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Randy Angell is a Pool Designers Designer

Randy Angell continues to push the boundaries of modern pool & landscape design



If you ask the top pool designers in the industry, many will tell you that Randy Angell is an innovator who continues to push the envelope and redefines the boundaries of luxury pool design with each and every project. Widely respected and in constant high demand, his work takes him from coast to coast, working on some of the most high end outdoor living projects in the country.

Angell’s long tenure in the pool industry first started roughly 35 years ago. Considered by many in the industry to be one of the crème de la crème when it comes to outdoor living design, his style has transitioned over the years. As homeowners tastes began shifting towards a more contemporary look, Angell adapted this new form as his maintstay. The modern style is one that has propelled his career in an unimagined trajectory. Pool Mosaics Glass Tile Porcelain Pool Tile Pool Furniture Outdoor Pavers Outdoor Living
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“I’ve always been drawn to a modern aesthetic personally. The Frank Lloyd Wright influence has been there my entire life.”

Randy Angell – CEO of Randy Angell Designs

A Pioneer of Modern Pool Design

Angell has since become one of the most acclaimed designers of modern & contemporary outdoor living designs. Frank Lloyd Wright’s influence can be clearly seen in Randy Angell’s award winning projects. “I’ve always been surrounded by his designs and his work. I was always drawn to a plain modern aesthetic.” said Angell. “As I began to see his designs around the world, whether it was a resort, or a hotel or a residence, I really started honing in on those clean modern examples.”

Modern contemporary designs like this one have been the staple of Randy Angell's career
Modern contemporary designs like this one have been the staple of Randy Angell’s career

In previous conversations with the industry elite, folks like Shane Le Blanc and Dave Penton often refer to Randy Angell as one of their favorite designers. His body of work in the field of landscape and luxury pools continues to inspire the most critcally discerning professionals working in the industry today. Known as a Pool Designers Designer, Angell has had a stellar career the past three and half decades.

Great Minds Think Alike

Angell said that it’s seems almost symbiotic that often the designers that he inspires, he feels a great admiration for. “Shane has some incredible designs and details and that’s one of the things that I tend to focus on. As far as things that inspire me – companies like Design Ecology. Just seeing some of the detail work that they do, the overall aesthetic that they’re bringing into play with the modern architecture down in Austin.”

“One of the designers that has become a brother to me and has been a true influence on me in a lot of ways is Kirk Bianchi.” Pool Mosaics Glass Tile Porcelain Pool Tile Pool Furniture Outdoor Pavers Outdoor Living
Randy Angell – CEO of Randy ANgell Designs

Kirk Bianachi does absolutely stunning work, and again details and concepts and ideas that take me outside of that typical pool builder mentality and try and view the world a bit differently and push the envelope.”

Angell's unique ability to see the entire backyard as one functional outdoor living space is what has helped define him.
Angell’s unique ability to see the entire backyard as one functional outdoor living space is what has helped define him.

With an impressive body of work that continues to grow each year, Angell said that he has never been as busy since recent events in 2020. Like many in the industry, Covid-19 brought him a sudden unexpected surge in business. “We got a little nervous the first few weeks. Nobody knew quite what to expect. But then the phone started ringing – and it hasn’t stopped.” said Angell.

Unexpected Surge

“It’s wild!” explained Angell, “The number of projects increased. The size and scope of projects increased.” We asked him how he’s coped with the surge. “The biggest issue for us was trying to manage that influx of business,” said Angell, “Making sure we were still taking care of our clients and not letting the overwhelming influx ruin that experience.”

As a designer that has been working with homeowners all over the country for years, the pandemic has not slowed this dynamo down one iota. Easily able to transition to working at a distance, Angell adapted video conferencing and virtual 3D walkthroughs to help during Covid. Still he says, the majority of homeowners long for that face to face interaction that truly connects him with their vision.

Frank Lloyd Wright has had a profound influence on Angell does today along with other well known contemporary designers.
Frank Lloyd Wright has had a profound influence on Angell as have other well known contemporary designers like Kirk Bianchi.

“In many regards our system didn’t change through all this. I wanted to minimize the impact of all of that on our business and not lose those personal connections and have the shutdown effect us in a negative way.” said Angell.

Although Angell isn’t a builder, he closely associates with pool builders on every single project he undertakes. A member of Tributary Revelation, Angell works with the very best of the best in the industry. He identified with many of the struggles builders are facing, and said he doesn’t envy the challenges they’ve seen while coping with demand during the pandemic.

When discussing the current shortages, Angell said that he could be taking on even more design work, but he’s limited by the shortages in materials and man power currently hindering builders this pool season. “Its a little challenging because we’re introducing our clients to builders and then the brakes get slammed.” said Angell.

“The clients seem to understand the realities of what is going on and everybody has been really patient which has helped to make it an enjoyable year even amidst the chaos.” said Angell.

Randy Angell is widely considered to be one of the leading experts in modern geometric pool designs
Randy Angell is widely considered to be one of the leading experts in modern geometric pool designs

Homeowners Recalibrating to a Post Covid World

With a renewed focus on swimming pools, more homeowners than ever want a completely custom, high end backyard. In discussing the recent surge in demand, Angell remarked how last year and 2021 have been the busiest in his 35 years in the industry.

“It certainly seemed to recalibrate people to where there’s a new emphasis being placed on the importance of family time and relaxing at home. ” said Angell, “It’s about enjoying your full property, as opposed to just getting home from work at night and shutting down when you get there.” he continued.

Focusing on The Entire Space

One thing that has differentiated Angell from many other designers throughout the years, has been his focus on the complete backyard and not just the swimming pool. “What really helped set me apart,” said Angell “Is that even though technically I was a pool designer, I approached things more from the perspective of a landscape architect or a home architect. I was taking into account the entire space.”

“I can’t see doing it any other way at this point.” said Angell “The way my brain works I see the entirety of the property. My background in residential architecture plays into it.” Angell’s ability to see how all the subtle nuances of the design comprise the property as a whole, is a differentiator that put him in the upper echelon of designers.

Randy Angell has developed an enormous following with impressive designs like this one over the course of his career.
Randy Angell has developed an enormous following with impressive designs like this one over the course of his career.

Setting Realistic Expectations

Angell’s deep knowledge of home and landscape design provides him a unique insight as to how much an over the top luxury pool project really costs. Angell’s design firm focuses on high end luxury outdoor living projects. As such, he is all too familiar with exactly what goes into creating one of the Pinterest dream board projects that homeowners often claim to have be envisioning.

Angell explained that a typical luxury custom pool can cost upwards of $150,000 all on it’s own. The price can be even higher when builders face a complicated elevation and numerous engineering and hydraulics challenges.

Factor in a luxury custom mosaic tile interior and that price jumps up exponentially. This well before adding on additions like landscaping, decking, lighting, and outdoor funiture. Opt for amenities like a fire pit, pergola, retaining walls, or other similar options and the price tag can quickly turn into sticker shock for consumers.

Angell says a picture perfect backyard resort entails a significant investment in time and skilled labor that all adds up.

Of course, homeowners can go even further with their dream backyard explained Angell. “Some homeowners opt for outdoor kitchens, custom fireplaces, cabanas, or pavillions.”

“When we’re going through our portfolio and clients are pointing out projects they like,” said Angell, “I explain the prices. I get into that conversation with them. If we’re just talking about the pool, the project was probably around $150,000 for the pool and decking.” he explained, “When we’re talking about the complete project, the total was probably around $250,000. That was for all the other elements landscaping, furniture, lighting.”

Listen to our complete interview with Randy Angell on the Pool Magazine podcast.

Angell said that he tries to do builders a favor by educating and preparing his clients ahead of time. He does this by setting realistic expectations of what is involved with creating an award winning backyard. Angell explained the importance of preparing clients for the costs of labor. He also prepares them with a realistic timeline necessary to build their ideal outdoor living environment. That picture perfect backyard the homeowner envisioned when they saw that first photo on Instagram has a final price that can costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Angell Continues To Up The Bar in Design

Angell’s most recent projects see him doing alot of work with Aqua Terra Outdoors and Elite Outdoor Living in Texas. He is particularly excited about one of his recently completed projects that he considers to be one of his own personal best. Angell said that the technology and materials finally became cost feasible to do the incredibly intricate detailed tile and coping work he’s always envisioned.

“Everything on this project was hand fabricated. Miter cut porcelain pavers. Very clean, modern aesthetic. For years I wanted to make something like this happen,” said Angell “but it was so expensive to fabricate. I always had to compromise and go back to normal coping with the waterline tile. All of these things took the cool factor out of it.” he continued, “Completing this project was major for me.” said Angell.

Elaborating on some other triumphs that make this project one for his highlight reel; Angell said, “The PAL lighting with the LED strip that was the other element I could never really get to happen.” he continued “All of the old LED lighting would last for a couple of months and then it was toast. We could never really accomplish what I set out to with this type of design in years past.” said Angell.

Angell said he’s excited to have Jimi Smith the industry leading photographer come out and photograph his newest project once it’s completed. While he didn’t want to tip his hand too much, he indicated that it will be yet another incredible project that he can hang his hat on, and one that will define his career for years to come.

Listen to our complete interview with Randy Angell on the Pool Magazine Podcast.

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Editor in Chief of Pool Magazine - Joe Trusty is also CEO of, the leading digital agency for the pool industry. An internet entrepreneur, software developer, author, and marketing professional with a long history in the pool industry. Joe oversees the writing and creative staff at Pool Magazine. To contact Joe Trusty email or call (916) 467-9118 during normal business hours. For submissions, please send your message to

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One Rockin’ Pool Project at the Hard Rock



Hard Rock Pool - Hard Rock Seminole - Hollywood, FL - Pool Area

Jason Evans and Jeff Brown know a thing or two about taking on large projects like the Hard Rock pool. Industry veteran Evans has been indoctrinating his stepson Brown into the business over the past decade. Working side by side with his stepfather, the two have tackled their fair share of challenging jobs. For the south Florida firm renovating pools is a family affair. Their company, Pool Boy Plastering, has made a reputation for taking on some very visible and high-profile custom pool projects.

The Hard Rock Pool in Hollywood, FL

Recently Evans began posting photos of the Hard Rock Seminole pool they worked on in Hollywood, FL. The incredibly iconic guitar-shaped resort features a lush “Bora Bora” lagoon-style swimming pool which is just as stunning. A beach entry resort-style pool with actual sand, as well as a huge 4.5-acre lagoon for hotel guests that allows for paddleboarding, kayaking, and pedal boating, are just some of the world-class amenities you’ll find. Pool Mosaics Glass Tile Porcelain Pool Tile Pool Furniture Outdoor Pavers Outdoor Living
Pool Service Software

The high-volume firm has taken on large jobs, having completed over 12,000 projects during its tenure in the business. Catering to pool builders and architects, Pool Boy Plastering performs over 600 pool plastering jobs a year.

It’s safe to say that Evans and Brown collectively plastered roughly 7.2 million square feet or 110 football fields worth of pools. That’s a lot of plaster and a ton of experience in the field. It’s no wonder they were awarded the bid to do the interior of the Hard Rock swimming pool. Still, the two weren’t shy about confessing that this was the largest project they’d ever undertaken.

A Challenging Pool Interior

In describing what working on this pool was like, Evans was straight to the point. “It was a doozy, there were some really rough work conditions and it was probably one of the toughest jobs we’ve ever had to do,” he said.

“Not only did we have time constraints but it was during a really rainy season. Because it’s a Seminole reservation, OSHA is not allowed on the property, but they had their own safety team that was stricter than what a typical OSHA job site would be,” explained Evans, describing the working conditions.

“They would have lightning monitors, alarms would go off and we’d be suddenly forced to shut everything down and shelter. That’s tough, we’re out there mixing cement, pumping the Pebbletec. It was tough to just turn off the machine when it was full of cement and go hang out for an hour or two until we’re allowed to get back to work,” said Brown. Pool Mosaics Glass Tile Porcelain Pool Tile Pool Furniture Outdoor Pavers Outdoor Living

“We’d have almost daily meetings with the contractors, Brightview Developers did the entire outside of the hotel and were the ones we were collaborating with. The construction was 24/7 but our crew only worked during the day. In a fast-paced production schedule, it was a tough job site to work on. One day there would be parking, the next day there would be sidewalks where there were none yesterday,” said Evans.

Hitting a Moving Target

A project of this scale with a moving target and constantly shifting priorities was definitely a new experience for the firm. “It was always throwing us a loop. We’d be there doing a section thinking we’d be able to finish it and the concrete foreman would come up and inform us that the next day we’d have to break everything down and move out of the way and set up on the other side of the hotel to work. This was a rush build with overlapping deadlines. I must say though for a job of this scale it went fairly smoothly,” stated Evans.

“Having to run a slick line to shoot 800 square feet through other workers was definitely a challenge. We worked well on top of other contractors until it came time to use chemicals and then we’d have to cordon off certain areas of the job site. That made us popular,” said Brown, “they weren’t too happy to have to clear out when we had to do an acid wash.”

When asked if they’d take on this job again, the pair chuckled and said that is one they’d have to seriously consider. Despite the difficulties working on this project, the Pebbletec interior in this swimming pool came out gorgeous. A tremendous undertaking, this project is a testament to their abilities and was obviously a true labor of love.

Certainly not the only high-profile resort pool Evans and Brown have worked on, the two have traveled as far as Dubai to work on the Atlantis resort pool. They’re also probably one of the only pool plasterers that can count Sylvester Stallone as one of their clients. With that said, this rockin’ pool still remains one for the highlight reel.

Photo Credit: Jimi Smith Photography

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Pool News

National Water Safety Month Is Celebrated The Entire Month of May



Celebrate National Water Safety Month The Entire Month of May

The month of May is a time to celebrate National Water Safety Month. The entire month of May has been officially dedicated as a time to bring awareness and education about water safety to the general community. The initiative is coordinated by the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance in support with the American Red Cross, National Recreation and Park Association, and the World Waterpark Association.

Benefits of Water Safety

May is the perfect time to observe safer water practices. When school is out for the summer and the weather heats up across the country, poolside recreation is in. This summer, pools, hot tubs, and spas will have a tremendously positive impact on all of our lives. Pool Mosaics Glass Tile Porcelain Pool Tile Pool Furniture Outdoor Pavers Outdoor Living
Pool Service Software

There are 10.4 million residential and 309,000 public swimming pools, and an additional 7.3 million hot tubs operating in the U.S. Over the summer 8 out of 10 Americans are planning to swim in a pool. For children and teens between the ages of 7 and 17, swimming remains the #1 most popular recreational activity.

Still, the Red Cross says more than 50% of Americans don’t know how to swim. This is where the disconnect lies and why this initiative is so important. Practicing better pool safety saves lives.

National Water Safety Month is helping by promoting better water safety practices as well as increasing water competency including what to do in an emergency. Drowning prevention lies at the core of the initiative.

Some of the core principles to educate the public about the importance of supervising children in or near water, fencing pools and spas with adequate barriers, learning water safety survival skills, using approved life jackets while boating, and swimming in a lifeguarded area.

How National Water Safety Month Got Started

National Water Safety Month’s history of highlighting water awareness and swim safety started in June 2003, when the World Waterpark Association launched its National Water Safety Week. People celebrated this water awareness week for four years. Pool Mosaics Glass Tile Porcelain Pool Tile Pool Furniture Outdoor Pavers Outdoor Living

The origins of National Water Safety Month began in May 2007. The National Recreation and Park Association in coordination with the World Waterpark Association decided that a month-long water safety initiative in May would better serve the community. May is the month when swim activity begins to increase across the nation. It was at this point that National Aquatics Week evolved into National Water Safety Month.

The APSP (now the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance) joined the initiative in May 2009. Their involvement would add public pools, residential pools, and waterparks as part of the month long water safety campaign. The American Red Cross would join the National Water Safety Month coalition as a key partner the following year in May 2010.

Learn More About The Key Partners Behind National Water Safety Month

The water safety initiative reaches the community at large through a series of educational programs and public service announcements. In addition, there is involvement at the government level, as well as with dealers and businesses across the nation to provide access to a wide variety of swim safety materials.

Pool & Hot Tub Alliance

The Pool & Hot Tub Alliance advances the expansion of water safety initiatives through research and outreach-related activities aimed at introducing more people to swimming. The PHTA’s 3,600 members are helping advance this initiative by making swimming environments safer and keeping pools open to serve communities.

National Recreation & Park Association

The National Recreation & Park Association is a non-profit dedicated to building stronger communities through the power of parks and recreation. Today, the NRPA’s 60,000 members propel this objective by investing in and championing the work of park and recreation professionals and advocates

World Waterpark Association

The World Waterpark Association is the world’s premier water-leisure trade association. The WWA serves over 1,000 members in 50 different countries around the globe.

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross shelters, feeds, and provides emotional support to victims of disasters; supplies about 40 percent of the nation’s blood; teaches skills that save lives; provides international humanitarian aid; and supports military members and their families.

Sponsor: Pentair

The initiative is sponsored by Pentair. “Pentair is honored to continue to support National Water Safety Month again this year,” says De’Mon Wiggins, President – Pool Business Unit at Pentair. “At Pentair, we know moments by the pool can only be magical, wonder-filled, and fun when experienced safely. That’s why we are committed as an organization to promoting water safety awareness not only during National Water Safety Month but always.”

Pentair Partnership With Pool & Hot Tub Alliance for National Water Safety Month
Pentair Partnership With Pool & Hot Tub Alliance for National Water Safety Month

How You Can Get Involved

For those that want to get involved, there are a number of ways for the general public and pool industry professionals to engage with their own community. Resources for consumers and professionals are available on the National Water Safety Month website.

Pool industry professionals perform a variety of outreach services that engage their local communities to learn more about water safety. Some examples are Joe Vassallo and his firm Paragon Pools which started their Float Like a Duck program in Las Vegas and Stephen Little, CEO of Claro Pools with his 55/5 campaign in Palm Desert. Those interested in getting involved have lots of options. Some advocates are planning a media event while others are doing a virtual event online. There are even those who are organizing a water safety fair to help get the word out.

Still one of the best ways to make a difference is by making a donation to the Red Cross and sponsoring National Water Safety Month as well as other drowning prevention initiatives that help promote awareness.

Featured Photo Credit: PHTA

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Top 10 Largest Swimming Pools in the World



Top 10 Largest Swimming Pools In The World

When discussing the largest swimming pools on the planet, we’re certainly not talking about your average-sized watering hole. While there have been large man-made pools practically since civilization began, these swimming pools in particular defy the imagination in terms of their sheer scale.

You may have visited a few resorts in your time with large luxurious over-the-top pools, but trust me when we say that those pools are practically teacup-sized in comparison to these swimming pools. We’ve covered plenty of swimming pool Top 10’s in Pool Magazine, including the world’s most expensive pools. Today, however, we’re going to be looking at some of the largest pools on Earth. With that said, let’s dive right in! Pool Mosaics Glass Tile Porcelain Pool Tile Pool Furniture Outdoor Pavers Outdoor Living
Pool Service Software

The Top 10 Largest Pools In The World

RankSwimming PoolCountryCityAreaOpenedWater
#1City Stars Sharm El SheikhEgyptSharm El Sheikh23.9 acres2015Sea water
#2San Alfonso Del MarChileValparaíso20 acres2006Sea water
#3MahasamutrThailandHua Hin17 acres2014Sea water
#4Ostrava Poruba – VřesinaCzech RepublicOstrava10 acres1962Fresh water
#5Diamante at Cabo San LucasMexicoCabo San Lucas10 acres2009Salt water
#6The Lagoon at EppersonUnited StatesWesley Chapel, FL7.5 acres2017Sea water
#7Piscina Las Brisas de Santo DomingoChileSanto Domingo5 acres2004Sea water
#8The Lagoon at Windsong RanchUnited StatesProsper, TX4.9 acres2019Sea water
#9Hayman Island Resort PoolAustraliaQueensland2.2 acres1950Sea water
#10Dreamworld Fun LagoonPakistanKarachi2 acres2008Well water
Largest Swimming Pools In The World by Size

Statistics are all well and good, but we’re dying to know more about these massive swimming pools and we’re sure you are too. Let’s take a closer look at each one of the swimming pools on our Top 10 Largest Swimming Pools list.

#10 – Dreamworld Fun Lagoon

The world’s largest well water swimming pool is located on the outskirts of Pakistan’s largest metropolis, Karachi. The Dreamworld Resort’s pool, which is filled with 2 million gallons of water pumped from neighboring wells, also has waterslides and an artificial sea with waves up to 4 feet high. This is a massive pool where scores of families gather together to have a good time.

Dream World Fun Lagoon - Karachi, Pakistan
Dream World Fun Lagoon – Karachi, Pakistan | Photo Credit:

Address: Gulshan-e-Maymar, Super Highway
Adjacent، Block R Taiser Town, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh, Pakistan
Phone: +92 21 38692000

#9 – Hayman Island Resort Pool

The pool at Hayman Island Resort has the size of seven Olympic-sized pools and has a surface area of nearly 78,000 square feet. The man-made lagoon was built in 1985 as part of the exclusive Hayman Island resort in the Whitsundays, on the Great Barrier Reef’s Whitsunday Islands. The pool, which is one of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, has a freshwater section surrounded by a bigger saltwater segment, as well as a sand bar in the center for relaxing. The largest of the four linked boardwalks, extending 165 feet, spans the water’s surface.

Hayman Island Resort has one of the world's biggest pools.
Hayman Island Resort has one of the world’s biggest pools. | Photo Credit: IHG

Address: Hayman Island Whitsunday Islands Hayman Island, QLD 4801, Australia
Phone: +61 7 4940 1234
Website: Pool Mosaics Glass Tile Porcelain Pool Tile Pool Furniture Outdoor Pavers Outdoor Living

#8 – The Lagoon at Windsong Ranch

One of the largest pools on earth is actually in the United States. The Lagoon, a massive 4.9-acre seawater pool, is currently the centerpiece of Windsong Ranch. Guests of the ranch can unwind on the white sand beaches or participate in a variety of activities such as paddleboarding and kayaking in the crystal clear Caribbeanesque waters. The largest pool in the United States, this one must be seen to be believed!

Lagoon at Windsong Ranch is one the largest pools in the world.
Lagoon at Windsong Ranch | Photo Credit: Windsong Ranch

Address: 1001 Windsong Pkwy, Prosper, TX 75078
Phone: (972) 347-9270

#7 – Piscina Las Brisas de Santo Domingo

Piscina Las Brisas is a five-acre saltwater pool is part of the Las Brisas upscale condominium development in Chile. To give you a sense of scale, it’s roughly the size of 16 Olympic-sized swimming pools. This architectural achievement is one of the largest swimming pools on the planet. Two of the nicest aspects are that it has a view of the Pacific Ocean and its crystal clear water.

Piscina Las Brisas de Santo Domingo is the 7th largest pool in the world
Piscina Las Brisas de Santo Domingo is the 7th largest pool in the world | Photo Credit: Latte Luxury News

Address: Santo Domingo, Valparaíso, Chile
Phone: +56 2 2206 9188

#6 – The Lagoon at Epperson

What was once a cow pasture just north of Tampa is now home to the largest swimming pool in the country. Swimming, paddle boarding, and kayaking are all possible on the man-made, sustainable body of water. It also has a swim-up bar, cabanas, a floating obstacle course, and other amenities. The lagoon spans 7.5 acres and has a perimeter of 4,200 linear square feet, with an average depth of 8 feet and some spots as deep as 12 feet.

The Lagoon at Epperson by Crystal Lagoons is the largest pool in the U.S.
The Lagoon at Epperson – Photo Credit: Tampa Magazine

Address: 31885 Overpass Rd, Wesley Chapel, FL 33545
Phone: (813) 444-5221

#5 – Diamante in Cabo San Lucas

With views of Diamante’s signature sand dunes and the majestic Pacific Ocean, you’ll be in paradise. Sail, swim, stand-up paddleboard, and kayak, or simply relax in your own private cabana nearby. There are wide beach areas, a swim-up bar and jacuzzi, and other family-friendly amenities surrounding the lagoon, so grab your goggles and sunscreen and get ready for some serious fun. Tied with our #4 pick, the 10-acre saltwater Crystal Lagoons® at Diamante offers leisure and family-friendly activities at the heart of their resort.

Diamante at Cabo San Lucas - 10 acre salt water pool - Photo Credit: Crystal Lagoons
Diamante at Cabo San Lucas – 10-acre salt water pool – Photo Credit: Crystal Lagoons

Address: Diamante Blvd., 23473 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., Mexico
Phone: +52 624 144 2900

#4 – Ostrava Poruba – Vřesina

The Ostrava Poruba, a seasonal community pool that first opened in 1962 is the largest open-air swimming pool in the Czech Republic at 10 acres. The massive fresh water pool is designed to look like a lake. Tied with our #5 pick in terms of size, the municipal corporation Sareza (Sports and Recreational Facilities of the City of Ostrava) operates swimming pools of various sizes (indoor and outdoor) in Poruba, Ostrava-Jih, Moravská Ostrava a Pvoz, and Bartovice.

Ostrava Poruba - Vřesina is the 4th largest pool on the planet
Ostrava Poruba – Vřesina – Photo Credit: 80bvod on YouTube

Address: Rekreační 236/74, 708 00 Ostrava-Poruba, Czechia
Phone: +420 596 977 611

#3 – Mahasamutr

The MahaSamutr pool is home to Asia’s largest man-made lagoon. It has a surface area of 72,000 square miles and a maximum depth of 2.4 meters. The lagoon, surrounded by an artificial sand beach, is the focal point of the MahaSamutr development project, an upscale country club and residential complex in Hua Hin.

Mahasamutr Pool - Photo Credit: Fernando Fischmann / Founder & Chairman of Crystal Lagoons
Mahasamutr Pool – Photo Credit: Fernando Fischmann / Founder & Chairman of Crystal Lagoons

Also by Crystal Lagoons, this massive pool is the first major project in Thailand and sits proudly on our top 10 list as the #3 largest pool in the world.

Mahasamutr Pool in Thailand is the 3rd largest pool on Earth
Mahasamutr Pool in Thailand is the 3rd largest pool on Earth

Address: 70/152-153 Soi 112 Huana Tuptai Road
Prachuapkhirikhan, Hua Hin District, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77110, Thailand
Phone: +66 32 907 900

#2 – San Alfonso Del Mar

San Alfonso Del Mar Resort in Chile is currently the second largest swimming pool in the world and sits on a private resort in Algarrobo, Chile, located roughly 60 miles west of Santiago. With a length of over nine football fields, this enormous saltwater pool is filled with over 66 million gallons of water. At the time of its completion in 2006, San Alfonso Del Mar Resort captured the record for the world’s largest pool and held it for almost a decade. A builder of some of the largest pools on the planet, we can thank Crystal Lagoons for this one as well.

San Alfonso Del Mar - 2nd Largest Pool in the World
San Alfonso Del Mar – 2nd Largest Pool in the World

Featuring swimming, sailing, kayaking, and a host of world-class amenities, San Alfonso Del Mar Resort is a must-see travel destination for pool lovers and an incredible achievement in aquatic engineering.

#1- City Stars Sharm El Sheikh

The City Stars Sharm El Sheikh lagoon, which opened in 2015, is officially the world’s largest man-made body of water. Aside from its enormous size, this massive pool located in the Sinai desert is a sight to behold. The saltwater supply is drawn from aquifers and takes several weeks to replenish. The $5.5 billion project is also the most expensive pool in the world.

City Stars Sharm El Sheikh – Photo Credit: Crystal Lagoons

Address: 29HV+8HH, Qesm Sharm Ash Sheikh, South Sinai Governorate, Egypt

City Stars Sharm El Sheikh – Largest Swimming Pool in the World

At 23.9 acres City Stars Sharm El Sheikh by Crystal Lagoons; is officially the largest swimming pool project in the world.

In conclusion:

You may have asked the question “what is the largest swimming pool in the world” and gotten 100 different answers. Unfortunately, there is a lot of conflicting information out there and statistics have a tendency to be copied & pasted without much fact-checking these days. Stats also have a way of changing quicker than human beings tend to update their websites.

In fact, the Guinness Book of World Records even still lists the 8.9-acre Orthlieb Pool in Casablanca, Morocco as the largest pool on the planet. Unfortunately, that pool was demolished back in 1986 and hasn’t been around for quite some time. There are also plenty of places that still list the San Alfonso Del Mar as the world’s largest swimming pool, but it was supplanted back in 2015 by the #1 pool on our list. City Stars Sharm El Sheikh is officially the largest swimming pool on the planet – for now.

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