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Randy Angell is a Pool Designers Designer

Randy Angell continues to push the boundaries of modern pool & landscape design



If you ask the top pool designers in the industry, many will tell you that Randy Angell is an innovator who continues to push the envelope and redefines the boundaries of luxury pool design with each and every project. Widely respected and in constant high demand, his work takes him from coast to coast, working on some of the most high end outdoor living projects in the country.

Angell’s long tenure in the pool industry first started roughly 35 years ago. Considered by many in the industry to be one of the crème de la crème when it comes to outdoor living design, his style has transitioned over the years. As homeowners tastes began shifting towards a more contemporary look, Angell adapted this new form as his maintstay. The modern style is one that has propelled his career in an unimagined trajectory.

“I’ve always been drawn to a modern aesthetic personally. The Frank Lloyd Wright influence has been there my entire life.”

Randy Angell – CEO of Randy Angell Designs

A Pioneer of Modern Pool Design

Angell has since become one of the most acclaimed designers of modern & contemporary outdoor living designs. Frank Lloyd Wright’s influence can be clearly seen in Randy Angell’s award winning projects. “I’ve always been surrounded by his designs and his work. I was always drawn to a plain modern aesthetic.” said Angell. “As I began to see his designs around the world, whether it was a resort, or a hotel or a residence, I really started honing in on those clean modern examples.”

Modern contemporary designs like this one have been the staple of Randy Angell's career
Modern contemporary designs like this one have been the staple of Randy Angell’s career

In previous conversations with the industry elite, folks like Shane Le Blanc and Dave Penton often refer to Randy Angell as one of their favorite designers. His body of work in the field of landscape and luxury pools continues to inspire the most critcally discerning professionals working in the industry today. Known as a Pool Designers Designer, Angell has had a stellar career the past three and half decades.

Great Minds Think Alike

Angell said that it’s seems almost symbiotic that often the designers that he inspires, he feels a great admiration for. “Shane has some incredible designs and details and that’s one of the things that I tend to focus on. As far as things that inspire me – companies like Design Ecology. Just seeing some of the detail work that they do, the overall aesthetic that they’re bringing into play with the modern architecture down in Austin.”

“One of the designers that has become a brother to me and has been a true influence on me in a lot of ways is Kirk Bianchi.”

Randy Angell – CEO of Randy ANgell Designs

Kirk Bianachi does absolutely stunning work, and again details and concepts and ideas that take me outside of that typical pool builder mentality and try and view the world a bit differently and push the envelope.”

Angell's unique ability to see the entire backyard as one functional outdoor living space is what has helped define him.
Angell’s unique ability to see the entire backyard as one functional outdoor living space is what has helped define him.

With an impressive body of work that continues to grow each year, Angell said that he has never been as busy since recent events in 2020. Like many in the industry, Covid-19 brought him a sudden unexpected surge in business. “We got a little nervous the first few weeks. Nobody knew quite what to expect. But then the phone started ringing – and it hasn’t stopped.” said Angell.

Unexpected Surge

“It’s wild!” explained Angell, “The number of projects increased. The size and scope of projects increased.” We asked him how he’s coped with the surge. “The biggest issue for us was trying to manage that influx of business,” said Angell, “Making sure we were still taking care of our clients and not letting the overwhelming influx ruin that experience.”

As a designer that has been working with homeowners all over the country for years, the pandemic has not slowed this dynamo down one iota. Easily able to transition to working at a distance, Angell adapted video conferencing and virtual 3D walkthroughs to help during Covid. Still he says, the majority of homeowners long for that face to face interaction that truly connects him with their vision.

Frank Lloyd Wright has had a profound influence on Angell does today along with other well known contemporary designers.
Frank Lloyd Wright has had a profound influence on Angell as have other well known contemporary designers like Kirk Bianchi.

“In many regards our system didn’t change through all this. I wanted to minimize the impact of all of that on our business and not lose those personal connections and have the shutdown effect us in a negative way.” said Angell.

Although Angell isn’t a builder, he closely associates with pool builders on every single project he undertakes. A member of Tributary Revelation, Angell works with the very best of the best in the industry. He identified with many of the struggles builders are facing, and said he doesn’t envy the challenges they’ve seen while coping with demand during the pandemic.

When discussing the current shortages, Angell said that he could be taking on even more design work, but he’s limited by the shortages in materials and man power currently hindering builders this pool season. “Its a little challenging because we’re introducing our clients to builders and then the brakes get slammed.” said Angell.

“The clients seem to understand the realities of what is going on and everybody has been really patient which has helped to make it an enjoyable year even amidst the chaos.” said Angell.

Randy Angell is widely considered to be one of the leading experts in modern geometric pool designs
Randy Angell is widely considered to be one of the leading experts in modern geometric pool designs

Homeowners Recalibrating to a Post Covid World

With a renewed focus on swimming pools, more homeowners than ever want a completely custom, high end backyard. In discussing the recent surge in demand, Angell remarked how last year and 2021 have been the busiest in his 35 years in the industry.

“It certainly seemed to recalibrate people to where there’s a new emphasis being placed on the importance of family time and relaxing at home. ” said Angell, “It’s about enjoying your full property, as opposed to just getting home from work at night and shutting down when you get there.” he continued.

Focusing on The Entire Space

One thing that has differentiated Angell from many other designers throughout the years, has been his focus on the complete backyard and not just the swimming pool. “What really helped set me apart,” said Angell “Is that even though technically I was a pool designer, I approached things more from the perspective of a landscape architect or a home architect. I was taking into account the entire space.”

“I can’t see doing it any other way at this point.” said Angell “The way my brain works I see the entirety of the property. My background in residential architecture plays into it.” Angell’s ability to see how all the subtle nuances of the design comprise the property as a whole, is a differentiator that put him in the upper echelon of designers.

Randy Angell has developed an enormous following with impressive designs like this one over the course of his career.
Randy Angell has developed an enormous following with impressive designs like this one over the course of his career.

Setting Realistic Expectations

Angell’s deep knowledge of home and landscape design provides him a unique insight as to how much an over the top luxury pool project really costs. Angell’s design firm focuses on high end luxury outdoor living projects. As such, he is all too familiar with exactly what goes into creating one of the Pinterest dream board projects that homeowners often claim to have be envisioning.

Angell explained that a typical luxury custom pool can cost upwards of $150,000 all on it’s own. The price can be even higher when builders face a complicated elevation and numerous engineering and hydraulics challenges.

Factor in a luxury custom mosaic tile interior and that price jumps up exponentially. This well before adding on additions like landscaping, decking, lighting, and outdoor funiture. Opt for amenities like a fire pit, pergola, retaining walls, or other similar options and the price tag can quickly turn into sticker shock for consumers.

Angell says a picture perfect backyard resort entails a significant investment in time and skilled labor that all adds up.

Of course, homeowners can go even further with their dream backyard explained Angell. “Some homeowners opt for outdoor kitchens, custom fireplaces, cabanas, or pavillions.”

“When we’re going through our portfolio and clients are pointing out projects they like,” said Angell, “I explain the prices. I get into that conversation with them. If we’re just talking about the pool, the project was probably around $150,000 for the pool and decking.” he explained, “When we’re talking about the complete project, the total was probably around $250,000. That was for all the other elements landscaping, furniture, lighting.”

Listen to our complete interview with Randy Angell on the Pool Magazine podcast.

Angell said that he tries to do builders a favor by educating and preparing his clients ahead of time. He does this by setting realistic expectations of what is involved with creating an award winning backyard. Angell explained the importance of preparing clients for the costs of labor. He also prepares them with a realistic timeline necessary to build their ideal outdoor living environment. That picture perfect backyard the homeowner envisioned when they saw that first photo on Instagram has a final price that can costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Angell Continues To Up The Bar in Design

Angell’s most recent projects see him doing alot of work with Aqua Terra Outdoors and Elite Outdoor Living in Texas. He is particularly excited about one of his recently completed projects that he considers to be one of his own personal best. Angell said that the technology and materials finally became cost feasible to do the incredibly intricate detailed tile and coping work he’s always envisioned.

“Everything on this project was hand fabricated. Miter cut porcelain pavers. Very clean, modern aesthetic. For years I wanted to make something like this happen,” said Angell “but it was so expensive to fabricate. I always had to compromise and go back to normal coping with the waterline tile. All of these things took the cool factor out of it.” he continued, “Completing this project was major for me.” said Angell.

Elaborating on some other triumphs that make this project one for his highlight reel; Angell said, “The PAL lighting with the LED strip that was the other element I could never really get to happen.” he continued “All of the old LED lighting would last for a couple of months and then it was toast. We could never really accomplish what I set out to with this type of design in years past.” said Angell.

Angell said he’s excited to have Jimi Smith the industry leading photographer come out and photograph his newest project once it’s completed. While he didn’t want to tip his hand too much, he indicated that it will be yet another incredible project that he can hang his hat on, and one that will define his career for years to come.

Listen to our complete interview with Randy Angell on the Pool Magazine Podcast.

Editor in Chief of Pool Magazine - Joe Trusty is also CEO of, the leading digital agency for the pool industry. An internet entrepreneur, software developer, author, and marketing professional with a long history in the pool industry. Joe oversees the writing and creative staff at Pool Magazine. To contact Joe Trusty email or call (916) 467-9118 during normal business hours. For submissions, please send your message to

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Custom Luxury Pools With Rising Star Lance Irby



Lance Irby Pool Designer - Custom Luxury Pools

The world of luxury pools is a rigid dichotomy between design and function. For average homeowners it’s often difficult to achieve a balance between what’s appealing to the eye and what our wallets can afford. Quite often luxury homeowners tend to fall in love with what they’ve seen on Pinterest. During the dream building phase, money is no object. For some that holds true well into the building phase of turning that dream into a reality. No one is more familiar with helping homeowners capture their grand vision for a high-end custom luxury pool than Lance Irby, one of the lead designers for Premier Pools & Spas of Sacramento. Recently we had the chance to catch up with this rising star in the pool industry.

Luxury Pool Designer Lance Irby

Irby first got his start in the pool industry ironically enough when he bumped into Keith Harbeck, the owner of the Sacramento branch of Premier Pools & Spas. Harbeck was a member of the gym that Irby was a Sales Manager at the time. “He’d always whisper in my ear to come sell pools for him, I never took it too seriously.” said Irby.

Luxury Pool Designer Lance Irby takes us back to how he first got his start in the pool industry.

Irby had a background growing up around construction and doing landscaping in the summers. His focus in school was in design and architecture. After completing a four year internship with a local architecture firm working as a draftsman, Irby began to have a change of heart. As he embarked on establishing a family, he decided to take a leap of faith and reached back out to Harbeck to see what the pool industry had to offer.

“I had some design background, drafting background, construction background. I had skills that would translate well, but I had no idea that they would translate well to the pool industry.” said Irby, “If Keith hadn’t offered me the position and if my life circumstances hadn’t changed, I don’t know that I would have took the chance.”

In reflection Irby says the gamble to shift career paths towards the pool industry has paid off tremendously. “I can’t think of anything that fits me better.” said Irby, “I really enjoy what I do. It’s fulfilling and satisfying to feel like you’ve found something you’re going to do forever.”

Pool Industry Is The Perfect Fit

Irby who is entering his 9th year in the pool industry says that he’s found his niche. “Whatever life throws at me, I just feel like the pool industry is a great fit for my personality. It’s dynamic, it’s always different, it’s always changing. It’s creative and I love it.” said Irby.

Irby seems to have developed an affinity for desiging luxurious outdoor living environments and custom pools.

Irby certainly seems to have discovered a dormant and hidden talent for creating luxurious over the top backyard resorts. Like many other professionals in the pool industry looking to further and expand on their education, Irby has begun pursuing a path towards becoming SWD Registered with Genesis.

Seeking a Higher Path With Education

“It’s given me the ability to get outside of my comfort zone and become a better designer, a better builder.” explained Irby, “and focus on the aspects and core principles that Genesis teaches, to try and be better and raise my level of competence in the pool industry.”

Many builders, designers, and landscape architects credit programs like Genesis with helping them expand their accumen in the realm of high end luxury pools. Irby says that his entire team is now attending the course, crediting owner Keith Harbeck with investing in the educational pursuits of his sales team. Of course, if it helps them become better builders and leads to more luxury pool projects it’s obviously money well spent.

When discussing luxury pools, the definition for homeowners is as different and unique as the individual.

When discussing what constitutes a luxury pool the definition always varies. Irby said that as a top design consultant for high end custom pools, the vision for a luxury pool is very personal and unique to the homeowner.

What Constitutes a Luxury Pool?

“That’s not a black and white answer. I think what’s luxurious to one person, may not be to another. I think it has to be something that is very fulfilling to a client, that brings a level of satisfaction of elegance. It’s something they desired or are proud of, it’s a combination of probably all those things” said Irby.

Creating a luxury pool for a client does not have a minimum or maximum budget. There is no guidelines that say a pool needs to have certain features or amenities or cost a certain price in order to qualify as a custom luxury pool.

With custom luxury pools the sky is the limit in terms of customization options. Nothing is cookie cutter on these projects.

“Sometimes you would associate a luxury pool with something very high end or very expensive, but that doesn’t necessarily make it luxurious by my definitions or standards.” said Irby, explaining how the definition differs for the individual consumer. “Everybody has different tastes and styles,” said Irby, “and if you can hit the nail on the head perfectly for that client and can provide them exactly what they wanted and something they are proud of and in love with then I think you have created a luxury pool for a client.”

Unprecedented Demand for Luxury Pools

The push to create a luxury custom outdoor living environment has led to a tremendous increase in homeowners looking to build a swimming pool. Across the globe a trend has developed since 2020, but nowhere in the United States has this been more true than in states like Texas, Florida, and California. In Irby’s stomping grounds of Sacramento, a mass influx of new residents from the Bay Area have caused local home prices to sky rocket. The migration has also seen many well heeled homeowners with cash to invest in their backyards.

“People are looking for a nicer more complete product, with the total environment and a higher end look. They’re coming from equity strong positions and they’re able to put nicer backyards together or build luxury pools almost instantaneously – it’s not a big financing conversation or ‘I need to save up money for this type of project’.”

The design of a luxury pool must visually captivate and inspire – that is one prerequisite of defining a luxury custom pool.

In discussing what constitutes a high end luxury pool, one thing is clear. The design of the pool itself needs to be visually compelling. Irby explained how he works with homeowners to help them articulate their vision for the ultimate backyard.

“If it’s a design that’s high end, it needs to be exciting.” said Irby, “It can’t be something that’s redundant or cut and paste. You need to really take into account their needs. Listen to them alot, talk with them. Get to know them as a client. Find out why they want a pool, how that pool is going to change their life.” explained Irby; who goes above and beyond with his designs to help paint a complete portrait of what the overall end result of the backyard design will look like.

Hot New Design Trends For Custom Pools in 2021

We discussed some of the hot new design trends that homeowners are looking for in a luxury pool in 2021. Irby who is on the cutting edge of design gave us a list of some of the features homeowners are looking for in a luxury pool this summer.

“Definitely unique textures, wooden decks around pools. Large format tiles. Color and texture is something that is very popular. People are looking for alternatives for the decking solutions around pools.” explained Irby, “Fire and water always have a nice play off of each other. Those are very popular on high end projects. Water in motion and working with different elevations are also popular with customers these days.” continued Irby.

Fire features like sunken firepits and fire woks are incredibly popular pool trends in 2021 says Lance Irby.

Irby has established himself locally as an expert design consultant in custom luxury inground pools and frequently works with some of the leading home builders in the area. Recently boutique custom home builder Zak Mougharbel of Sheba Development LLC brought in Irby and Premier Pools & Spas to help them provide an incredible resort style luxury pool for a homeowner in Granite Bay, CA.

Showcased here this unique water shape comprises an incredible luxury pool with 180 degree panoramic views of the Sacramento skyline. A truly breathtaking and unique one of a kind pool concept that expertly combines elements of fire and water into the perfect marriage of both.

Fire features give a luxury pool style and sophistication that differentiate it from other residential inground pools.

A nod to Grand Effects for the incredible fire features that help accentuate the dramatic overall canvas of this masterpiece. The sunken firepit and fire woks are some truly high end amenities to incorporate into a luxury pool concept that make great use of different elevations.

This pool is a prime example of why Lance Irby is fast on his way towards establishing himself as a respected design consultant and one of the top pool designers to watch in the next few upcoming years.

If you’d like to learn even more about this pool project, listen to our complete interview with Lance Irby on the Pool Magazine podcast.

Video Credit: Jovan Valdez / Sarah Ramalho
Home Builder: Sheba Development LLC.
Pool Builder: Premier Pools & Spas Sacramento
Pool Designer: Lance Irby

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Pool Magazine adds Carol Anne Gigliotti as Director of Marketing / Sales



Pool Magazine adds Carol Anne Gigliotti as it's Director of Sales / Marketing

Pool Magazine recently added pool industry veteran Carol Anne Gigliotti, previously of Luxury Pool + Outdoor Living as it’s Director of Marketing & Sales. We are happy to announce that Carol will be joining our growing team. Her incredible experience and expertise in the pool industry will be an invaluable asset to our organization.

Pool Magazine’s reach in the pool industry is substantial and is part of the Pool Marketing network of B2C and B2B web properties that are rapidly gaining traction. This strategic move to bring Carol into the fold, will capitalize on the expertise of a widely recognized industry veteran. Her previous experience in publishing will help guide the future endeavors of this publication.

We’ve been looking for a person of Carol’s caliber for quite some time. Her presence in this organization will be a game changer.

Pool MaGAZINE EDITOR – Joe Trusty

As we move forward with pushing from a digital publication to a printed one, Carol will be at the helm driving much of the initial strategy, direction, and overall look and feel of our new publication. We look forward to her contributions in helping make this a world class magazine.

We plan to unveil and distribute the first issue of Pool Magazine at the International Pool & Spa Expo in Dallas – November 16-18, 2021. Our new Director of Marketing & Sales – Carol Anne Gigliotti will also be in attendance.

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Plus Pool Designer Discusses Floating Pool for East River

One on one with the Dong Ping Wong, designer of the Plus Pool. An in depth look at the project.



Plus Pool - Interview With Dong Ping Wong - Designer of the Plus Pool Concept in the East River in New York City

We report on our fair share of unique pool concepts at Pool Magazine. None so far this year, with the exception of possibly the Sky Pool in London, has managed to capture people’s imagination the way this project has. Plus Pool is a unique floating pool concept design that is shaped like a plus sign (+). The project has been discussed for a long time. For the past few months photos have of the pool concept have begun circulating on social media once again. After years and years of pushback from the city, the Plus Pool project finally got the green light. The 285,000 gallon floating pool will have a permanent address in the East River.

The Plus Pool Design Team

The minimalist pool design is the brainchild of four designers. Dong-Ping Wong and Oana Stanescu of the architecture firm Family and Archie Lee Coates IV and Jeff Franklin of the design firm PlayLab. The group originally conceived of the idea for Plus Pool back in 2010.

The Plus Pool designers started a Kickstarter campaign to first generate interest.
The Plus Pool designers started a Kickstarter campaign to first generate interest. Photo Credit – CLAD

Wong, a New York state licensed architect with a Masters Degree in Architecture from Columbia University, first conceived of the project with his friends one hot summer night roughly ten years ago.

There has been a grass roots effort to get the Plus Pool approved for years.
There has been a grass roots effort to get the Plus Pool approved for years. Photo Credit – InHabitat

Pool Magazine had the chance to catch up with Dong Ping Wong, founder of the architectural firm FOOD New York and one of the lead designers behind the Plus Pool. We had a laundry list of questions for him from folks in the pool industry that wanted to know more about this project. Particularly, folks like Dave Penton of Ask The Masters, expressed interest in the filtration technology and how pool designers intend to safely filter a million gallons of water from the East River each day.

The four friends have been working on the Plus Pool concept for the better part of a decade.
The four friends have been working on the Plus Pool concept for the better part of a decade – Photo Credit: Bonobos

The floating pool concept is an Olympic sized pool at least in length explained Wong. The design is shaped like a plus which gave it the moniker “Plus Pool”.

Let’s Dive In: Plus Pool Fast Facts

  • Total Length & Width: 217 feet
  • Total Depth: 11′ to 6″
  • Total Area: 29,700 sqf
  • Pool Volume: 285,500 gallons
  • Pool Length: 164′ – 1 (Olympic)
  • Pool Width: 32′ – 8 (4 Lanes)
  • Pool Depth: 5′ to 0″
  • Max Capacity: 300 people
Wong and his team envision a natural body of water in the East River that will be clean enough to swim in.
Wong and his team envision a natural body of water in the East River that will be clean enough to swim in.

“Basically the whole idea is to find a way to swim in natural water around New York City,” said Wong, “In this case East River water, which as you would imagine is not what you would think of as the cleanest water. So how could we swim in that safely?” asked Wong, a question we wanted to know the answer to as well.

The space planned along New York City's East River will provide an instantly iconic backdrop for bathers.
The space planned along New York City’s East River will provide an instantly iconic backdrop for bathers.

The question itself has many skeptics wondering how designers plan to pull it off. Wong explained the basic premise behind what he plans to do. “In concept, the filtration system is a big strainer. Filtration is built into the walls of the pools. Water literally flows through the walls of the pool itself into the basin.” said Wong.

The Plus Pool's filtration system will act as a giant strainer filtering over a million gallons of East River water each day.
The Plus Pool’s filtration system will act as a giant strainer filtering over a million gallons of East River water each day.

“In normal operation we expect to filter over a million gallons of water a day, but in comparison to the entire volume of the East River it’s really a drop in the bucket.” continued Wong.

Plus Pool's use of natural water from the East River will require a world class filtration system.
Plus Pool’s use of natural water from the East River will require a world class filtration system.

Plus Pool Filtration

“The filtration is a combination of technologies we’ve already found in place for other uses,” said Wong, “Industrial water waste treatment, municipal uses. We’re not really cleaning it to drinking water standards. We don’t really need to. It’s a combination of textiles, ultra-filtration membranes, some very rudimentary filtration as well.” explained Wong.

“The basic idea of a Brita filter is that it filters water in stages from the largest materials down to the smallest and what you’re left with is a pretty clean piece of water you can swim in.” said Wong.

“Our biggest concern is bacteria.” explained Wong “There’s I forget how many numbers of different parameters we’re looking at. There’s bacteria counts, pH, oxygen levels, color… but bacteria is the main one. Obviously the reason being that the coliform count is what the Department of Health and the state looked at as the main measure of cleanliness of any body of water that you’re swimming in.” explained Wong.

“In New York state there’s something known as a ‘Bathing Beach’ which is a man made pool. There’s a coliform count that we try to get under. I believe it’s 35 cfu’s per hundred million for bathing beaches.” said Wong, as he explained the requirements his filtration system needs to meet in order to adhere to state health guidelines.

A Concept in Good Company

Wong’s concept for a floating barge style pool is unique in design but has been executed to some degree before. There are similar style concept floating pools such as the Badeschiff in Berlin, La Piscine Josephine Baker in Paris, and Islands Brygge Harbour Bath in Coppenhagen. It’s the ultrafiltration membrane system Wong plans to use that may be unique for a project of this scope and magnitude.

Badeschiff Pool - Floating Pool in Berlin Germany is a tourist destination
Floating pool concepts like the Badeschiff have the potential to become revenue generating tourist destinations year round and can be converted to other uses in the off-season. Plus Pool hopes to do something similar.

Studies have been conducted on whether ultrafiltration techniques are a viable means of containing coliform counts in pools with higher than average bather loads. Wong along with his team conducted a trial on a smaller scale prototype to see if they could achieve the desired results in terms of maintaining required water sanitization standards.

Wong envision the floating Plus Pool will mimic the flow rate of the river to constantly refresh the water supply.
Wong envisions the floating Plus Pool will mimic the flow rate of the river to constantly refresh the water supply.

This pool’s water source and guestimated bather count make the project a unique challenge in terms of keeping the swimming pool within the mandated requirements. Wong elaborated on how he plans to accomplish the daunting task of using water from the East River and making it safe enough to swim in.

“We’re moving water through a series of geotextiles.” said Wong, “It’s really just smaller and smaller pore sizes that you’re passively passing water through and essentially all that’s doing is capturing particles.”

How Ultrafiltration Membranes Work
How Ultrafiltration Membranes Work – Photo Credit: Synder Filtration

“The good thing is that bacteria tends to ride on larger particles so it’s actually fairly easy to capture in terms of water filtration. The other aspect is we’re doing this completely without chemicals and one of the reasons is to maintain the natural quality of the water. It’s also for the effect of not swimming in a chemically chlorinated environment.” explained Wong.

“We’re maintaining a flow rate within the pool that mimics any natural body of water. So that the body of water is constantly refreshed.” said Wong.

Typically, ultrafiltration captures fine solids, colloids, bacteria, and viruses through a sieve-like structure which does not allow solids larger than the pore diameter to pass through. The technology of microfiltration and ultrafiltration has been used in numerous industrial applications; a science Wong and his team are confident will work in terms of making the water quality suitable for bathers.

Initially, Wong and his associates were able to raise $41,000 through a Kickstarter campaign to test drive the filtration system they plan to use for the real life Plus Pool. The feasibility tests were conducted in conjunction with the help of fellow researchers from Columbia University.

Arup, an engineering firm, approached the team and offered to give resources. They studied water quality, structure configurations, energy utilization, site potentials, and the filtration system throughout the winter. By May 2011, they had determined that the idea was feasible.

“We’ve been doing a lot of health modeling to show that flow rate combined with our filtration system can keep the cleanliness of the water compared to chemically treated bodies of water.”

The Plus Pool team conducting water quality tests at Brooklyn Bridge Park.
The Plus Pool team conducting water quality tests at Brooklyn Bridge Park.

The Stigma of The East River

Wong’s plan seems solid given the current technology available. Perhaps it’s the reputation of the East River itself that has a bad rap. For decades in recent memory the East River was known as a polluted waterway that was unsuitable to swim in. However, in recent years, not only has the river become swimmable again, it’s actually the cleanest it’s ever been since the days of the Civil War.

Still, many New Yorkers themselves have trouble getting their mind past the stigma of swimming in the East River. Although it’s been twenty four years since the episode of Seinfeld first aired, folks still laugh at the notion of Kramer finding a new zest for life swimming in what was at the time still a very polluted East River.

There is still a lot of conflicting information pertaining to whether the East River is safe to swim in. In the days of a bygone era, the East River was once a very popular swimming hole for New York City locals.

A glance at the topic on Wikipedia flat out tells readers that the East River may be dangerous to swim in. Not particularly because a large percentage of the city’s sewage runoff winds up in the East River, but because strong tidal currents of up to 5 knots that can make swimming unadvisable for most recreational swimmers.

It’s impossible for many folks to ignore raw sewage and gloss over the ‘yuck’ factor associated with the idea of swimming amidst the city’s flotsam and jetsam. Although the biodiversity has come back incredibly, and you can fish and boat in the river – many still struggle with the notion of eating fish from the East River. In years past odds were good one could fish an old boot out of the river just as frequently as they would a bass.

Can you swim in the East River? Yes. Should you? Well, let's just say that the jury is still out.
Can you swim in the East River? Yes. Should you? Well, let’s just say that the jury is still out.
Photo Credit – Brooklyn Paper

The CSO (combined sewage overflow) annually accounts for roughly 26 billion gallons of raw sewage and polluted storm water discharging into New York Harbor via 460 combined sewage overflows throughout the city. Experts say that as little as a twentieth of an inch of rain can overflood the city’s antiquated sewage system and cause the CSO’s to kick in and begin dumping sewage into the river.

Those issues and the structural engineering challenges of stabilizing the pool are ones that we addressed with Wong. He and his team envision a safe space in the East River dedicated for recreational swimming. “During non-rainy times the water seems to be ‘cleanish’.” said Wong, however he agreed that during rainy times, the Enterococci levels of the water made it unsuitable for swimming.

Plus Pool Designer Dong Ping Wong conducted two small scale prototype tests thus far.
Plus Pool Designer Dong Ping Wong conducted two small scale prototype tests thus far.

Wong’s team has performed 2 in water tests to confirm the notion of whether they could use the filtration technology to keep the water clean. “The first one in 2013, we were just testing all these different textiles.” said Wong, “We built a tank and put it onto a pier in Brooklyn Bridge Park and pumped raw water though it just to see the effects of the filtration. It showed some promise but certainly at that point it wasn’t hitting the mark yet.”

“In 2015, we built ‘Float Lab’ a very small, very DIY version of Plus Pool. It allowed us to swap materials in and out and we sat it in the river and just kind of let it passively filter, and had an additional sort of mechanical system to pump through much more dense filtration material to see what the effects were.” said Wong. “That was the one where we said ‘We can actually clean this, we can actually hit consistent clean water quality levels we need to hit.'”

Dong Ping Wong conducting his water quality experiments in the East River.
Dong Ping Wong conducting his water quality experiments in the East River.

The East River may not be ready to swim in… yet. Backers like Heineken have sponsored the project and have faith that Wong and his associates can pull it off. During our conversation with Wong, we mentioned some other force factors such as strong tidal currents that could make this a particularly challenging endeavor from an engineering standpoint.

Heineken has sponsored the Plus Pool project with $100,000 towards getting the project off the ground.
Heineken has sponsored the Plus Pool project with $100,000 towards getting the project off the ground. Photo Credit –

Dong Ping Wong responded to questions regarding his plans to stabilize the structure for the choppy conditions. “One of the site constraints as we’re looking for sites was trying to find pockets along the East River where those currents were a little bit more mitigated. The location we’re looking at now is shielded by a pier structure to the north a little bit of the footing of the Manhattan bridge to the south.” explained Wong.

Wong explained some ways the team plans to stabilize the pool. “There is still a lot of current let alone wave action from boat traffic that passes up and down the river.” said Wong, “There’s 3 things we’re doing. One is just the size of the thing itself. It’s quite large and wide. That alone gives us some stability you find in larger barges. The second thing is how we anchor it. We’re using pre-tension anchors that can ride the currents and tides and weather those hundred year storms we anticipate. The third is and we’re still determining if we need this or not, but adding a layer of wave attenuation to the outside of the pool towards the center.” explained Wong.

Why The Plus Pool?

“We wanted a way so that people who are there for athletic reasons can swim. People who there just to hangout can get a suntan. People who are there swimming for the first time feel comfortable. So basically like 4 pools kind of stuck together in one, that’s the idea,” said Wong “There’s a lap pool, and a sports pool, a lounge pool and a kids pool.” explained Wong as he broke down the various quadrants of the intended design concept.

The Plus Pool concept has 4 separate unique quadrants planned for various types of bathers and swimmers.
The Plus Pool concept has 4 separate unique quadrants planned for various types of bathers and swimmers.

The second reason for the Plus Pool said Wong “I knew that we needed something that looked different. That looked iconic. That looked striking when you saw it in an image, saw it overhead and for the first time. I think it’s very exciting to do a pool in the East River that filters water but we also knew it needed to look incredible, like something you’ve never seen before. The plus gave us that, the shape gave us that.” continued Wong.

The Plus Pool project design concept has captured the imaginations of the general public and the pool industry.
The Plus Pool project design concept has captured the imaginations of the general public and the pool industry.

Wong and his associates have been trying to get this project approved for over a decade. The concept has been written about and discussed practically since it’s inception. There has never been a fizzling off point in interest. To be clear, New Yorkers want this pool, and it is evident by the number of independent backers and supporters the project has drawn.

This latest surge on social media and the news comes on the tail end of the project finally getting the green light for approval from the city. It’s a great sign that the project will go ahead as planned, but we asked Wong why this project has taken so long to get off the ground.

Plus Pool Lighting Up At Night in East River
Plus Pool Lighting Up At Night in East River

“It’s just something that’s never been done before,” said Wong, “Here or elsewhere. You know there’s obviously floating pools. There’s natural pools, but I don’t think there’s ever been one at this scale and one that’s filtering the water the way that we are for public use.”

“Additionally, I think as amazing as New York City is, it’s not the easiest place in the world to do innovative public work because it’s a very large city and legally very complicated.” continued Wong, “There’s definitions for good reason, on what a pool is and what a beach is. There is not a definition for what our thing is, which is sort of a combination of the two.”

Wong and his team definitely hit the nail on the head in that regard. The Plus Pool design concept has been shared all over the world and has been written about everywhere from CNN to Architectural Digest. People everywhere are eagerly anticipating the project.

Dong Ping Wong said that he’s open to a Q&A from the pool industry. If you’d like to learn more about how the actual nuts and bolts work, feel free to ask your questions in the comments.

Want to make an impact and contribute to the project? Buy a Pool Tile and donate to the Plus Pool concept.

Listen to the entire interview with Dong Ping Wong on the Pool Magazine Podcast

Featured Photo Credit, Interior Photos / Design Renderings: Plus Pool

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