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Tallest Water Slides In The World



Tallest Water Slides in the World - Top 5 Tallest Waterslides

Thrill seekers expect the best water slides to be bigger, taller, faster, and longer, just like the world’s best rollercoasters. The world’s tallest water slides have become instant attractions and enormous money makers for theme parks. Since the mid 1980’s; theme parks around the world have battled to increase attendance and gain wider notoriety for having the title of “World’s Tallest Water Slide”.

These massive water slides, attract millions of visitors each year. However, not all rides are ideally suited for every park visitor due to height and weight restrictions. Some rides demand that park goers have the capability to climb staircases as high as 17 stories up. This doesn’t stop park goers. For them, the thrill of enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime ride is the ultimate payoff. It’s why park goers continue to throng to waterparks each summer. Today in Pool Magazine, we’ll be highlighting top five tallest water slides in the world. Let’s take a trip around the world and look at the tallest slides around.

Top 5 Tallest Water Slides in the World

#5 – Insano

It appears that whether Insano is the world’s fifth tallest water slide is up for controversy. Whatever the case may be, this former world’s highest water slide obviously lives up to the Spanish word meaning insanity, and riders can expect a truly thrilling ride. Insano rises just over 134 feet tall in Latin America’s largest water park, and riders slide on their backs down a stunning 14-story drop while reaching speeds of up to 65 mph without the aid of a float or other device. The Guinness Book of Records once labeled Insano the world’s tallest water slide, and it held the title for more than ten years until Kilimanjaro overtook it. Beach Park is located 10 miles south of Fortaleza in northeastern Brazil, on the beach of Porto das Dunas.

One of the tallest waterslides in the world is the Insano waterslide in Brazil coming in at #4 on the list.
One of the tallest water slides in the world is the Insano waterslide in Brazil coming in at #5 on the list.

Beach Park
Rua Porto das Dunas, 2734 Porto das Dunas
Aquiraz, Brazil 61700-000
+55 85-4012-3000

#4 – Daredevil’s Peak

The slide is a large spiral that wraps around the tower structure, featuring numerous colorful rings along the way. The water park is only accessible on a Royal Caribbean cruise as a destination port. Experience what it’s like to plummet 135 spiraling, shrieking feet down the tallest waterslide in North America with this interactive experience

Devil’s Peak Waterslide is one of the tallest water slides but is only available as a destination port for Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean Cruise Destination
Perfect Day
CocoCay, Bahamas

#3 – Captain Spacemaker

The lovely city of Venice suffers a phenomena known locally as alta aqua, or high water, at certain periods of the year. Its most popular family-friendly attraction, however, includes a water slide that can be described in a similar manner. Captain Spacemaker is by far the tallest water slide in Europe and the signature ride of the award-winning Aqualandia water park, despite its height of more than 137 feet. This mega-water slide, also known as Spacemaker, takes three or four riders on rafts down a 60-degree incline at a top speed of 62 mph before reaching its splashy and crowd-pleasing climax. Aqualandia, which is located about 30 miles northwest of Venice, has been crowned Italy’s greatest water park nine times and was recently named Europe’s top water park. Shark Bay, the world’s first themed wave pool with actual Caribbean sand both on and off the water, is one of the 26 water attractions spread throughout eight themed sections.

Captain Spacemaker at the Aqualandia park in Venice Italy holds the title as the 3rd tallest water slide in the world.
Captain Spacemaker at the Aqualandia park in Venice Italy holds the title as the 3rd tallest waterslide in the world.

Via Michaelangelo Buonarroti
15-30016 Lido di Jesolo Venice, Italy
+39 0421 371648

#2 – Thrillagascar & Jungle Jammer

American Dream is a retail mall in New Jersey (just outside of New York City) that features an indoor amusement park and ski slope. It will be North America’s largest indoor water park, according to the company. The water park was originally scheduled to open on November 27, 2019, and then on March 19, 2020, but was then delayed until October 1, 2020 owing to the pandemic.

Thrillagascar & Jungle Jammer are the 2nd tallest waterslides in the world coming in at 142 feet. Photo Credit: Facebook

Thrillagascar & Jungle Jammer
DreamWorks Water Park
1 American Dream Way
East Rutherford, NJ 07073
(833) 263-7326

#1 – Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro was the world’s tallest water slide for more than 12 years after it was debuted in 2002. Kilimanjaro, located in Aldeia das Aguas Park Resort about 85 miles northwest of Rio de Janeiro, boasts a jaw-dropping 164-foot plunge and holds the world record for the highest drop on a body slide. The thrill ride named after Africa’s tallest mountain achieves an estimated speed of 62 mph off a steep 60-degree inclination and is easily the most conspicuous structure in the renowned water park. The massive resort and water park also has a 160-room hotel, a convention center, restaurants, and 17 pools, a wave pool, and a model car track, among other things.

Ranking #2 on our list, Kilimanjaro held the title for world's tallest water slide for more than 12 years.
Ranking #2 on our list, Kilimanjaro held the title for world’s tallest waterslide for more than 12 years.

Aldeia das Aguas Park Resort
Rodvia BR 393, KM 270
Barra do Pirai, Brazil  27160-000
(24) 2433-1122

Biggest Water Slides in America

No water slide list would be complete without mentioning these massive water slides.

Ko’okiri Body Plunge at Volcano Bay in Universal Studios

The Ko’okiri Body Plunge in Orlando, FL is the country’s tallest water slide, standing at 125 feet. This terrifying trap door drop slide, located at Universal’s Volcano Bay, has you free falling for what seems like an eternity. Did we also mention that the decrease is a whopping 70 degrees? If you’re daring enough to be launched into the seas below in the first place, you’ll achieve dizzying speeds. With this attraction, Universal challenges you to “Brave the Volcano.” Give it a shot; it’s the ultimate challenge for water slide fans.

Universal Studios Volcano Bay
6000 Universal Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32819
(407) 363-8000

At 125 tall - Ko'okiri Body Plunge is the tallest water slide in the United States
At 125 tall – Ko’okiri Body Plunge is the tallest water slide in the United States

Summit Plummet at Disney World’s Blizzard Beach

Finally let’s take a trip to Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park in Orlando, FL, now. Most people believe that Disney parks are only for small children, but this insane water slide proves them wrong. Summit Plummet, at 120 feet tall, can be visible from all throughout the Walt Disney World resort. This slide, which is modeled after a ski slope, has such a steep drop that you can’t see where you’re going until you’re halfway there! This water slide is one of the world’s tallest and fastest free-fall body slides, and it’s open to the elements so you can enjoy the Florida sunshine.

Summit Plummet is one of the tallest water slides in the United States.
Summit Plummet is one of the tallest water slides in the United States.

Blizzard Beach
1534 Blizzard Beach Drive
Orlando, FL 32836
(407) 939-5277

Would you ride any of these?

Are water slides your thing? Are you tempted to get on one of these death defying rides? Sound off in the comments and let us know if you would ever visit one of these attractions.

Alise Everton has been working in the pool industry for the past decade and is an experienced press correspondent and contributor for numerous trade publications and web portals including and among others. Contact her for guest posting opportunities, press releases, and pool equipment related news.

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The One – “World’s Most Expensive Home” Has 5 Pools

Bel Air home has gone into receivership and set to sell for far below original $500M asking price



"The One" is one of the largest custom luxury homes in the world and has 6 swimming pools.

“The One” – an extravagant luxury mansion – has been placed into receivership in order to pay off a startling amount of debt. The concept house was owned by developer Nile Niami, whose dream of constructing “The One,” a massive spec mansion on a five-acre Bel-Air parcel, has been buried beneath $165 million in defaulted loans and debts. The property will be sold to the highest bidder for a price that will almost certainly be significantly less than Niami’s 2017 fantasy ask of $500 million.

Twenty bedrooms, a running track, four bowling alleys, a nightclub, and two wine cellars comprise the ‘world’s most costly residence’.

British YouTube celebrity Producer Michael was granted access to the property in order to give the public its first glimpse of what is often regarded as one of the most, if not the most expensive private residence in the world.

Fast Facts About “The One” – Bel Air Mega Mansion

The Paul McClean-designed mega-mansion (which includes 42 bathrooms, 21 bedrooms, a 5,500-square-foot master suite, 5 pools, a 30-car garage with two car-display turntables, a moat, a 400-foot jogging track, and 360-degree views of Los Angeles) has been placed into receivership by Los Angeles County Superior Court and will be put on the market at a deep discount as soon as its court-appointed caretaker, Ted Lanes of Lansing takes receivership.

Even the servants quarters has its own swimming pool with easy access to the tennis courts. Photo Credit – Producer Michael

Even Niami admitted that building a home with 5 luxury pools (one of them an indoor pool) was probably overkill. In an interview with Curbed, he said “All those pools are probably not going to get very much use at all. “I think whoever is buying this house is going to have 10 other houses. Nobody buys a 100,000-square-foot house as their principal residence to use every day.”

Among the lenders demanding repayment regardless of how lavish Niami’s personal Xanadu was is Los Angeles billionaire Don Hankey of Hankey Capital, which loaned Niami over $115 million and slapped him with a default notice in March. Yogi Securities Holdings, which contributed over $36 million to “The One”, as well as Inferno Realty and Maybach Corporation Holdings, which each contributed $7 million. According to CNBC, the project is also approximately $1 million in debt to companies involved in air conditioning, concrete, and tool manufacturing.

Lenders of “The One” hope they will recoup their investment on the mansion. Photo Credit – Producer Michael

Lanes is not taking ownership of the property — which, for the record, is only the third largest in the United States. Oheka Castle in New York (109,000 square feet) holds the top spot and then Winterthur in Delaware (96,000 square feet). He has no interest whatsoever in taking on the onerous debt associated with the property. Rather than that, Lanes must now obtain the appropriate construction permit to complete construction and obtain a certificate of occupancy, after which he will sell the property to repay creditors and contractors.

The construction costs for the home accumulated over time. Niami gave GQ his first public interview on the property six years ago in 2015, admitting he intended to put the home on the market for $500 million once the estate was completed.

The One - Paul McClean Designed Mega Mansion Has Gone Into Receivership

Like many other stately homes, “The One” has likely enough amenities such as a library, a 30-seat home theater, a four-lane bowling alley, a gym, a spa, and a chef’s kitchen — all of which are the hallmarks of custom luxury homes. However, buyers are rarely exposed to such elaborate — and quirky — amenities as a butterfly installation, a beauty salon, a cigar room, a 10,000-bottle wine cellar, a 200-person capacity philanthropy wing, and “floating pods” overlooking the city. Niami did show some constraint in nixing plans for a candy room, a frozen room, and the jellyfish tank walls he was planning.

Photo Credit: Producer Michael

The exterior of the mansion is spectacularly lavish, with a 50-car garage and a 10,000-square-foot sky deck with a putting green with 360-degree views of the Pacific Ocean, Los Angeles, and the San Gabriel mountains. According to Architectural Digest, the mansion is ringed on three sides by a moat and features a 400-foot-long jogging track that appears to float above Los Angeles.

"The One" a $500 million dollar mansion with 5 swimming pools has gone into receivership.
With 5 custom luxury pools, “The One” is one of the most expensive mansions in the world. Photo Credit: Producer Michael

Niami purchased three ranches in 2012 for $28 million from “Space Invaders” heiress Rita Kogan and rolled them into a singular larger estate that is “The One”. According to Architectural Digest, it took 600 employees eight years to construct this enormous custom luxury home.

It is unknown at this time how much “The One” will finally sell for or when it will come to market. Although the house was not yet on the market earlier this year, it has already been featured by various social media personalities. Take a guided tour inside this incredible home. It has to be seen to be believed.

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Mike Farley Makes Timelapse Pool Videos That Are Beyond Satisfying



Time Lapse Pool Construction Video Is So Satisfying

One of the best things about using time lapse video photography is the way it quickly takes you through the entire life cycle of a project within minutes. The technique has become particularly popular with pool designers who are leveraging the technology to score huge wins on social media.

Mike Farley, CPB, ASLA of Farley Pool Designs in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area has used his prowess of creating compelling videos to help him grow his social media audience and consequently, his business.

Mike Farley has been featured in numerous TV shows such as HGTV’s Cool Pools and Ultimate Pools. Photo Credit: Claffey Pools

Farley is the co-founder of the Million Dollar Pool Challenge along with Reid Schindler and publisher of over 100 articles for Watershapes. Often one of the most popular design instructors at International and Regional Pool shows, Farley has gotten his video production game down to a science.

This particular time lapse is the perfect run time of about 12 minutes, but the immense satisfaction one gets at seeing this beautiful vessel come to life is a payoff that’s totally worth watching from beginning to end.

Claffey Pools are the builders behind this backyard gem with Brad Land (Allscapes, Inc.) and LaWanna Wood (LaWanna Wood Designs) contributing on the project as well.

Pool Features:

Large swimming pool, splash pad, Porcelain Decks, long 45′ Dolphin slide, two outdoor cabanas with moving glass wall systems – one with an outdoor kitchen and one for entertainment.

As far as pool build videos go, this one is definitely up there with some of the others I’ve watched that magnetically grab your attention during the wee hours of the morning.

I for one am used to stumbling upon the occasional video while scrolling through my timeline and getting sucked into the process. It’s definitely enjoyable watching how these pools are built but few folks build them quite like Claffey Pools. Don’t take my word though, check out the video and watch them do what they do best.

Learn More About This Project

Pool Chasers did a fantastic segment with Mike Farley about the construction of this particular build that you should definitely check out as well.

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Leveling Your Backyard for a Pool



Leveling Your Backyard for a Pool

A swimming pool enables you to cool down in the heat of summer. Thus, swimming pools serve as excellent sources of relaxation and fun. Even so, very few people talk about the hustle involved in constructing this spectacular feature. The first thing to do before you proceed with pool installation is leveling your backyard. Unquestionably, you have to create an even and strong foundation for your pool. So, it is essential to level your backyard for the pool.

Leveling the ground for a pool in your backyard involves several steps.

Leveling your backyard for a pool can take several days. The time often varies depending on the complexity of your landscape. Contrary to popular belief, leveling your backyard for a pool is not very hard. Even a beginner can complete this process. Let’s look at how to level the ground for your pool.

First things first…

Before you start leveling your backyard for your pool, it is crucial to understand some things. First, always read the pool’s manufacturer’s guidelines. Also, keep in mind that you are likely to destroy the grass underneath the ground through pool installation. If you don’t have any knowledge or experience in conducting this process, always hire a professional.

Tips for Leveling your backyard for a Pool

  • To save on time, level an area that is not too raised.
  • The area you plan to level should not be muddy or have loose soil. Generally, it would be best if you worked on firm and steady ground.
  • Do not level spaces that have many trees, underground cables, and septic lines.

A detailed procedure about leveling your backyard for a pool

Step one: Choose an ideal location and get rid of all large debris around the area

The first thing to do would be to select a suitable area. Typically, the site you choose to level should be flat and far from underground cables, among any other obstacles. The soil around the area should also be firmly packed on the ground. After selecting a suitable location, clean the area. Get rid of any large dirt particles and stones from the site. Doing this will make the leveling process much easier. Additionally, remove all plants around the area using a shovel or tarp. Finally, dispose of the dirt in a proper place far from the worksite.

Step two: Place planks on the site 

Use planks to mark the specific areas you need to dig. Start placing the planks from the center of the site towards the outermost edge. These planks will guide you in all the areas that are not even.

Step three: Start digging

Now that you know where the ground is not even, start digging. Note that you have to dig strategically to ensure the ground becomes level. Use a shovel to even out all the raised parts of the ground. Before you start digging the ground, it would be best to identify the deepest part of the ground. This section will determine the standard height of the ground. Avoid adding soil to deep areas since it won’t deliver the best results. Digging to level the ground is often tedious and consumes a lot of time. So, at this stage, a lot of patience would help.

Step four: Continue until the ground becomes level

Dig across the area to ensure the ground is even. As you do this, move the planks to get a clear direction on where you need to continue digging. At the end of the entire process, the ground should be completely even across all sections.

Step five: Remove any obstacles

After you achieve a level ground, get rid of any large particles, stones, and rocks in the area. Use a rake for this. Once the area is spotless, spray water across the surface to make the soil moist. Afterward, compress the moist surface using a rolling tamper. At times, the pool instruction manual may require you to even out the area using sand after compressing. So, before you do this, confirm with the manual.

Step six: Contact landscaping or pool professional

Once your ground is level on all sections, consider hiring a professional for pool installation. Alternatively, you can choose to follow all the instructions indicated in the aboveground pool manual. Before installing the pool, ensure you have some background knowledge or experience. If you don’t, seek professional help from a pool expert.

Final thoughts

Leveling your backyard for a pool is pretty challenging. It can take days before you complete this process. Thus, it would be much easier to employ a dependable professional to level the ground for you. Besides, they will help you check whether the surface is level before you install the aboveground pool. Nevertheless, if you decide to level the yard yourself, ensure you follow all the detailed steps outlined in this article.

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