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Most Common Luxury Inground Pool Features



The Different Pool Types You Can Buy

Normally, luxury inground pools have outstanding water features that provide excellent functionality and aesthetic. In fact, a good percentage of world-class pools have more than three water features. So, if you are planning to construct a luxury inground pool, determine the best water features that match your requirements. Fortunately, there is a wide range of luxury inground pool features you can consider adding to your backyard oasis.

Most Common Luxury Inground Pool Features

Most popular luxury inground pool features

Perimeter overflow

One of the best pool features you can add to a luxurious swimming pool is a perimeter overflow. A perimeter overflow resembles an infinity-edge pool. Incorporating this feature creates a ‘no-boundary effect on all sides of the pool. A perimeter overflow pool is more of a 360-degree vanishing edge pool. When installing a perimeter overflow, pool contractors ensure that the pool height and water level are the same. Water in a perimeter overflow pool often flows into a catch basin. The water in the catch basin is often redirected to the main pool.

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Grottos and caves

Another stunning feature found in luxury inground pools is grottos. Grottos are cave-like structures situated underneath the pool. Most of them are usually located beneath a rock waterfall. A grotto creates a magnificent view of the pool, especially at night. Grottos also bring a sense of mystery into the pool. Some pool owners install benches in the grottos to spice up the area.

When you install a grotto, always add pool lights to underscore it. Caves, on the other hand, can be the perfect chill spot by your poolside. You can install them behind your rock waterfall or immediately next to the pool. Adding a lounging area inside the cave can also be a good idea if you wish to construct a world-class swimming pool.

Fire features

The effects of adding fire features to your outdoor space are out of this world. Today, you can install a broad spectrum of fire features in your pool, from fire bowls to fire pits. Luckily, you can install fire features anywhere in the pool. Some pool owners prefer installing fire bowls on the edges of the pool. Others go to the extent of putting up a large outdoor fireplace where they can relax or dine with their family. Indisputably, fire features bring a touch of elegance to your home. Besides, these exceptional luxury inground pool features create a warm glow and improve swimming visibility at night. Adding a fire feature to your pool transforms your outdoor space into a first-class holiday destination resort.

Automatic covers

Did you know that pool covers are common luxury inground pool features? The popularity of automatic pool covers is continually on the rise. Automatic pool covers are ideal for protecting the pool from dirt and debris. Most luxury inground pools have covers to keep them in good shape. These features also protect your children and pets from accidentally falling into the pool. Nevertheless, you have to ensure you purchase a strong and durable automatic cover. Always consult a pool expert on the best type of automatic pool cover to purchase.

Lighting effects

Every luxury inground pool unquestionably has multiple pool lights. Pool lights transform the pool into a radiant oasis at night. Besides, these features enable you to navigate the pool safely at night. There are many types of pool lighting you can install in your pool. But generally, LED lighting is the best due to its durability and efficiency. Halogen lights and fiber-optic lights have a very short lifespan. Pool lighting radiates a warm glow by your poolside.

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Rock waterfalls

Almost all luxury inground pools have a waterfall. Rock waterfalls often serve as the focal point in your backyard. Water continually cascades down these features to create a serene ambiance to your environment. Rock waterfalls radiate pleasant sounds that are relaxing to the mind. Never fail to incorporate this feature if you want to build a luxury inground pool.

A pool slide

A good percentage of luxury inground pools have pool slides. Water slides are great features that can keep your children occupied during the summer holidays. These luxury inground pool features provide many hours of pool play for your children. A pool slide is also a great feature for commercial pools. Pool slides also boost your pool’s aesthetics. Nevertheless, installing a pool slide is expensive. So, choose a reputable pool construction company to do this for you.


From this article, you can see some of the luxury inground pool features you can consider installing. Consider putting up some of these features in your pool. It would be best to employ a dependable pool construction company that delivers quality water feature installation.

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7 Elegant Modern Pool Designs



7 Elegant Modern Pool Designs

If you’re tired of the extremely hot summer and need to relax and cool down with calming and aesthetic surroundings, some eye catchy modern, designed pools would be perfect for you. Besides enjoying the cool water, you can also have the best comfort and a beautiful ambiance by customizing the pool surroundings with the most unique and striking ideas.

The right kind of pool will not only give you comfort and calmness but also make your place very well defined and beautiful. There is an ample number of pool designs, but We’ve enlisted the top 7 modern-day pool designs that are worth considering and investing on:

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1. Plunge Pool

Modern Pool Designs: A plunge pool or splash pool is ideal for backyards with limited available space to build a pool.
A plunge pool or splash pool is ideal for backyards with limited available space to build a pool.

Plunge pools, also known as splash pools, are very small pools found in the backyard of the house, occupying significantly less space. These pools are perfect for you if you want to cool off for a bit after a long, tiring day. They require less space and very low maintenance. They are very small and are more useful for relaxing or cooling down than swimming or diving. This is the pool worth considering and even investing in for houses built with the modern structure, which usually have small backyards.

2. Above Ground Pool

Modern Pool Designs: Above ground pools can be made of many different materials.
Above ground pools can be made of many different materials.

As the name suggests, it is a pool that is above the ground, made with aluminum and steel walls. The surroundings can be customized according to your wish. You can surround it with a deck, lighting, plants, or anything you like. The above-ground pools are easily installed, low maintenance, durable, and very affordable, however, you will need steps to walk in and out of the pool. They can be placed in your home backyard for a seasonal family fun time. 

Unlike in-ground pools, they have no part of them in the ground, and you can give it a classy, fun, or cool look. However, you like.

3. Night Light Pool

Light up the night with LED pool lighting for a safe and enjoyable swim experience in your backyard.
Light up the night with LED pool lighting for a safe and enjoyable swim experience in your backyard.

You can give your pool a new light, a new mood, a new feeling, and a new scene just by changing the lighting. These pools look beautiful and comforting after sundown and are best suited for night swimming. These provide a wonderful and cozy ambiance for you to relax and swim even at midnight by the illuminating lights. They provide comfort, serenity, beauty, and amazing visual effects. You can install the lights which match your mood. Calming, party-like, warming, whatever fits the occasion and your mood.

4. Infinity Pool

Modern Pool Designs: Zero edge pools or infinity pool are popular for beachfront properties.
Zero edge pools or infinity pool are popular for beachfront properties.

The zero-edge pool or infinity pool is a beautifully designed one. The water in it flows over the edges, making it seem like a pool with no edges. Hence, the name infinity pool. It creates a striking visual effect that makes it irresistible to enter the pool. These kinds of pools make the place look very well defined and the most beautiful. They may be costly, but worth the money. Investing in these is no doubt a smart choice.

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5. Indoor Pool

An indoor pool can be very relaxing and allow you to enjoy your swimming pool whenever you want to.
An indoor pool can be very relaxing and allow you to enjoy your swimming pool whenever you want to.

Enjoy the pool fun without even stepping out of your place. For those who love to stay indoors, this is the right kind of pool, a pool built on the rooftop of your house and can be enjoyed in the comfort of your home. You can freely relax in your home pool without the fear of sunburn or being tanned from the sun’s rays.

You can customize everything however you desire. It is one of the best pool designs and worth the try and money.

6. Floating Balcony Pool

Thinking of installing a pool on your balcony or terrace? You're not alone. Balcony pools are becoming more popular.
Thinking of installing a pool on your balcony or terrace? You’re not alone. Balcony pools are becoming more popular.

The balcony view and a calming pool can be enjoyed together with soft, cold winds and under the beautiful sky. The floating pool design can be built in an extending corner of the terrace, making the balcony look uniquely beautiful. It feels very soothing to enjoy the beautiful city view and the water.

You can give your floating balcony an even better look by decorating the surroundings with lights, plants, or anything you like. You can make your balcony the most unique and striking of all. These floating balcony pools are usually found in big apartments only. They might be a bit expensive, but surely worth the cost.

7. Black Bottom Pool

Black bottom pools provide a dramatic and mysterious aesthetic to your outdoor living area.
Black bottom pools provide a dramatic and mysterious aesthetic to your outdoor living area.

The black bottom pools are perfect for those who find their true comfort in the dark theme. These pools consist of black vinyl liner or tiles. It has a very soothing effect. The black color of the pool also helps in absorbing the sun’s rays, making the temperature of the water increase. The warm water and the black color of the pool together give a different level of comfort and are very calming. You can also customize everything according to the pool’s dark theme, making the surroundings look elegant and classy.


In conclusion, the pools listed above are some of the best pool designs and are worth spending your money on. But there are indeed a great number of beautifully striking designs like the typical ones (rectangle, round, or oval), the kidney, geometric-shaped ones, pools with a deck, and many more. Selecting the right pool for you is a task. It depends on the place, atmosphere, and space of that particular area you’re planning to put your pool in. Thus, going through these modern pool designs will definitely help.


What Are the Most Famous Designs for a Pool?

The kidney-shaped pool, pool with a view, grassy surroundings, geometric pools, etc., are some of the most famous and beautiful designs nowadays. They give a fascinating effect and provide a sense of comfort to the eyes. They offer a defined look to the house and are one of the most striking. These pools are definitely worth investing in.

Which is the Better, a Chlorinated Pool or a Saltwater Pool?

For the in-ground, above-ground, or any kind of pool, the saltwater system is the better option as it is more kind or gentle to the skin, hair, or eyes. It makes the pool water skin friendly and desirable or irresistible to stay away from or enter. Even your pets are safe and free to swim in these pools.

A chlorinated pool is full of harsh chemicals that are not skin- and pet-friendly and can cause harm to them.

Can We Place an Inflatable Pool on Our Balcony?

An inflatable pool might be too heavy for a balcony. Although it looks pretty light, it can become unbearably heavy for the balcony when filled with water. Thus, it is not at all recommended to put an inflatable pool on your balcony. 

What is the Ideal Place to Install a Pool?

  1. Under the sunlight: Wherever you’re planning to install the pool, it is always best to be within the reach of sunlight entirely as it maintains the pool’s temperature, and the swimmers can stay for a long.
  2. In the backyard of the house: If you want to install the pool in your home, the backyard or garden is the best place as it is under the sunlight and will give your house a well-defined and beautiful look.
  3. With a view: If there’s a beautiful view of nature, cityscape, or the sky near your place, you should definitely place your pool there because what’s better than a pool with an eye-catching view.

Feature Photo Credit: John Fornander

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Light Up The Night With PAL Lighting



PAL Lighting

When discussing pool lighting solutions, frequently one name that pops up again and again in conversation is PAL Lighting. The Sydney Australia-based manufacturer makes a line of wirelessly controlled LED lighting and controllers that are perfect for swimming pools, spas, water features, and landscape lighting. After first entering the US market back in 2004, word spread both in the marketplace and with professionals. Consequently, today, PAL Lighting has become a serious force to be reckoned with in the world of LED lighting. Folks are suddenly paying attention, particularly in the pool industry; and for good reason.

A Vacuum in Supply for LED Pool Lights Creates Opportunity

One thing the pandemic did was create supply chain issues with manufacturers all over the globe. What it also did was create an opportunity for LED lighting manufacturers like PAL to suddenly reach more customers. While many pool professionals were aware of who PAL Lighting was, change happens slowly in the industry as does mass adoption of a new product line. Shortages and delays getting products have caused professionals to reexamine PAL’s products and value proposition. Suddenly PAL is in the spotlight, so to speak.

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To get a better understanding of their product line we met with Ben Forrest, U.S. representative for PAL Lighting and Ryan Hughes, one of the elite builders working today. “Many have heard of our product line but haven’t tried them just because of the comfort level of doing the same old thing,” said Forrest, “while they might have heard of us, they may not have much experience with our products.”

Industry Looks To New Sources For LED Pool Lighting

“Most pool professionals in the industry didn’t have much knowledge of PAL Lighting prior to the pandemic, we were probably best known for our strip lighting. When Covid happened product shortages impacted a lot of manufacturers. That didn’t happen with us because our products are manufactured in Australia, not in China so we didn’t have any of the trade sanctions or challenges other manufacturers faced to the same degree,” said Forrest.

PAL Lighting EvenGlow LED Light
PAL Lighting – EvenGlow LED Light

“A lot of operators were forced to try PAL Lighting as an alternative to one of the ‘Big 3’ and when they did they came back and said ‘Wow, where have you been?’, and we said, ‘Well, we’ve always been here, but nobodies been paying attention til now,'” said Forrest.

Building Awareness One Builder at a Time

“Our sales have skyrocketed, simply because we’ve had to fill the void,” explained Forrest, “for us, the growth that we’ve seen in demand for our strip lighting is really exciting. For the last four years our strip lighting has been more than 1,000% of the previous year. You do that for four years in a row and you can tell you’re really getting strip lighting out there.”

PAL Lighting - Strip Lighting - EvenGlow Flex
PAL Lighting – Strip Lighting – EvenGlow Flex

“The other growth that’s exciting for us is that once we build a relationship with a builder and go through a few projects with them, they start to get a real understanding of what they can do with our lighting,” said Forrest, “they’re accomplishing things they’ve never been able to do before and that gives them room for growth. Instead of putting 4 lights in a swimming pool, I work with builders who are regularly putting 20-30 fixtures. They’re adding lighting for outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and all sorts of things.”

Aqua Blue Mosaics Aqua Blue Mosaics Aqua Blu Mosaics Pool Tile Mosaics Tile Grout Hardscapes & Pavers Outdoor Living Accessories
PAL Lighting - LED Bubbler
PAL Lighting – LED Bubbler

Ryan Hughes Turns To PAL Lighting

In this industry, mass adoption happens when products hit a tipping point with the right people. The fact that the elite of the industry such as Ryan Hughes have begun incorporating PAL Lighting into their luxury pool projects, suddenly puts PAL on the world stage with their products. In a recent interview with Hughes back in November at the International Pool & Spa Expo, Hughes showcased one of his latest projects using PAL Lighting products.

In Hughes’ PAL Lighting application he wanted to give homeowners the ability to fully control their lighting system. “They were the only manufacturer that could give us a four wire RGBW light that could be connected with DMX,” said Hughes, “because (the homeowner) wanted a DMX controller, he didn’t just want 10 colors, he wanted to be able to have any color show he wanted.”

Forrest, who uses the Hughes project as an example when showcasing the product, agrees that homeowners have come to expect more from their lighting system. Consequently, the number of existing pool owners that are looking to upgrade to LED lighting in their pool is growing.

“Think of all the lights that were installed prior to the late 90’s and early 2000’s. All of them use incandescent bulbs. We developed a bulb that we can use as a replacement that takes the average pool from a 500 watt incandescent bulb to a 9 watt LED and you get all the features that you would get from a true RGB light,” said Forrest, “meaning you get 16 million colors, dimming functions, true white mode; all controlled by remote. Pool professionals can make good margins but still retail these things for under $400.”

Listen to our entire conversation with Ben Forrest of PAL Lighting on the Pool Magazine podcast.

Featured Photo Credit: Ryan Hughes Design | Joe Traina Photography

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Hot Tubs

Aromatherapy For Hot Tubs & Spas



Aromatherapy - Get Started With Hot Tub & Spa Scents

If you’re looking for a way to relax and destress, aromatherapy for your hot tub or spa might be the perfect solution for you! Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to promote healing and well-being. People have been using aromatherapy for centuries to improve their health and wellbeing. There are many ways to enjoy aromatherapy, but one of our favorite methods is by using it in our hot tubs and spas! In this article, we will discuss the benefits of aromatherapy, how to use it in your spa or hot tub, and some of our favorite essential oils scents.

Aromatherapy in Your Spa

Did you realize you can detect over a trillion different scents? Certain fragrances or scents have a physiological influence on humans. They have the ability to calm, revitalize, and create a sense of well-being. Certain scents are also known to induce a sensuous or euphoric state, particularly in individuals who are already relaxing in a hot tub.

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Pool Service Software

Aromatherapy has many benefits, but one of the most popular reasons people use it is to relax and destress. If you’re looking for a way to unwind after a long day, aromatherapy might be the perfect solution for you! There are many different ways to enjoy aromatherapy, but one of our favorite methods is by using it in our hot tubs and spas. In this article, we will discuss how to use essential oils in your spa or hot tub for relaxation and destress relief.

Essential Oils For Your Spa & Hot Tub

There are many different essential oils that can be used for relaxation and destress relief. To use essential oils in your spa or hot tub, simply add a few drops to the water. You can also add a few drops to a diffuser if you prefer. If you’re looking for a more potent aromatherapy experience, you can add a few drops of essential oil to your bathtub.

For those looking for an easy way to enjoy all of the benefits of aromatherapy, using essential oils for your hot tub, spa or sauna is a great option, according to Spa Huset Norway. “Certain smells can definitely improve your mood and overall wellbeing, using your spa in combination with aromatherapy has been proven to have great health benefits,” said General Manager, Monthy Pedersen.

Learn about the health benefits of aromatherapy for hot tubs & spas
Learn about the health benefits of aromatherapy for hot tubs & spas

Our favorite aromatherapy scents for Hot Tubs & Spas:


Lavender has been used for thousands of years, ever since the Romans introduced it into their baths. It’s a well-known antiseptic that can be used to cure minor infections, including candida, but it’s primarily used to relax the mind. Lavender aromatherapy can aid with sleep issues, depression, and anxiety. It relieves muscle pain, cramps, migraines, and other head and body pain as a circulatory stimulant. Lavender is also beneficial to the skin. It promotes skin cell regeneration and is used to heal scars and stretch marks, as well as rashes, sunburns, and skin infections.

InSPAration Lavender Crystals-Epsom Salts

Aqua Blue Mosaics Aqua Blue Mosaics Aqua Blu Mosaics Pool Tile Mosaics Tile Grout Hardscapes & Pavers Outdoor Living Accessories
  • Uses an aromatherapy crystal blend designed exclusively for spas, hot tubs, and jetted baths.
  • Vitamins, minerals, and natural extracts have been added to this product.
  • Softens the skin and revitalizes fatigued muscles.
  • Masks chemical odors while not staining or harming wood, fiberglass, acrylics, or plaster.
  • There are no oils in it, so it will not clog filters or change the chemistry of the water.


Eucalyptus leaves have long been utilized in ancient societies to relieve aches and pains and to alleviate altitude sickness. Early Incas bathed in natural hot springs loaded with eucalyptus leaves in Peru’s highlands. Eucalyptus, like peppermint, contains camphor and can be used to treat sore throats, sinus problems, illness, and fever.

Eucalyptus Fragrance – 9 oz

  • Eucalyptus spa infusion oil.
  • A beautiful aroma can enhance your spa experience.
  • Specifically formulated for use in a hot tub.
  • The water chemistry in the spa will not be affected.


Jasmine is a seductive and sensual floral fragrance that is rich and warm. It has a long history of being used as an aphrodisiac, and I can see why! Jasmine is a wonderfully exotic smell that is also known as ‘Mistress of the Night’ or ‘Moonlight of the Grove’ since its alluring scent is strongest at night. When you put Jasmine in a hot tub, you might be inviting your sweetheart to join you! Jasmine is sweet, delicate, and seductive.

  • Safe for all acrylics, jets, pumps, and filters.
  • Masks chemical odors; has no effect on pH; does not foam or bubble in water; There are no oils in this product, and it leaves no oily residue.
  • It has no effect on the chemistry of water.
  • Natural Aloe Vera Extract, Vitamins E and C, and RX Formula for a Therapeutic Body Experience


Mint is one of the most popular aromatic herbs, with applications ranging from food and drinks to lip balm. The British Journal of Medicine reported in 1879 that menthol fumes relieved headaches and nerve pain. It promotes alertness and concentration, and it could be ideal after a hard day to prepare for a long evening. Peppermint stimulates blood flow, alleviates itching, and relieves arthritic cramps and muscle discomfort. It’s also healthy for your skin because it stimulates natural skin oil production.

  • Aromatherapy crystals for spas, hot tubs, and jetted baths
  • Contains vitamins, minerals, and natural skin-softening ingredients.
  • Tired muscles are revitalized, and the body is relaxed.
  • Non-oily – will not clog filters or change the chemistry of water.
  • Amazing scents – no more chemical odors!
Aromatherapy is not only incredibly relaxing, but it has also been shown to provide numerous health benefits.
Aromatherapy is not only incredibly relaxing, but it has also been shown to provide numerous health benefits.

Aromatherapy can help:

  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Improve mood and energy levels
  • Promote better sleep
  • Boost immunity
  • Relieve pain and tension headaches

Getting Started With Aromatherapy & Hydrotherapy

If you’re tired, run-down, or even depressed, you’ve probably already tried a few things to lift your spirits and your overall health. Aromatherapy, with its many benefits, should not be underestimated when it comes to improving your overall well-being. Hydrotherapy (the use of warm water to treat a variety of health issues) used in conjunction with scented oils have been shown to improve health, decrease stress, increase serotonin, and improve overall well-being. Simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the water before you get in to enjoy therapeutic and relaxing aromatherapy in your hot tub or spa.

Step 1

Gather up everything you’ll need for your hydrotherapy session. Bring a bathing suit, a towel, a bottle of water, a book, a movie, or music, flip flops, and your favorite aromatherapy scents. Bring along a basket to store your personal items so that they can be easily moved to your hot tub area and then brought back inside. This eliminates the need to leave the hot tub for a drink or other activity if you become bored or thirsty.

Step 2

Allow your spa fragrances to dissolve and blend with the water for the appropriate amount of time. While you wait, put on your beach suit, get ready for your activity, and set any mobile devices to “do not disturb” if you want to unplug and disconnect from technology. If you don’t have your mobile device with you, notify at least one person that you will be in the hot tub for safety.

Step 3

Enter the hot tub, activate the jets, and unwind. Allow your body to acclimate to your new surroundings and simply let the stress slip away. Once you’ve felt rejuvenated and relaxed, use your activity to entertain yourself, or simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the sounds of nature or your predetermined music.

Step 4

Spend some time observing your surroundings. Enjoy the splendor of your magnificent backyard landscape, the sounds of nature, and the aromatherapy spa scents. Consider what the fragrance means to you and allow the scents and relaxing hydrotherapy to do its thing.

Step 5

Take your time exiting the spa when you’ve finished relaxing in the hot tub. Sit on the ledge for a few minutes as you dry off with your towel. Enjoy the last few minutes of aromatherapy as you acclimatize to the outside temperature. Close your spa cover and carry your belongings inside, eliminating the need to return outside—unless, of course, you want to relax on your patio furniture and enjoy a lovely evening outdoors.

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