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Add Functionality to your Pool Area with Pavers

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Add Functionality to your Pool Area with Pavers

It’s with no doubt that the addition of a paver patio, pool deck or driveway is a way to improve the backyard appearance and adds value to the property. The main focus of using pavers is to create a stunning outdoor space that entails a customer design and surpasses their expectations. Including borders, clear and inlaid styles with a touch of different paver features like texture, color, and shape are essential for an exclusive project.

Add Functionality to your Pool Area with Pavers

Types of pavers

It is essential for the homeowner to work with the contractor to choose if they want to install impervious or permeable pavers. Traditional ones are cheaper, though it is advantageous to opt for the permeable pavers.

Benefits of permeable pavers

  • It is possible to install a heating system under the pavers during winter, to avoid the accumulation of snow.
  • In some states, government officials give incentives for installing permeable pavers; this reduces the burden on local stormwater collection systems, improving local water quality.
  • It reduces leakage of water on the surface, minimizing the risk of slips and falls on pool decks
  • They filter water back underground for recharge of groundwater supplies. This lessens water used for landscaping, impacting positively to the environment.

Color choices

Homeowners are currently searching for styles that improve their outdoors as much as their indoors. They are selecting products in their outdoor spaces that connect experiences between the two spaces. The architectural designs of the home should match the desired product and home color. It is important to note the following when choosing the appropriate color.


Taking guides from Pantone’s Color of the Year, the incorporation of coral is now common as it blends well with modern colors.

Neutral color

Simple neutral colors such as gray blends with clean design lines to create a welcoming feel that can work in modern outdoor structures and porcelain pavers.

Styles and patterns

The client’s paver choice of style is important, whether traditional, modern, stone textured or many others.

  • Permeable: For the installation, the use of herringbone or ashlar patterns is best to create narrow joints. For large joints, it creates an opportunity to shift to running bond or basket weave patterns.
  • Asymmetrical: They have a natural look. It is achievable with many different shapes and forms, cobble-style pavers designed in random patterns.

Creative styles

Varying colors and patterns add unique features to structures and are visually appealing.

  • Focal points: Pattern embellishments and accents create focal points. This is achievable by using several paver styles, contrasting colors, shapes, and laying patterns. Squares or rectangles are important in creating a modern focal point.
  • Borders: Modern trends coordinate colors to blend with the roof color, either in the border or the main paver. Borders can make them appealing in various ways. This includes using varying colors, different laying patterns, and installing a contrasting paver texture, shape, color, or style. These patterns clearly define boundaries in outdoor rooms. They can, therefore, work as a boundary from one outdoor building to another.

Pavers are profitable and efficient to both the contractors and customers if only planning and discussion of the designs are done before the installation process.

Pool News coverage brought to you by Pool Magazine's own Marcus Packer. Marcus Packer is a 20 year pool industry veteran pool builder and pool service technician. In addition to being a swimming pool professional, Marcus has been a writer and long time contributor for Newsweek Magazine's home improvement section and more recently for Florida Travel + Life. Have a story idea or tip you'd like to share with Pool Magazine? Email your story idea.

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New Robotic Pool Cleaner Debuts at CES 2021

Pool Magazine Editor



Ariel Automatic Pool Cleaner

Robotic pool cleaners are a new age high tech method of cleaning your pool and performing basic maintenance tasks. Robotic cleaners have become enormously popular over the last five years. Ariel is an intriguing new cleaner with an interesting paddle wheel design concept. Ariel by Solar Breeze is the latest line of innovative robotic pool cleaners to come from Tempe based Pivot-Solar Breeze, and is set to debut at the CES 2021 show running from Jan 11-14. Ariel is solar powered and uses intelligent technology to navigate around the surface of the pool to collect debris. Pool owners everywhere can pre-order Ariel at Retailers can email for special pricing.

Ariel is the culmination of years of engineering and consumer feedback to produce the quintessential, future-focused pool cleaning device that brings a whole new level of intelligence, beauty and performance to the robotic surface cleaning category.

Paul Sim – vice president of solar breeze

Ariel Robotic Pool Cleaner Features

  • Mesh filter collects and retains particles down to 200 microns in size
  • Debris collection chamber that holds twice the volume of a normal skimmer basket
  • Simple removal from pool with no-slip handle
  • Easy to empty debris and clean the unit
  • Rechargeable battery that powers the unit after the sun goes down
  • Solar panels that produce enough power to run the unit and charge the battery during the day
  • Sensors that detect obstructions and light up at night
  • No chords or hoses attached
  • Covers the surface of an average pool every 1.5 hours
  • Functions in temperatures ranging from 40° to 130°F
  • Can withstand water salinity of 6,500 ppm

News Releases from Robotic Pool Cleaner Manufacturer Solar Breeze:

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The Swimming Pool From It’s a Wonderful Life

Pool Magazine Editor



The famous pool scene from It's a Wonderful Life

Recently while watching It’s a Wonderful Life, I noticed the swimming pool scene where George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart) and Marth Hatch (Donna Reed) are at the school dance. It’s a defining scene where a retractable basketball court opens up to reveal a hidden swimming pool beneath it. As George & Martha are dancing they don’t notice the floor begin to open. The cheering crowds spur them on even further, as they think everyone is cheering their dancing they fail to see they are dancing right over the edge and plunge into the pool.

The Pool Scene from It’s a Wonderful Life

Many of the other people at the dance dive right on in and an impromptu pool party ensues. It’s a touching scene in a must see movie that should be at the top of everyones holiday movie list. Many people believe that the swimming pool wasn’t real. Frank Capra the director of the film had the entire set of the town of Bedford Falls created on an 89 acre back lot at RKO Pictures in Culver City.

The set was actually inspired from the real life town of Seneca Falls in New York. Film buffs suggested that the pool itself was also a prop. As it turns out, according to who did the fact checking for us, the pool has been identified and is real. It’s known as the Swim Gym and is a Beverly Hills landmark. The pool was built by the WPA historical pool contractors in their own right, and designed by Stiles O. Clements in 1939.

Historical Land Mark Swimming Pool Has Been in Many Movies

The retractable pool belongs to Beverly Hills High School and was actually used in the filming of the movie. What’s even more interesting is that the pool is still around today! The pool itself is 25 yards long and is still used in swimming competitions. With the turn of a key the inground swimming pool the retractable pool cover converts back to a basketball court / dance floor.

Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed falling into the pool in It's a Wonderful Life
Swimming Pool Scene from It’s a Wonderful Life

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Industry News

Swimming Pool Collapse Kills Worker in Orange County

Swimming Pool Collapse Kills Pool Contractor in Orange County

Pool Magazine Editor



Swimming Pool Collapse Kills Contractor in Orange County

California emergency workers recovered the body of a man buried in the collapse of a swimming pool under construction. Firefighters filled the streets of a gated Orange County community Saturday, December 19, 2020. They removed the body of a man who had died after being buried under soil that collapsed on top of him and a crew that were excavating an area for an inground swimming pool, authorities said.

Swimming Pool Collapse Buries Pool Contractor Luciano Gonzalez Munoz

The victim, a pool contractor identified as Luciano Gonzalez Munoz, 45, died as he was digging a swimming pool wall for a project that he was working on , according to Supervising Deputy Coroner Larry Esslinger.

Firefighters had to bring in an outside commercial construction company with a massive crane in order to help them haul out tons of dirt and debris from the backyard in the 6200 block of Cliffway Drive.

Early Sunday morning, experts brought in the crane attached to a 3,000 pound rectangular steel drum. Workers then used the drums to scoop out enough dirt in order recover the mans body. The huge crane itself blocked off most of the street for hours and left the entire area congested with police and fire vehicles.

The man was buried midmorning while building a pool wall on Saturday. O’Connor said firefighters got an emergency 9-11 call about a man trapped in a collapsed pool at the home just before 11 a.m. By the time they arrived, other workers were already at the site desperately trying to dig out the man. The victim was buried up to his neck complained of having difficulty breathing.

Concerned about the unstable soil of the cliffside, the firefighters evacuated workers, then began digging themselves. Approximately 30 minutes later, a second collapse caused the victim to be completely buried. After several hours without being able to communicate with the man, the fire crews switched the operation from a rescue to a body recovery. Coroner’s officials and Cal OSHA were investigating.

O’Connor said the fire department had trauma counselors on standby to talk to the man’s coworkers and boss who immediately came to the job site. The unfortunate homeowners, were also apparently home throughout the entire ordeal, were also visited by the crisis counseling team.

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