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Basecrete and Pools Go Hand in Hand – Danilo Bonazza

Danilo Bonazza explains why Basecrete and pools go hand in hand.



We caught up with Danilo Bonazza world famous mosaic tile artist on one of his latest projects. He was there on site with the President of Basecrete, Vito Mariano – one of the leading experts in concrete engineering and cement technology. Danilo and Vito have known each other for years, as Basecrete often comes into play on many of the pool remodeling projects Danilo has worked on.

Danilo is a huge proponent of using Basecrete’s products. While he was working on a recent project, we noticed that he was using Basecrete Intercept. Danilo stopped to give a demonstration on the application of the product. We asked him why Basecrete is so vital to his preparation process and why this product is so instrumental in helping him achieve a monolithic end result.

Basecrete makes the ideal waterproofing barrier. The colloidal silicate in combination with their fibermesh system helps makes the structure even stronger as one whole solid piece.

Danilo Bonazza – Art & Mosaics

What is Basecrete?

To the layman without a finer understanding of Basecrete and Colloidal Silica, (SiO2) it is a densifier. Typically, Danilo applies it in a liquid form as a spray to cement / concerete structures. Its purpose is to densify the molecules of the cement based material. In fact it reacts with the useless calcium hydroxide (contained in the cement of the gunite or shotcrete pool shell) and chemically alters it into useful CSH.

The material is intermingled into the hardened cement paste. A chemical reaction occurs which creates additional paste inside the pores of the existing structure. The paste gets denser becoming almost like a gel. This makes it harder and much less porous. Consequently, this gives the pool shell an extra barrier to humidity and water. It is for this reason above all others that Danilo insists on incorporating Basecrete Intercept.

Why is Basecrete so often used in Inground Pools?

To better understand why Basecrete Intercept is becoming so popular in the industry, we spoke with President – Vito Mariano more about the product. He explained the important role that Basecrete is playing in pool construction today.

Vito, who first got his start in the concrete industry in the late 80’s, has numerous patents to his credit. He’s known as one of the foremost experts in concrete engineering and manufacturing. His company Basecrete’s products have been involved in the construction of well over 90,000 inground pools. Basecrete, although well known in the construction trades – is however still largely unknown to consumers – namely homeowners. We asked Vito to initiate those without a prior knowledge of Basecrete as to what his product is truly all about.

Basecrete itself is known throughout the industry as a high performance, flexible waterproofing membrane and bond coating. The proprietary blend of polymers and additives provide unmatched strength and superior adhesion.

Vito mariano – president of basecrete

“Basecretes flexibility however, allows it to absorb movement from the underlying concrete structure. Pool contractors find it the ideal solution for waterproofing. Particularly for the products ability to protect and repair concrete structures. Already incredibly popular in the pool industry, you’ll find Basecrete applied in pool shells, spas, and fountains.” continued Mariano.

Danilo Bonazza is one of the world’s leading Mosaic Tile artists and uses Basecrete in conjunction with his pool projects

Why Pool Contractors Swear by Basecrete

Danilo Bonazza, who is one of the leading mosaic tile artists today, swears by Basecrete and summarized why. “I love the product because it preserves the integrity of the cement structure. Over time humidity and water can penetrate and cause damage. Basecrete provides extra strength that prevents this from occuring”. Danilo has become a champion for the product and brand ambassador of sorts. He explained that it goes far beyond the guarantee that comes on the label. “The quality is not only in the product,” said Danilo “it is in the people that are supporting it.”

Vito Mariano couldn’t agree more. His firm Basecrete now consults all over the world. “We’re providing training and certifications in the application of our product. We’re supporting the industry and have trainers in the United States, Canada, Italy, France, Africa, Australia, and are committed to growing and expanding that.”

Key Take Away Advantages of Basecrete

High performance: PSI, Adhesion, Tensile Strength, Shear Bond and Flexibility
Easy Application: Roll It, Trowel It, Spray It, Squeegee It

  • Impact Strength: 19 LB
  • Compressive Strength: 7050 PSI
  • Tensile Strength: 732 PSI
  • Flexular Strength: 2380 PSI

What Basecrete Does

Basecrete is a waterproofing bondcoat / underlayment / micro topping. Primarily, it is used in applications where a solid and durable waterproof barrier is needed. Adhesive to nearly all surfaces, it is highly resistant to most chemicals and corrosive agents. Basecrete is able to withstand high degrees of movement while still maintaining its structural integrity. The product essentially makes pools waterproof and creates a bond for the pool’s final decorative finish of your choice, such as plaster or tiles.

Basecrete Kit

It is interesting to note that Basecrete acts as an antifracture membrane. Use it in conjunction with fibermesh to transition areas and pipe penetrations to create truly monolothic structures. For more information about Basecrete watch the Ask The Masters Podcast or visit them on the web:

Editor in Chief of Pool Magazine - Joe Trusty is also CEO of, the leading digital agency for the pool industry. An internet entrepreneur, software developer, author, and marketing professional with a long history in the pool industry. Joe oversees the writing and creative staff at Pool Magazine. To contact Joe Trusty email or call (916) 467-9118 during normal business hours. For submissions, please send your message to

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Online Scams Abound During Chlorine Shortage



Consumers getting scammed as chlorine shortage continues

News of the shortage on chlorine tablets has hit the mass media and prices have sky rocketed around the nation. A recent spate of price increase notices from some of the top distributors comes on the tail end of a particularly rough start to this years pool season.

Many pool companies are struggling to find essential supplies to build, repair and maintain swimming pools. Positive news like the rebuilding of the BioLab plant came too late to salvage this years shortage on dry chlorine products.

As the chlorine crunch continues, the shortage has begun to impact availability of a variety of essential chemicals including muriatic acid, according to Orenda Technologies.

Distributors are running low on virtually everything this pool season as supply chains struggle to keep up with demand.

Online Scams For Chlorine Tabs Growing in Frequency

As legitimate suppliers run out of inventory, consumers are turning to Amazon, Ebay, and a variety of online stores to try and purchase tablets. Unfortunately, a rash of online scams have popped up to capitalize on the pool supply shortages and, as a result, consumers have been getting ripped off with alarming regularity.

Trying to order chlorine tablets on Amazon produced an immediate search result where the top sponsored listings I saw are obvious scammers. The growing number of these scams is concerning. This type of activity represents a serious problem for the pool industry as well as consumers.

A quick Amazon search produced a variety of sponsored scams that mislead consumers.

One consumer was none to pleased with her online purchase of chlorine tablets, believing she had purchased a 25 pound bucket of tablets based on the exorbitant price. Instead, she says she received her Amazon order which consisted of a small container of aspirin sized chlorine tablets.

Consumers need to be aware of what they are purchasing before they buy from any online retailer, particularly on non-pool supply websites. Online retail marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart carry pool chemicals but are notoriously slow to react to online scams. Some pool scammers operate multiple accounts at a time under a variety of different brands and it can be difficult for consumers to make a distinction on whether they are legitimate or not.

Needless to say, as the chlorine shortage continues, it’s more important than ever to not only fully vette your pool builder and pool service company, but your chemical supplier as well. Although distributors may be in short supply, purchasing from a reputatable and recognized pool supplier is always the best option.

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BioLab Begins Rebuilding Plant

BioLab hopes to have their plant rebuilt by early 2022



BioLab Building Plant in Lake Charles, LA

Welcome news for the pool industry, BioLab’s Lake Charles, La. plant is currently being rebuilt almost a year after it was damaged by a terrible fire.

At a ceremony attended by Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards and work crews broke ground on the facility in late June.

A fire caused by Hurricane Laura rendered the plant completely inoperable in August of 2020. The BioLab factory was brought to the forefront of the national eye, as it quickly became apparent that the plant was a key source of the stabilized chlorine product trichlor. Experts quickly realized that its closure would greatly contribute to a considerable sanitizer shortage during the unprecedented COVID demand.

Chorine Tablet Shortage Due to Fire at Biolab and Covid-19
Chorine Tablet Shortage Due to Fire at Biolab and Covid-19

Officials from BioLab/KIK stated the company intends to make renovations to the site to optimize their investment.

“The $170-million investment that KIK is going to deliver on will improve and make this facility more efficient and flexible,” said KIK CFO Stephen Jackson. “It will be a state-of-the-art plant that will significantly increase our capacity.”

The plant is expected to reopen in early 2022, according to the manufacturer. “The shortage resulting from the shut-down of tour facility is impacting pool retailers and pool owners across the country and they are eagerly awaiting our plant to be operational and to fill the gap,” said BioLab President Jon Viner.

This news bodes well for the pool industry who have been beleagured with shortages this pool season and have faced rising prices from distributors. The reopening of the BioLab plant should move distribution channels towards equalizing prices on dry chlorine goods in time for the summer 2022 pool season.

Featured Image Credit: KLAX ABC News

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PoolCorp Acquires Vak Pak Builders Supply



PoolCorp Acquires Vak Pak Builders Supply

PoolCorp recently completed the aquisition of Vak Pak Builders Supply, a well known Jacksonville based distributor in Florida. Vak Pak is a distributor of pool equipment and supplies throughout north Florida and Georgia.

“The combination of Vak Pak Builders Supply’s contractor-focused customer base and PoolCorp’s product breadth and resources will provide regional pool building and service contractors expanded opportunities in a highly competitive market,” said David Sutherland, principal of Vak Pak, which was founded in 1973.

This latest acquisition comes after a major announcement back in April that PoolCorp would be acquiring Nashville-based Pool Source, LLC. That particular firm operates a large sales and distribution center in Nashville which serves Tennessee and southern Kentucky.

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