympus Pools bc he owes so many people money! Don’t run a fake news piece trying to help this criminal, it just infuriates the 1000 pool victims who he stole millions from! Get your story right!

  3. Avatar

    Christine M.

    April 26, 2021 at 12:08 pm

    I would love to have Mr. Staten and his staff to be on the same page with their responses. First, Mr. Staten says he has no problem giving release of liens to customers, however his staff refuses to give customers release of liens…They state they need Mr. Staten’s signature…hmmm..You have to ask yourself why??Are they paid??? Staff will not even give you the names of the sub contractors who have been on your property! Second, if the reason for the months and months and months of delays why hasn’t this been relayed to the customers ? Literally months go by without contact back from Olympus pools. You call and e-mail, comment on builder trend yet they don’t reply. When they finally do reply they will say of I’ll check into that and call you back….they NEVER do. Every time you are assigned a new project manager, they quit or job is moved and suddenly you find yourself with no contact person. Finally, if they know that you will be delayed months and months and months why aren’t they doing everything in their power to keep customers informed? Additionally why are they allowing backyards to sit in a state of disaster for months stating it is an open construction zone? as we approach hurricane season … second one for us while under contract with Olympus pools…shouldn’t they clean up the pallets with rusty nails sticking out of them, broken tile and random trash that they leave everywhere ? I’m disappointed in Olympus Pools and this article

  4. Pool Magazine Editor

    Pool Magazine Editor

    April 26, 2021 at 6:59 pm

    It is our intention to provide impartial news and cover both aspects of the issue. Olympus Pools submitted an official reply to the allegations which we were inclined to publish. As the homeowners effected I understand your position is entirely different. If you have any additional information you feel will support our fact gathering efforts on this story, feel free to email us at

  5. Avatar


    April 28, 2021 at 3:20 pm

    It’s been almost a year since my wife and I contracted with the company, and my pool construction is still NOT complete. We’re currently in week 51 (since contract signing) with significant construction items outstanding.

    The communication, follow-up, and follow through on commitments has been very poor. As I see it, given Olympus Pools’ heavy use of subcontractors, the company’s primary post-sales function is project management, which involves great planning, coordination, and communication. The company has done an extremely poor job on all fronts.

    Of all the statements in the interview, the one I like and am most hopeful about is the last: “We are not taking on any new business until we can catch up.” I was initially going to say that I hope the company has the liquidity to follow through, and is truly committed to following through on the statement. However, an inspector came by my property this morning and that the Company has >380 open permits with many open over a year. Pasco county will not allow them to open new permits, so the statement made by James Staten may not be so much of a voluntary decision and may have more to do with counties and the state cracking down on the company.

  6. Avatar

    Jason N

    May 10, 2021 at 2:14 pm

    We are getting ready to file a law suite against them. We signed our contract in October are on week 13 since they originally said our gunnite would be shot. This is a criminal and unethical enterprise that lied to our lender to release payments PRIOR to them completing construction milestones.

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Pool Builder

Dave Penton – Builder, Mentor, Professor

We’re chatting with Dave Penton, Co-Host of Ask The Masters and Professor for Watershape University

Pool Magazine Editor



Dave Penton is probably one of the most recognizable voices in the pool industry. As a Co-Host of the Ask The Masters Podcast, and Professor at Watershape University, Dave has been a mentor to countless builders in the field of pool construction.

Dave Penton – President of Fluid Dynamics, former SWD Master, Watershape University Instructor and Mentor is one of the leading voices in the pool industry today.

A certified PhD in Pool Construction, if there was such a thing – David Penton is pretty much omnipresent in the pool industry. Here is a man who is involved at such a high level in this field and has given back so much to the industry over the past few years. It’s tough to discern exactly how he finds time for it all.

Penton has been involved in a number of high profile pools over the years. His construction projects have been featured in The Robb Report, The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, Luxury Pools, and now we are privileged to be able to highlight and profile his incredible story and body of work in Pool Magazine.

Dave Penton has earned a reputation as one of the leading pool builders in the industry.

Penton first got started in the pool industry back in 1992. His company at the time Krystal Klear Pools, originally focused on pool & spa maintenance and repair services. Receiving his state contractors license, the company continued to work on bigger and bigger projects. Dave began developing a reputation as one of the leading service providers in Orange County for his residential and commercial work. His company, Krystal Klear Pools continued to grow until he received his C-53 pool construction license in 2003. Penton decided to sell his service business to focus on pool construction full time and re-branded the company as Fluid Dynamics.

His first major project was a $100,000 remodel. A pool builder friend of his guided him through his initial forray into the industry and helped him learn the ropes. Penton committed himself to learning as much as he could, as quickly as he could and became a voracious student. Penton credits studying with organizations like Genesis with providing the stepping stones he needed to becoming one of the industries high-end builders.

Penton’s body of work has been featured practically everywhere. He has made an indelible mark in the industry during the span of his career with projects such as this one.

Fast forward to 2021, his company Fluid Dynamics has been responsible on numerous high end pool construction projects all over Los Angeles and Orange County. Dave’s body of work includes the type of high end restoration projects that only the leaders in the industry at the pinnacle of their career get to work on. Penton recently worked an incredible restoration project at The Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades and another restoration of the fountain at the historic Century Towers property.

This zero edge luxury inground pool in Beverly Hills is merely a footnote in a long list of incredible projects for Penton.

Projects like an over-the-top 26 by 100 foot pool in Bel Air are all in a days work for this master pool builder. With a laundry list of high profile inground pool projects, Penton has worked with a veritable who’s who in the pool industry including top names in construction and design like Jimmy Reed, Shane LeBlanc, and many others.

As one of the leading experts in the country, Dave has found time to give back to the pool industry in so many ways over the years. His transition now to Mentor has seen him function as an instructor for both the Genesis program, and now Watershape University where he teaches today.

We asked Dave how he finds time for it all, and what the transition has been like to becoming a mentor for other builders “I couldn’t have gotten to where I am without people doing the same thing for me.” said Penton who claims to find it immensely rewarding to be able to give back in the form of imparting his expertise on other builders. “That rhythm has always been established since the beginning of my career for learning or being able to carve out time for giving back” said Penton.

Dave Penton is not only one of the leading builders in the country, he finds time to Co-Host Ask The Masters and teach for Watershape University.

Prior to joining Watershape University, Dave was an instructor for Genesis – one of the leading training programs in the pool industry. His split from the organization is now common knowledge. We asked him some pointed questions about his separation from Genesis. We also asked him to clear up a few ambiguities that come from questions we have seen posed again and again in social media groups.

The pool industry itself is huge but in the ecosystem we live in, everyone talks to one another so it’s kind of like a small town the way word travels so fast. Dave was already familiar with the topic at hand and replied “Bill Drakely and David Peterson had a different vision for education and decided they could do a great job on their own.” said Penton “I love Dave and Bills vision for the industry and I’m just happy to be a part and be a contributing professor and continue to give back to the industry”.

Penton summarized one of the distinctions between the two programs being the pace of which matriculation occurs from one level to the next.

“What I like about Watershape University is that you can move from your Associates, to your Bachelors, to your Masters quickly” said Penton “There’s also recognition at various levels of your education as opposed to having to wait until you’ve completed the entire course”.

We inquired as to whether the course curriculum is the same. “As far as the program goes there are some overlaps,” he replied. “There are instructors that teach for both organizations.” Penton advised anyone interested in either of the two programs to compare course descriptions and teacher bios in order to make an assumption as to which program best suits their educational pursuits.

Dave Penton is a master pool builder and one of the leading experts in pool construction today.

Penton, who regularly consults with a dream team including Paolo Benedetti (Swimming Pool Expert Witness), Randy Beard, Rick Chafey and many others is probably one of the most knowledgeable folks in the pool industry. He says programs like Genesis and Watershape University have given him the foundation and vernacular to be able to communicate at various levels in the industry with expert knowledge.

“It creates a more well rounded individual” said Penton “Understanding both sides of it makes pool builders better understand the design side, and conversely it makes pool designers better understand the construction side.”

You cannot discount the fact that Penton has taken the opportunity to reinvest back into his education. He has done so at every stage in his career. Education is something Penton encourages professionals pursuing a career in the industry to consider very strongly. The program he teaches today at Watershape University is an excellent pathway towards continuing ones training in the field of pool construction.

You can follow the Ask The Masters Podcast where they speak with expert knowledge on a variety of different topics associated with the pool industry. We subscribe to it and you should too. Listen to our complete interview with Dave Penton on the Pool Magazine Podcast.

All Photos Courtesy of Fluid Dynamics

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Pool Builder

Claffey Pools Helps Residents Recover From Freeze Damage, With Help from Above

Claffey Pools team of nearly 100 employees are working tirelessly to restore nearly 1,000 area pool systems after the recent deep freeze.

Pool Magazine Editor



Claffey Pools Helps Residents Recover From Freeze Damage, With Help from Above

After a freezing winter storm shut down power in Texas in February, many pool owners experienced damage. With plumbing lines and equipment compromised, tens of thousands of pools across Texas were damaged beyond use. The Claffey Pools team of nearly 100 employees continues to work tirelessly to restore nearly 1,000 area pool systems. Serving North Texas for more than 30 years, Claffey Pools specializes in pool construction, service and renovation. Several weeks later, the Claffey Pools team can see the finish line on what has been and will be its most complicated and challenging endeavor. We sat down with Claffey Pools president Charlie Claffey to learn more about how his team weathered the storm.

FOR MORE THAN 34 YEARS… Claffey Pools has built more than 10,000 pools in North Texas. The Claffey Pools team is ranked third in the United States according to the “Pool and Spa News” Top 50 builders. Claffey Pools helps lead the industry by assisting in the adoption of Texas’ first uniform pool building code, serving the Texas Pool and Spa Coali- tion, the International Code Council, the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance and the Master Pools Guild.

WE ARE INDUSTRY LEADERS BECAUSE… of the tireless efforts of our staff, the talents of our trade partners and a culture centered on a passionate commitment for excellence.

TEXAS WAS DEVASTATED… by this winter weather. The never-before-seen cold, combined with power outages that, in some cases, lasted for days, caused immeasurable damage to homes and pools across the state. In what may go down as the single largest weather-related disaster in our nation’s history, swimming pools that rely on electricity to keep water moving were frozen solid.

WE WERE OVERWHELMED… with hundreds of calls, emails and texts in the days of the freeze. Our team assisted hundreds of clients at all hours of the night with calls and field visits. After the first few days, it was apparent that managing the requests without centralized communication and processes was impossible. In less than 24 hours, our team developed a web portal that gathered the data necessary to categorize damages and dispatch field personnel. The portal went live at 5 p.m. on February 18. By February 20, we were faced with the daunting task of performing nearly 900 freeze assessments.

WHAT WE HAVE DONE… in the last month can only be explained as miraculous. With our backs against the wall, the God-inspired ideas, systems, communication and execution is unfounded. The teamwork of employees, trade partners, supply side partners and manufacturing partners will forever change us. Our team, with daily help from above, has performed 900 assessments and estimates and repaired over 700 pools, covering a 120-mile radius, in just seven weeks. From what we are being told, the industry will be lucky to finish the balance of the repairs in seven months.

WE HAVE INCREDIBLE… team members that have worked seven-day weeks since the freeze event started — many working 20 hour days. We have incredible trade partners and manufacturing relationships that have been critical to the process. We have amazing people who have done amazing things.

WE ARE GRATEFUL… to God for the inspiration and guidance. From being inspired to clear the entire supply side chain inventory before anyone else reacted to being guided to design website portals, mechanized assessments and workflow management tools, our team has always been a step ahead.

THANK YOU… to our loyal clients. Throughout the entire process, our amazing clients have allowed us to pilot processes, use their homes as assessment training grounds, helped us feed our employees and even remodeled a 6,000-square-foot warehouse in one week — just to allow us to hold a never-before-seen amount of product. The friendships that are created as a result of working for so many of you is what makes each day special. Thank you.

Claffey Pools_logo .png

Claffey Pools

1625 Brumlow Avenue, Southlake, Texas 76092

Phone 817.488.5795

Article originally posted at:

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Industry News

Swimming Pool Collapse Kills Worker in Orange County

Swimming Pool Collapse Kills Pool Contractor in Orange County

Pool Magazine Editor



Swimming Pool Collapse Kills Contractor in Orange County

California emergency workers recovered the body of a man buried in the collapse of a swimming pool under construction. Firefighters filled the streets of a gated Orange County community Saturday, December 19, 2020. They removed the body of a man who had died after being buried under soil that collapsed on top of him and a crew that were excavating an area for an inground swimming pool, authorities said.

Swimming Pool Collapse Buries Pool Contractor Luciano Gonzalez Munoz

The victim, a pool contractor identified as Luciano Gonzalez Munoz, 45, died as he was digging a swimming pool wall for a project that he was working on , according to Supervising Deputy Coroner Larry Esslinger.

Firefighters had to bring in an outside commercial construction company with a massive crane in order to help them haul out tons of dirt and debris from the backyard in the 6200 block of Cliffway Drive.

Early Sunday morning, experts brought in the crane attached to a 3,000 pound rectangular steel drum. Workers then used the drums to scoop out enough dirt in order recover the mans body. The huge crane itself blocked off most of the street for hours and left the entire area congested with police and fire vehicles.

The man was buried midmorning while building a pool wall on Saturday. O’Connor said firefighters got an emergency 9-11 call about a man trapped in a collapsed pool at the home just before 11 a.m. By the time they arrived, other workers were already at the site desperately trying to dig out the man. The victim was buried up to his neck complained of having difficulty breathing.

Concerned about the unstable soil of the cliffside, the firefighters evacuated workers, then began digging themselves. Approximately 30 minutes later, a second collapse caused the victim to be completely buried. After several hours without being able to communicate with the man, the fire crews switched the operation from a rescue to a body recovery. Coroner’s officials and Cal OSHA were investigating.

O’Connor said the fire department had trauma counselors on standby to talk to the man’s coworkers and boss who immediately came to the job site. The unfortunate homeowners, were also apparently home throughout the entire ordeal, were also visited by the crisis counseling team.

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