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Add Functionality to your Pool Area with Pavers



Add Functionality to your Pool Area with Pavers

It’s with no doubt that the addition of a paver patio, pool deck or driveway is a way to improve the backyard appearance and adds value to the property. The main focus of using pavers is to create a stunning outdoor space that entails a customer design and surpasses their expectations. Including borders, clear and inlaid styles with a touch of different paver features like texture, color, and shape are essential for an exclusive project.

Add Functionality to your Pool Area with Pavers

Types of pavers

It is essential for the homeowner to work with the contractor to choose if they want to install impervious or permeable pavers. Traditional ones are cheaper, though it is advantageous to opt for the permeable pavers.

Benefits of permeable pavers

  • It is possible to install a heating system under the pavers during winter, to avoid the accumulation of snow.
  • In some states, government officials give incentives for installing permeable pavers; this reduces the burden on local stormwater collection systems, improving local water quality.
  • It reduces leakage of water on the surface, minimizing the risk of slips and falls on pool decks
  • They filter water back underground for recharge of groundwater supplies. This lessens water used for landscaping, impacting positively to the environment.

Color choices

Homeowners are currently searching for styles that improve their outdoors as much as their indoors. They are selecting products in their outdoor spaces that connect experiences between the two spaces. The architectural designs of the home should match the desired product and home color. It is important to note the following when choosing the appropriate color.


Taking guides from Pantone’s Color of the Year, the incorporation of coral is now common as it blends well with modern colors.

Neutral color

Simple neutral colors such as gray blends with clean design lines to create a welcoming feel that can work in modern outdoor structures and porcelain pavers.

Styles and patterns

The client’s paver choice of style is important, whether traditional, modern, stone textured or many others.

  • Permeable: For the installation, the use of herringbone or ashlar patterns is best to create narrow joints. For large joints, it creates an opportunity to shift to running bond or basket weave patterns.
  • Asymmetrical: They have a natural look. It is achievable with many different shapes and forms, cobble-style pavers designed in random patterns.

Creative styles

Varying colors and patterns add unique features to structures and are visually appealing.

  • Focal points: Pattern embellishments and accents create focal points. This is achievable by using several paver styles, contrasting colors, shapes, and laying patterns. Squares or rectangles are important in creating a modern focal point.
  • Borders: Modern trends coordinate colors to blend with the roof color, either in the border or the main paver. Borders can make them appealing in various ways. This includes using varying colors, different laying patterns, and installing a contrasting paver texture, shape, color, or style. These patterns clearly define boundaries in outdoor rooms. They can, therefore, work as a boundary from one outdoor building to another.

Pavers are profitable and efficient to both the contractors and customers if only planning and discussion of the designs are done before the installation process.

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Pool News coverage brought to you by Pool Magazine's own Marcus Packer. Marcus Packer is a 20 year pool industry veteran pool builder and pool service technician. In addition to being a swimming pool professional, Marcus has been a writer and long time contributor for Newsweek Magazine's home improvement section and more recently for Florida Travel + Life. Have a story idea or tip you'd like to share with Pool Magazine? Email [email protected] your story idea.

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Hot Tubs

Hot Tub & Spa Sales Growth Predicted To Continue

Hot tub and spa sales growth predicted to continue. The global market hit $19 billion in 2022 and is predicted to increase to $23.5 billion by 2030.



Hot Tub & Spa Sales Predicted To Continue Growing

There is no denying that hot tub sales have cooled over the past two quarters in the US, Australia, and the U.K., yet the market remains solid according to analysts. The global market for hot tubs and spas crossed the $19 billion mark in 2022 and is expected to continue to grow to $23.5 billion by 2030 according to Business Market Insights. This is predicted despite increasing concerns about inflation and reports of curtailed spending by consumers.

The number of pool construction projects has certainly stabilized back down to pre-Covid 19 levels, though that correlation to the hot tub industry appears to be less of a factor. It’s an encouraging sign that there are still plenty of consumers looking to start a hot tub project in their backyard.

As the world begins to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries have experienced fluctuations in supply and demand. The hot tub industry was certainly no exception. During the height of the pandemic, the demand for hot tubs skyrocketed as people sought to create their own private oasis at home. However, this increase in demand led to longer lead times for hot tub delivery, sometimes stretching several months or more.

What a Changing Retail Environment For The Hot Tub & Spa Sector Means for Consumers

As the pandemic winds down and hot tub dealers are stocked up, lead times are finally equalizing. This means that dealers are now able to keep up with the increased order flow, and it no longer takes 8 weeks or longer to receive inventory. This should come as welcome news for consumers who have been waiting to make their purchase and want to start enjoying their hot tub as soon as possible.

It is important to note that this equalization in lead times does not mean that dealers are sitting on inventory. In fact, most hot tub dealers have had trouble keeping up with demand due to supply chain disruptions and factory shutdowns during the pandemic. Instead, it means that dealers are now able to order and receive hot tubs from manufacturers more quickly, which in turn allows them to fulfill orders in a shorter timeframe.

This is a positive development for the hot tub industry as a whole. It means that consumers can now purchase hot tubs without worrying about long wait times or delays, and dealers can fulfill orders more quickly and efficiently. It also shows that the hot tub industry has adapted to the challenges of the pandemic and is now in a better position to meet the needs of consumers.

A changing retail environment has dramatically altered the way consumers purchase a hot tub or spa.
A changing retail environment has dramatically altered the way consumers purchase a hot tub or spa.

A Change in Consumer Habits

One thing the pandemic changed was the way consumers purchase. As people spent more time at home during quarantine, the demand for hot tubs and spas increased. However, many brick-and-mortar stores were closed or had limited hours, which led to a surge in online shopping. The by-product was an increase in online retail sales, one which has not tapered off according to retailers.

Spa retailer Andrew Ellis of Steam Shower Store discussed how plenty of consumers are still looking to bring home the spa experience. “We’ve been selling more spas and home saunas through our e-commerce platforms and This trend is not surprising as the benefits of hot tub ownership are numerous, including relaxation, improved sleep, and pain relief,” said Ellis, “consumers recognize the value and comfort of owning one, and that will remain a factor for growth.”

Low Cost of Hot Tub / Spa Ownership Makes Hot Tubs Appealing to Mid-Range Consumers

The average price of a swimming pool has gone up substantially in recent years. As swimming pools have become more expensive and consequently out of reach for some consumers, many have continued to look for more affordable alternatives that still offer the benefits of relaxation and recreation. One such alternative that remains within reach for mid-range consumers are hot tubs and spas.

Hot Tubs & Spas Have Become a Budget-Friendly Option For a Number of Reasons

Hot tubs and spas are typically much less expensive than swimming pools, making them an attractive option for consumers who want to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy without spending a fortune. They are also more compact and can be installed in smaller outdoor spaces or even indoors, making them a more feasible option for homeowners with limited space.

Another advantage of hot tubs is that they can be used year-round, while swimming pools are typically limited to use during the summer months in many parts of the world. This makes hot tubs a more versatile investment for those who want to use their outdoor space throughout the year.

Furthermore, advances in technology have made hot tubs more efficient and easier to maintain than ever before. Modern hot tubs can be equipped with energy-efficient features such as insulated covers and programmable timers that help to reduce energy costs. They also come with advanced filtration systems that make it easier to maintain clean and healthy water. In fact, over two-thirds of hot tub owners report that they perform their own maintenance (according to Pkdata).

Over 2/3 of homeowners report maintaining their own hot tub or spa according to Pkdata.
Over 2/3 of homeowners report maintaining their own hot tub or spa according to Pkdata.

Turnkey & Low Cost in Comparison to Pool Ownership

The turnkey aspect of hot tub ownership is also appealing to many consumers. Unlike a pool, which can take months to construct and can involve complex permits and zoning regulations, a hot tub can typically be installed and ready for use in a matter of days or weeks. This makes hot tubs and spas an attractive option for those who want to quickly and easily add a touch of luxury to their backyard. Overall, depsite changes in the economy, hot tub and spa ownership remain in high demand as consumers look for budget-friendly alternatives.

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Movable Floors are Taking the Pool Industry by Storm



Movable Floors are Taking the Pool Industry by Storm

If you think you need a large backyard or living space to build a pool think again. In 2023 swimming pools will be seen in new shapes, sizes and feature high-tech automation to fit any indoor or outdoor space. One high tech pool feature that is becoming increasingly popular is the movable pool floor.

When most people think of a swimming pool, typically they imagine space devoted exclusively to the pool. The thought that this same space could be used multifunctionally wouldn’t occur to them. Imagine having a party in the backyard with your friends or your family, BBQ fired up and all that is missing is a swimming pool. What if you could magically change your patio into a full-size swimming pool? With the push of a button the water gently starts flowing across the movable floor. The color of the tiles fades away into a tropical blue color and the pool magically appears.

All that’s left to do is tell your astonished guests that the pool party can begin!

@poolmagazine Check out this amazing transformation with @tielemanpooltechnology #Repost – @tielemanpooltechnology 𝗠𝘂𝗹𝘁𝗶𝗳𝘂𝗻𝗰𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻𝗮𝗹 𝗶𝗻𝗱𝗼𝗼𝗿 𝘀𝗽𝗮𝗰𝗲 🔄 WAIT FOR IT🔥 We have equipped this client’s swimming pool with a custom-made movable floor (28.87 x 18.54 ft), including integrated stairs. This way, no valuable space is wasted, and the client can use his pool for several activities. The floor can be operated in a flash by means of its touch screen. Looking for a custom-made movable floor yourself? Check our website or contact us at [email protected] #movablefloor #vireel #reelsinstagram #reels #pooldesigns #pools #trending #movablepoolfloors  #custompool  #poolsofinstagram #pooldesign #dreampool #architecturephotography #poolconstruction #design #tielemanpool #poolscape #custompool #architecture #homedesign #homeideas #poolbuilder #landscapedesign #like4like #likeforlike #movablefloor #tielemanpooltechnology #designbuild #luxuryhomes #dreamhouse #luxury #luxurylifestyle ♬ Paradise by Coldplay – PoolMagazine

The technology behind a movable pool floor

For more than 50 years, Tieleman Pool Technology is the mastermind behind these floating movable pool floors. The unique Tieleman movable floor system consists of a stainless steel 316L floating platform which features a series of cables and a pulley system with a water-based hydraulic cylinder.

Video showing a movable pool floor by Tieleman Technology

The strong base of the movable floor provides a bearing capacity of over 100kg per m² (220lbs per ft²). Integrated in the structure are solid buoyancy devices that allow the pool floor to float to the surface. This implies that all technology is concealed within the frame of the movable floor and thus no cables along the pool wall, which ensures a high level of safety and clean finish.

The floor can be adjusted to every desired depth. When the floor is moved, the water will gently flow through the small gap between the floor and the pool wall. Within about four to five minutes your patio or living space is transformed into a full-size swimming pool. If you would like to see various movable floors you should definitely  request the free brochure here .

Benefits for pool owners

A movable pool floor is not just high-end engineering and design. Besides the fact that a movable floor allows you to use your pool multifunctionally, it has numerous benefits in store for pool owners.

  • Ultimate safety

A movable floor enables you to adjust the water depth of you swimming pool according to your personal preferences. This increases safety for users, especially children. In a raised position the pool is inaccessible for incorrect or unsupervised use.

  • Saves energy

The historic drought , particularly in the western and southwestern United States, has led to an increasing demand for sustainable solutions that significantly reduce pool water evaporation. In a raised position, the movable pool floor prevents water evaporation, heat loss and ensures lower heating costs through insulation integrated in the floor.

  • User-friendly

The movable floor system is very convenient and therefore user-friendly. The operation is controlled via a simple push button, a touch panel or a mobile device, which can be equipped with passwords for different users.

Eye-catching details and architectural integrity

It is no longer a secret that flexibility and functionality of space, architectural integrity and, last but not least endless customization, can no longer be dismissed from luxury residences and swimming pools in the year 2023. As Steve Jobs (co-founder of Apple, Inc) once said: “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

As a swimming pool and its movable floor form an essential part of the architectural stronghold, Tieleman exclusively engineers each movable floor to incorporate the ideas and options desired by the client.

And that is why Tieleman is definitely setting the bar with their movable floors and associated options. The shape is only limited by the available free space and additional features (integrated stairs, integrated sun deck/lounge area, swim-out benches e.a.) are engineered and designed to match the pool and its surroundings. So whatever idea you have, with a Tieleman movable floor the possibilities are endless.

A great opportunity for pool builders to expand their business

It can be challenging for pool builders to compete due to the constant trends in the industry. Therefore, pool builders and designers must find ways to stay innovative. In turn, movable floors give pool builders access to a new niche market, allowing them to increase sales, revenue and profits. In fact, industry experts predict that movable floors will not only take the pool industry by storm but even grow to become a household name within the industry. So definitely something to keep an eye on.

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Million Dollar Pool Design Challenge Winner – Rance Schindler

Pool Magazine takes a deep dive into the Million Dollar Pool Design Challenge winning entry by Rance Schindler.



Congratulations Million Dollar Pool Design Challenge Winner - Rance Schindler

Pool Magazine is proud to have been one of the sponsors of this 2022’s Million Dollar Pool Design Challenge at the PSP Deck Expo in Las Vegas. The winning design was done by up-and-coming designer Rance Schindler who blew away the judges with his $10,000 winning entry, courtesy of Riverflow Pumps by Current Systems.

The annual competition is the brainchild of renowned designers Mike Farley and Reid Schindler, and it seeks to promote cutting-edge ideas for backyards by doing away with financial restraints. Designers are invited to enter the competition and create the ultimate outdoor oasis for hypothetical clients on a million-dollar budget.

Entrants in the 2022 competition were tasked with creating an outdoor living oasis for a husband-and-wife pair of lawyers in Chicago, Illinois. Designing the ultimate backyard for these dream clients meant planning a seasonal space that would prioritize health, wellness, and self-care.

Tieleman Movable Floors

Some prerequisites for submissions were that the design should incorporate a few wish list items:

The Wishlist

The site that was chosen for the million-dollar pool challenge.

The Site

  • Home has a lower terrace area, front approach, and rooftop terrace.
  • Seasonal usage of space, designer should consider wind, sun direction, shade, and the Chicago climate.
  • Clients goal for the space is a space to unwind.

Aesthetics & View

  • Keep the view open if possible, but they also want privacy.
  • Preferred to have natual elements, but they love structured design.

Pool & Spa

  • The pool is for health, wellness, and self care.
  • They are looking for a complete setting, not just a swimming pool.
  • A hot tub and cold plunge are needed, possibly a sauna.

Elements to Include

  • A fire element to gather around.
  • Cool lighting.
  • The use of a Riverflow Pumps by Current Systems product (lazy river or swim jet system).
  • A real or synthetic lawn space.
  • The use of Ledge Lounger furniture.
  • An outdoor kitchen.

Other Considerations

  • The couple will entertain/host six to 12 guests maximum.
  • The wife teaches yoga and barre as a hobby, and wants a space to exercise and cool off.

A large number of entrants tried out for the Million Dollar Pool Design Challenge, but only a select few were invited to Las Vegas to show off their skills. PoolHaus’s Brent Dutton, Old State Landscape’s Whitney Morris and Stephanie Carnahan, Complete Exterior Solutions’ Rance Schindler, Randy Angell Designs’ Brad Holley, and AquaTerra Outdoors’ Minsung Kim, Karishma Karki, Paola Hidalgo, and Sameepa Modi were also finalists.

Congratulations to all of the finalists in the Million Dollar Pool Design Challenge
Congratulations to all of the finalists in the Million Dollar Pool Design Challenge

Entries were evaluated by an expert panel of judges based on the following factors:

1. Aesthetic Quality – Is the concept’s form pleasant to look at?           
2. Differentiation – Is the concept “fresh” & unique?    ​           
3. Functionality -Does the concept meet the criteria of the families needs?  Does it consider all elements site analysis? 
4. Realization Possibility – Is the concept buildable if the client decided to move forward with construction? ie. topographically, features, function​

Rance Schindler was the winner of this year's Million Dollar Pool Design Challenge
Rance Schindler was the winner of the 2022 Million Dollar Pool Design Challenge

Let’s take a look at this year’s winning design by Rance Schindler of Complete Exterior Solutions. One of the prerequisites of the client was shade.

This design answers that request with a large tree that shades the outdoor living space and becomes a central focal point of the backyard.

The design plan also features a lovely rooftop dining and conversation area as well as an outdoor kitchen.

A gorgeous glass deck overhangs the entire outdoor living space and looks down on a smartly appointed pool, fire pit, and lounging area below.

Think you’ve got what it takes to enter next year’s Million Dollar Pool Design Challenge? Learn more about this contest and how to enter.

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