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Custom Pools Miami - Miami Custom Inground Pools, Miami Pool Builders, Miami Pool Contractors

Miami, FL is home to some of the most affluent people in America. The Magic City is known for some of the most elaborate and over the top resort style pools in the country. Consequently, the standards locals have on their inground pool designers are incredibly high. For discerning homeowners in Miami, an inground pool is much more than just a place to cool off. In many Miami homes, the swimming pool is the entire focal point of the backyard.

With homes selling well north of $20,000,000 in Miami, it’s no secret that a luxury inground pool has pretty much become standard. It’s a high end area of the country where some of the top pool design trends seem to originate from.

The following is a list of the Top Pool Designers in Miami. These companies have a long and consistent track record as some of the leading pool builders in Miami, FL. If you’re thinking of building an inground pool this year, there really is only a short list of potential candidates you need to review.

List of Top Miami Pool Designers

#1 – Custom Pools Miami

Custom Pools Miami - Miami Inground Pools
Custom Pools are one of the leading pool designers in Southern Florida

A veteran pool builder and pool designer of custom luxury inground pools in South Florida. Custom Pools is known throughout the Miami / Dade metro area for constructing high quality inground pools and designs. Seen below is a sample of one of their 3D pool designs. They are one of the top pool contractors in Miami. Their pool designers encompass the entire essence of the Miami lifestyle and translate accurately in the finished product they produce for homeowners.

#2 – Van Kirk Pools

Van Kirk & Sons are one of the Top Pool Builders in Miami

Consistently voted by Pool & Spa News as one of the best pool contractors in America. Van Kirk & Sons Pools & Spas also has a well established track record in the Miami area. They are a family owned business that have been in the pool business for over 40 years and are very well known in the pool industry. A builder of Commercial & Residential pools, Van Kirk is also a popular choice throughout South Florida.

#3 – Dream Pools of South Florida

Dream Pools of South Florida has a 20 year reputation as one of South Floridas elite pool builders

With over 20 years experience as a pool builder in South Florida, Dream Pools has established a reputation as a top local pool contractor. Highly rated on websites like HomeAdvisor, Angies List, they specialize in new pool construction. A builder of shotcrete pools, Dream Pools is another well known pool construction company in Miami.

Infinity Edge Pools – The HOT Pool Design Trend in Miami

Some of the must have features that homeowners are adding to their swimming pools this year seem to incorporate the fantastic ocean views Miami has to offer. We asked Dago Cabral, Owner of Custom Pools in Miami what is one over the top pool feature he gets the most inquiries about. In Miami, Dago explained, Infinity Pools are currently the rage this year.

An Infinity Edge Pool seems to be the one feature Miami homeowners want the most

An Infinity Edge pool is definitely a popular request in Miami. Particularly for homeowners with beach front property.

Custom pools – dago cabral | Owner

“The overflow edge of the pool creates a breathtaking look. It’s architecturally dramatic and gives that resort vibe from inside the pool.” continues Cabral. “Knife edge pools are a similar request we get. They are similar to Infinity Edge pools, but overflow from multiple edges instead of one”

It’s certainly easy to see why Miami homeowners opt for such high end features in their swimming pool. With competent and reliable pool builders like these companies in their market, they have their pick of qualified pool designers.

There are certainly many qualified pool companies that didn’t make our list today. These elite pool builders represent the crème de la crème in the pool industry. They are respected as pool designers and expert construction companies.

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Industry News

Swimming Pool Collapse Kills Worker in Orange County

Swimming Pool Collapse Kills Pool Contractor in Orange County

Pool Magazine Editor



Swimming Pool Collapse Kills Contractor in Orange County

California emergency workers recovered the body of a man buried in the collapse of a swimming pool under construction. Firefighters filled the streets of a gated Orange County community Saturday, December 19, 2020. They removed the body of a man who had died after being buried under soil that collapsed on top of him and a crew that were excavating an area for an inground swimming pool, authorities said.

Swimming Pool Collapse Buries Pool Contractor Luciano Gonzalez Munoz

The victim, a pool contractor identified as Luciano Gonzalez Munoz, 45, died as he was digging a swimming pool wall for a project that he was working on , according to Supervising Deputy Coroner Larry Esslinger.

Firefighters had to bring in an outside commercial construction company with a massive crane in order to help them haul out tons of dirt and debris from the backyard in the 6200 block of Cliffway Drive.

Early Sunday morning, experts brought in the crane attached to a 3,000 pound rectangular steel drum. Workers then used the drums to scoop out enough dirt in order recover the mans body. The huge crane itself blocked off most of the street for hours and left the entire area congested with police and fire vehicles.

The man was buried midmorning while building a pool wall on Saturday. O’Connor said firefighters got an emergency 9-11 call about a man trapped in a collapsed pool at the home just before 11 a.m. By the time they arrived, other workers were already at the site desperately trying to dig out the man. The victim was buried up to his neck complained of having difficulty breathing.

Concerned about the unstable soil of the cliffside, the firefighters evacuated workers, then began digging themselves. Approximately 30 minutes later, a second collapse caused the victim to be completely buried. After several hours without being able to communicate with the man, the fire crews switched the operation from a rescue to a body recovery. Coroner’s officials and Cal OSHA were investigating.

O’Connor said the fire department had trauma counselors on standby to talk to the man’s coworkers and boss who immediately came to the job site. The unfortunate homeowners, were also apparently home throughout the entire ordeal, were also visited by the crisis counseling team.

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Pool Builder

Pool Designer / Pool Software Designer – Nilson Silva

Pool Magazine Editor



Top Pool Designer - Nilson Silva of Mastertouch Pools - Leading Pool Designer in Parkland, FL

Nilson Silva owner of Mastertouch Pools, a Parkland, FL based Pool Company – has fast become recognized as one of the industries leading pool designers. This incredible 3D entry showcases his adept ability and mastery of the industry standard in 3D rendering – Pool Studio. An expert at inground pool design and one of leading Parkland, FL pool builders, Nilson has been designing pools since his teens.

Nilson Silva – Mastertouch Pools

As a serial entrepreneur, Nilson is also an accomplished software designer. He recently created and released a Pool Service software that has taken social media by storm. The app called Routely is available for download in the iTunes store and has been downloaded and used by thousands of pool service companies across the country.

It’s an impressive resume that the young Parkland, FL native has developed. Not only running a successful and thriving pool company, but also releasing a hot new app that has developed fast adaptation and a loyal userbase.

TOP Pool Designer entry by Nilson Silva of Mastertouch Pools

Silva is being watched closely by industry experts who can’t help but to convey astonishment that he is wunderkind of sorts. His prowess as one of the industries leading pool designers is undeniable. This entry to Pool Designers – TOP Pool Designer competition symbolizes the sleek, elegant and sophisticated pool concepts being built in Parkland, FL today.

When asked why he has a passion for 3D design as his chosen art form, Silva replied:

I love the challenge of capturing my customers dream. It’s incredible to be able to help them visualize the concept in 3D. What’s amazing is how intricate you can get with the details that make it truly personal to the client.

Nilson silva – mastertouch pools

It’s clear that this Parkland, FL pool builder has the innate ability to capture the essence of the outdoor lifestyle homeowners are looking for. Locals seem to love his pool designs as this has been without a doubt one of the companies busiest years to date. When asked if he attributes the success to the Covid-19 pandemic as many other local builders have, Silva replied “You know it’s funny because in our case, it’s been more sales from referrals from past clients this year than anything else. I feel like our success this year is mostly derived from the fact that homeowners in Parkland are starting to spread the word.”

Certainly an incredible entry by one of the most talented pool designers in Florida. View more great examples from hot new pool designers in Florida.

Parties interested in participating in Pool Magazine’s TOP Pool Designer competition should visit who are administering the competition on behalf of Pool Magazine. Artists interested in participating in the competition can submit a 3d rendering or video for consideration as a candidate for Top Pool Designer. The winner receives a year long subscription to 3D Rendering Software Pool Studio as well as having their design showcased on the cover of Pool Magazine.

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Why are most Luxury Pools typically Gunite Pools?

Pool Magazine Editor



Why are most luxury pools gunite pools?

Luxury pools are all the rage right now. Building your own backyard resort has never been more popular than ever. While it’s not absolutely necessary to achieve a resort style look with a gunite pool, it’s often the go to choice for seasoned veteran pool builders.

Gunite Pools offer customization that you won’t find in a fiberglass pool. A gunite pool can be shaped into nearly any desired form. Because they are constructed of concrete they are remarkably durable.

Why are Gunite Pools so Popular?

Luxury pools incorporate many customization options. Customers opt for features like grottos, waterfalls, jump rocks, raised spas and custom shapes.

Please note that we are ommitting Vinyl Liner pools from this conversation. Typically you will not find a vinyl liner pool in many luxury homes. The split is fairly even 75% Gunite / 25% Fiberglass as of this writing. Vinyl Liner pools are a more budget friendly option.

Popular With Luxury Homeowners

Why are more resort style pools typically gunite pools? We asked a builder of luxury inground pools and gunite pool expert Aaron Rogers his viewpoint. Rogers had this to say on the subject of Gunite Pools.

Gunite Pools are traditionally the go to choice for most luxury pool builders. A gunite pool allows for more flexibility in terms of design and construction.

Aaron rogers – southern poolscapes

“Discerning customers with high end luxury homes want their pool constructed from the very best materials. Luxury home owners typically opt for a gunite pool. They know they are highly customizable and extremely durable.”

Fiberglass pools have certainly come a long way in recent years. There are manufacturers that have a deep catalog of fiberglass pool designs. Maintenance is often a factor of consideration. Are fiberglass pools easier to maintain?

We asked this question to Pool Service expert Jeffery Johnston, owner of Quality Clear Pools. We asked him as a pool service company, do Service technicians typically prefer Fiberglass pools over Gunite Pools?

Johnston has mixed feelings on the subject. He explained that they both have their benefits. Johnston said he could see why certain service companies may prefer a fiberglass pool at least when it comes to ease of maintenance. In fact, Johnston had this to say on the subject:

Gunite pools need to be properly maintained and are made of porous materials that can often be a breeding ground for algae.

Jeffery johnston – quality clear pools

Paul Putcher, owner of Pool Keepers a pool service company in East Texas agrees and said “I’ve been in the pool industry over 30 years. In my experience most luxury homeowners have a Gunite Pool in their backyard. This is often true even in fiberglass predominant markets. Pool maintenance costs aside, people want what they want.”

Most Popular Pool Type

Gunite Pools are the most popular inground pool type in America currently, at least when it comes to higher end homes. There is one undeniable fact though – Fiberglass pools are easier to factory mold and drastically cut down on how long it takes to build a pool. So why aren’t they more popular?

Gunite Pools vs Fiberglass Pools

Typically a fiberglass inground pool cost is the same as a gunite. There are certainly pros and cons in going with either choice. Cost isn’t much of a determining factor. We recommend if you are considering buying a resort style pool that you consider the following:

  1. Is it important to you that your pool is highly customizable in terms of design?
  2. Do you want the interior of your pool to have a smooth fiberglass touch, a plaster touch, or a pebble interior?
  3. When it comes down to gunite vs fiberglass pools it’s really customization vs speed and ease of use. A gunite pool can be transformed into nearly any desired shape with any features you can imagine they do however typically require more maintenance than fiberglass pools.
  4. With a fiberglass pool you will save on construction time, but may pay extra for logistics costs of shipping and placing the shell into the exacavated hole.

In closing, Aaron Rogers had this to say “The costs of transporting a fiberglass pool and having a boom crane operator swing this enormous fiberglass shell over the house are what put alot of homeowners off. That and the limitations on customization that you can do to the actual pool itself are what make gunite pools the most popular decision for luxury pools”.

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