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Chlorine Tablet Shortage Due to Covid-19 & BioLab Fire



If you’ve had trouble getting your hands on Chlorine tablets lately, you’re not alone. There is an industry wide shortage partially due to a large fire at the BioLab facility as well as to the ongoing impact Covid-19 has had on production. Contributing to the scarcity have been industry wide shut downs as many states adapt to closures and shutting back down due to a surge in cases of Covid-19 the past few months.

Chlorine Tablet Shortage Looms As BioLab Fire Cuts Off Production

With a limited number of available summer options for travel due to Covid-19, the pool industry saw a surge in demand this year. More homeowners opted to build a pool, and existing pool owners saw increased usage of their inground swimming pools throughout the summer. The increase in demand has led to a shortage of chlorine tablets. The recent fire that manufacturer BioLab had has currently put them out of production. The industry is sure to feel the pinch as prices and demand continue to skyrocket.

A shortage of Chlorine Tablets is being felt industry wide from coast to coast right now

“Trichlor is a really popular brand of sanitizer. It’s primarily used in residential swimming pools.” said Dago Cabral, owner of Custom Pools in Miami FL. Pool Service companies are certain to feel the price increase first. Paul Putscher of Pool Keepers in Lindale, TX said “The loss of BioLab can only mean another increase in prices. We’re sure to see an increase from the other manufacturers. We were already facing a shortage. This just makes matters even worse”.

“For service companies that rely on trichlor tabs and dichlor it presents a real problem” said Nilson Silva of Master Touch Pools in Boca, FL. “Shortage of any chemical can be disastrous for service companies. This is not simply a matter of inconvenience. We’ve had to deal with so many price increases and shortages this year, this is just compounding the problem”.

Panic Driven Market Has Led To A Surge In Pricing

Scarcity certainly does drive demand as well as increased prices. We’ve seen this across the board in the pool industry this year. Prices for everything have gone up in correlation with closures due to the pandemic. Manufacturers have struggled to keep up with the demand as pool companies continue to get little relief from the effects of Covid-19 related shortages.

Many pool service companies have opted to switch to liquid chlorine during the shortage. With many local suppliers being sold out of chlorine tablets, there was little alternative for some. “Thankfully in the winter we don’t need as many chlorine tablets as we do during the summer months” – Jeffery Johnston – Quality Clear Pools. “Homeowners routinely ask me for alternatives to santizing their pool with chlorine. I recommend Pool RX. It greatly reduces the amount of chlorine you need in your pool.”

The shortage of chlorine tablets has led to an increase in alternative products for sanitizing the pool. “We’ve seen an increase in the number of Ozone systems we’re installing now” said Jason De Bosky of Crystal Blue Aquatics. “They aren’t an alternative for chlorine. These products promote way less chlorine usage. I think we’ve done 11 of them this season alone.”

Certainly as scarcity continues to prices will increase. Pool companies are resorting to other methods of chlorinating the pool. “There is no need to panic. Pool companies have this well in hand. There is more than 1 way to get the job done” De Bosky continued “There are enzymes and algaecides that help sanitize the pool. Proper water chemistry can be achieved using a variety of other products”.

Editor in Chief of Pool Magazine - Joe Trusty is also CEO of, the leading digital agency for the pool industry. An internet entrepreneur, software developer, author, and marketing professional with a long history in the pool industry. Joe oversees the writing and creative staff at Pool Magazine. To contact Joe Trusty email or call (916) 467-9118 during normal business hours. For submissions, please send your message to

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Why Build a Luxury Inground Pool?



Why Build a Luxury Inground Pool?

The covid-19 pandemic forced most homeowners to upgrade their outdoor spaces. As a result, there was an increased demand for pools and pool services. A good percentage of homeowners constructed luxury inground pools last year. Generally, inground swimming pools serve as great sources of entertainment and relaxation. But we cannot deny the fact that these spectacular features are not simple to maintain. So, why build a luxury inground pool?

Why Build a Luxury Inground Pool?

Why you should build a luxury inground pool in your backyard

Health benefits

Luxury inground swimming pools help individuals boost their overall health. Swimming daily improves your physical and mental health. If you have this feature in your home, you need not sign up for aerobic or gym classes. You can exercise from the comfort of your own home. A large luxury inground pool helps you do the best cardio workouts without experiencing too much strain on your body. Not to mention, you can always sit inside the pool after a long day to unwind and destress.

Unparalleled privacy

One of the best things about having a professional build a luxury inground pool in your home is that you don’t get to share it with anyone. Public pools may not be as hygienic as your pool. If you have a luxury inground pool, you can always decide who can access the pool. Additionally, there is something beautiful about swimming alone in your backyard without any distractions.

Social benefits 

Luxury inground pools enable you to host pool parties, among other special events by the poolside. Here, you can bond with your loved ones. During summer, you can host outdoor cookouts. In fact, some celebrities use their poolside as their album release party location. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars hiring a location for a wedding or your child’s birthday party. Having a luxury inground pool provides the perfect event location in your yard.

Aesthetic benefits

Undoubtedly, luxury inground pools can transform your yard into a premium oasis. These pools incorporate a wide range of water features that provide exceptional aesthetics. Additionally, most luxury inground pools have world-class pool designs. So, they make your property look more appealing. In turn, luxury inground pools increase your property’s value.

Nevertheless, always choose the right features that complement your backyard. If you build a luxury inground pool, you are more likely to gain a large return on investment when selling your property. If you are a commercial pool owner, you attract more people to your pool. So, you are in a better position to gain a higher return on investment.

Keeping your children occupied during summer

Currently, most individuals are working from home. It can be stressful to concentrate when your children are running all over the place. Luckily, installing a luxury inground pool provides more hours of pool play for your children. When you have a swimming pool on your property, your children are likely to spend their day by the poolside. Consider installing water features like slides to make their swimming experiences more enjoyable.

Important information about luxury inground pools

Massive construction costs

Building a luxury inground pool can take a toll on your budget. On average, inground swimming pools cost approximately $35,000 to $100,000. Adding custom features to make the pool luxurious costs an extra $2,000 to $10,000. If you are not careful, pool construction can make you bankrupt. Consider saving for luxury inground pool construction. Also, consider applying for pool financing options. Nowadays, there is a broad spectrum of pool lenders who can help you make your pool dreams come true.

Safety hazards

Although pools offer many hours of enjoyment, we cannot deny that these features pose safety concerns. Accidents are common, especially in most commercial pools. Based on previous statistics, a good percentage of fatalities in the United States resulted from drowning. Luckily, most pool owners are doing their best to promote safety in the pool. For example, commercial pool owners employ people to monitor everyone swimming in the pool.

Skin irritation and contamination

Public pools put people at risk of contamination. Also, chlorine in pools can lead to skin and eye irritation. This chemical is not entirely safe for people with sensitive skin. Fortunately, most pool owners take the time to disinfect their pools regularly. There are many techniques and chemicals to keep pools clean. So, this shouldn’t be a problem. If you are a pool owner, do your best to keep your pool clean at all times.


Luxury inground pools offer both advantages and disadvantages. Knowing whether they are worth a try depends on your needs. Before you build a luxury inground pool, understand all the pros and cons involved in building these features. More often than not, the advantages will always outweigh the disadvantages.

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Vinyl Liner Replacement Services In 2021



Vinyl Liner Replacement Services In 2021

Have you ever thought about providing vinyl liner replacement services? At present, there is a high demand for liner replacement services. So, one way you can expand your business this year is to provide these services.

Vinyl Liner Replacement Services In 2021

The owner of Carolina Pool and Spa, Val Simoncic, had extensive experience in pool maintenance before meeting Greg Minton. The regional sales manager for Tara Pool & Outdoor Products, Greg Minton, introduced Val to the vinyl liner replacement business. Simoncic states, “In 2015, Greg taught me everything I needed to know about the liner business. He showed me how to measure all pool types; vinyl, concrete and fiberglass. Consequently, I have been able to grow my company over the years.”

Simoncic’s company, Carolina Pool and Spa, only uses liners from Tara. Tara is a reliable vinyl liner manufacturer located in Alabama. The company has been in the industry since 1984. Subsequently, they manufacture quality products that meet customer requirements. The company has always been an industry leader due to its precision and attention to detail. The liners at Tara provide exceptional aesthetics and durability. Also, they come in a broad spectrum of pool designs and colors.

Simoncic says, “Nowadays, you can customize your liner to complement your pool. Besides, liners also come in different patterns and can fit water features like tanning ledges. In fact, vinyl pools now offer high versatility like gunite pools. Nonetheless, you cannot build an infinity-edge vinyl pool.”

As a result, the popularity of vinyl pools is constantly on the rise. Remember, these pools are affordable and can last for a decade. Needless to say, you have to take good care of vinyl pools to boost their durability. Leaving the vinyl pool exposed to the sun for a prolonged period can weaken or damage the liner.

Tara Pool & Outdoor Products provides over 26 liner patterns in different materials, colors, and sizes. Tara liners can add a whole new charm to your backyard. The best thing about these liners is that they come with a durable 20-year warranty. With this warranty, you get complete vinyl liner replacement services within the first two years.

A modern visualization tool: The envision pool designer

At times, it’s not enough to see the liner in a standard picture. Most customers would love to see how the liner will look when inside their pool before purchasing it. Luckily, Tara uses the Envision Pool Designer to showcase all their liners to their clients. The software uses reflective properties of the sun and water to show how a liner looks when placed in the pool. This way, customers see the outcome of the project even before vinyl liner replacement begins.

A while back, Simoncic won a sale using the Envision Pool Designer without presenting a liner sample to the client. He says, “Immediately the customers saw the brand-new Tara pattern, Aquamarine, on Envision Pool Designer, they made their purchase. I told them I didn’t have a sample at that moment, but they didn’t care. It’s like they had already made up their minds. They were able to access the visualizer through their smartphones. All in all, the Aquamarine is a beautiful liner pattern, and we are probably going to be the first company to install it.”

Vinyl liner pools are not famous for their aesthetics. Most people think that vinyl pools are non-customizable and less appealing. However, Tara Pool & Outdoor Products are helping homeowners to change their perceptions about vinyl pools. The company provides elegant liners that complement almost all pool designs. Simoncic says, “We had a customer who wanted to remodel her gunite pool. She wanted to reduce the size of her pool. When I asked her if I should give her the price of a vinyl pool, she was skeptical. In fact, she said they were not attractive. But when I presented samples of our previous vinyl pool projects, her mind was blown away.”

2021 is the best way to increase your sales

Last year, the pool industry experienced increased demand for their service. Tara had the busiest year in 2020. So, they had to increase their production to keep up with the high demand. Moreover, the company went through a major rebranding.

Getting a liner from Tara is pretty simple. All you have to do is have the right measurements for the pool. Also, present all your customer requirements and specifications during this time. Then, send them to Tara. The manufacturers will come up with a computer drawing of the liner and send it to you. Once you approve the drawing, they’ll deliver the liner after about seven days.

Vinyl liner replacement

Offering vinyl liner replacement services can help you boost your sales and revenues. But you have to deliver quality installation. Fortunately, Tara is here to help. Suppose you have any questions about liner installation, feel free to ask them. Ultimately, Tara stands out due to its excellent reputation and customer service.

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Pool Products: Concrete Countertop Solutions Products Will Help You Grow Your Business



Pool Products: Concrete Countertop Solutions Products Will Help You Grow Your Business

A good percentage of homeowners renovated their outdoor spaces following the covid-19 travel restrictions. Everyone was looking for a mini-escapade during summer. So, people made the most out of their backyards. The owner of Montanero Construction Co., Christian Montanero, says, “Due to the high demand for pool remodeling and construction services, we’ve had to up our game. At present, one of our primary objectives is to modify backyard spaces into luxurious holiday destinations.” Luckily, the company is now using pool products that help in managing time and reducing labor costs.

Pool Products: Concrete Countertop Solutions Products Will Help You Grow Your Business

From the early years, concrete has been used to build and design pools. Today, not much has changed. Concrete Countertop Solutions help pool contractors to meet all their customer requirements. In particular, the company helps team members of Montanero deliver quality edging jobs within a short period. The builders at Montanero say that they always use at least one product of Concrete Countertop Solutions per project. They could use the products for coping, building retaining walls, and countertops. The best thing about these pool products is that they allow you to be innovative. For instance, they recently started revitalizing yard spaces using outdoor fireplaces. And the results have been amazing.

Integrating Z Counterforms and Z Poolforms for the best outcome

How do you create smooth edges using the Z Counterforms? Contrary to popular belief, it is not hard to work with this product. All you have to do is put 0.5 inches of cement on the backer board and fasten the Z Counterform along the edges. Leave the concrete to cure for 24 hours. When you go back onsite the next day, you’ll notice that the Z Counterform will start showing a pristine edge. Z Counterforms are not only used for pools but also for other features like sinks and outdoor kitchens.

Using Z Poolforms for coping is pretty much the same for all pool types; fiberglass, vinyl, and gunite. The Z Poolforms incorporate strong PVC pieces that are compatible with all pool materials. These forms do not move unnecessarily; hence they do not fall or get blown away by the wind. One of the best things about these forms is that you can reuse them for another project. The removal process is simple. Z Poolforms also enable you to avoid using Styrofoam pieces.

Before, Montanero used Z Counterforms for his pool projects. But when he got to know about Z Poolforms, he preferred integrating the two products to obtain the best results. He says, “During the first appointment with our clients, we get to know their requirements. More often than not, we ask them to fill in a questionnaire. This enables us to know the pool design they wish to construct. For instance, we use a square-edge form for customers who prefer twenty-first-century pools. We always take the time to show them samples from our previous projects so that they can have the right expectations.”

Once they choose a particular pool design, Montanero will create a drawing of the pool design. The drawing will capture all the details of the project. Then, he sends the drawing to an expert 3D pool designer. The designer will come up with the best 3D pool design that shows the exact outcome of the project. From there, he can present the 3D pool design to a client.

Montanero says, “I prefer creating virtual pool designs because clients will see the exact outcome of the project. Not to mention, 3D pool designs also help me stay on track. Additionally, clients can always make modifications to their pools even before construction. Consequently, pool construction will take a short time.”

Concrete offers high versatility

Unlike other pool materials, concrete is highly customizable. Z Poolforms and Z Counterforms make it easier to install concrete water features. These pool products allow you to get creative. In turn, they help you create exceptional pools and expand your customer base.

Montanero says, “Z Counterforms and Z Poolforms are not only limited to pool projects. A while back, we used counterforms on an indoor kitchen and basement bar top. After completing indoor projects, we always find ourselves working on the outdoor area of the same client. In such instances, we prefer using the same materials to avoid a conspicuous contrast between the indoor area and the outdoor area.”

Ultimately, Montanero says that Z Poolforms and Z Counterforms have helped him grow his business. Pool contractors should undoubtedly try out these pool products. Customers often love the outcome. Even so, you have to know how to use counterforms in your project. Otherwise, the result won’t be aesthetically pleasing. Remember, you can get creative with concrete.

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