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Installing Automatic Pool Covers On Fiberglass Pools



Installing Automatic Pool Covers On Fiberglass Pools

The demand for pools has indisputably increased with the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, the demand for fiberglass pools has been on the rise due to their simple installation process. Likewise, there was an increased demand for automatic pool covers. Most homeowners are now looking to improve their outdoor living area. Nevertheless, installing both a fiberglass pool and an automatic pool cover can be a challenge. 

Installing Automatic Pool Covers On Fiberglass Pools

Tips for installing automatic pool covers include:


Occasionally, pool professionals end up requesting wrong-sized automatic covers for their fiberglass pools. Typically, finding the correct automatic cover will need you to determine the fiberglass pool’s inner measurements. The inner measurements of fiberglass pools are often smaller. For example, if you have a 17 feet pool, the inside measures 16 feet wide. Thus, a 17 feet automatic pool cover would be too big. It would be best if you ask your fiberglass manufacturer for the inside measurements of the fiberglass pool. This way, you will buy the right sized automatic pool cover.

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Maintaining a consistent width from the top to the bottom of a fiberglass pool can be difficult. Since fiberglass pools vary in width, they may be 16 feet in the deep end and 17 feet wide in the shallow section. It is critical to note that automatic pool covers can only accommodate a difference of one inch. Consequently, installing APCs on fiberglass pools is not a walk in the park.

Usually, fiberglass pools tend to bow along the length of the pool due to pressure.” One way to keep the width consistent is by filling and backfilling the pool.

Pool patrol owner in british columbia, ALLAN HORWOOD

Tip for installation

Simplifying the installation process entails put up the track on both sides. Horwood says, “Often, we spread out the track over the pool. We ensure all sides and corners are equal. Simply put, what you do on the right side should be done on the left as well. It will help if you start dealing with the corners first. Then, spread it out proportionally. Before you start cutting any track, it is best to layout the coping first. The good thing with aluminum extrusion tracks is that they offer both excellent functionality and beauty. Also, it is essential to let your cover manufacturer know that you have a fiberglass pool. This way, they’ll be able to get a cover with the correct dimensions.


It is challenging to install an automatic pool cover on an elevated surface. By nature, an automatic pool cover requires that the cover be installed on a completely level plane. Horwood says that the solution for this is to use an automatic pool cover made for a vinyl pool. From there, you can adjust it to complement the pool’s landscape. You would need to use such covers for pools with built-in spas and raised tiles on the pool’s shallow end. Pool experts should identify the elevation angle to get a clear picture of the most suitable automatic pool cover to purchase.

Polybox housing challenge

The automatic pool cover should get attached to the deep section of the pool before you finish backfilling. Start with supporting the slide on the poly box using an encapsulated coping. Horwood states, “We use a vinyl liner retainer and support the polybox by free-staking into the ground.” When doing this, always ensure that you level the poly box to boost the cover’s functionality. All this should happen before you pour the concrete.

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Dealing with the corners 

When installing APCs on fiberglass pools, it is always challenging to deal with the corners since they have a radius. The best thing to do would be to inform the fiberglass manufacturer to prepare the cover installation corners. This will make the work much more manageable.

Lid challenge 

Typically, the poly box has to boost proper functionality. In most instances, the manufacturer gives you a walk-on lid to promote quick and straightforward installation. Even so, there is a wide range of lids that you can use for this. Horwood says, “Since there are many lid options to choose from, some customers always want finishing options that don’t complement the lid tray. And this makes the installation process challenging.”

Outsourcing is a better solution

In this present age and time, pool contractor can always outsource cover installers during pool construction. This way, they don’t have to go through the installation challenges or spend hours training their staff on cover installation. Horwood has a specialty in automatic pool cover installation. And most pool contractors make their work easier and faster by hiring him. Nonetheless, it is always essential to communicate with the pool contractor from the start of the project to avoid misunderstandings. Chris Hunt, an auto cover specialist in Wichita, says, “Professional automatic cover installers know particular tricks that help them install the covers much faster.”

Increased demand

Due to the fast and straightforward installation process, fiberglass pools are increasingly becoming popular. Likewise, the demand for automatic pool covers is on the rise. Combining the two products is a plus for pool companies, especially in the middle of this global pandemic. It means more sales, revenues, and profits.

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Tesla Pool – Automaker Adds Swimming Pool To Charger Station



Tesla Swimming Pool

One of the primary reasons consumers opt to purchase a Tesla is the robust availability of convenient charging stations. Recently, the automaker has experimented with adding amenities to its charging stations. New cube lounges at a Supercharger station in Germany come equipped with automated coffee, food, and more. Tesla is also adding other options and fun activities for drivers to enjoy while they wait for their vehicles to charge. The newest amenity they’re currently experimenting with is an above ground swimming pool.

A clip of the pool being installed prior to launch was shared with news sources.

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The swimming pool can be used by up to 4 people at a time for 10 minutes, giving folks just enough time to change into their swim suits and enjoy a quick dip while their vehicle charges. There are even Tesla-branded beach balls to play with while they’re swimming in the shipping container style above ground pool.

This promotional popup will open at the Tesla charging station in Hilden, Germany; which incidentally is one of the largest in the country with 40 chargers and 8 superchargers. The pool will be open from Thursday until Sunday. Tesla owners can drop in for a swim from 2:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m.

What do you think about this idea? Is this something you’d like to see in the United States? Sound off in the comments and let us know.

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Pool News

Pool Rental App Swimply Is The New Side Hustle For Homeowners



Pool Rental App Swimply Is The New Side Hustle For Homeowners

Pool rental marketplace Swimply has created the ultimate side hustle for homeowners. Spending upwards of $100,000 to create the ultimate luxury outdoor living area is an investment some are willing to make. This is especially true if one can be confident they will recoup that investment quickly. Renting the pool to friends and neighbors is one smart way to do just that.

The Pool Rental Concept

Pool rentals are sweeping the nation and the innovative online marketplace Swimply is leading the charge. Described as “Airbnb of swimming pools,” Swimply debuted last year. According to the firm, there are over 20,000 swimming pools in all 50 states, as well as in Canada and Australia.

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After recently raising $40M in funding from AirBnB and Lime co-founders last year, Swimply is poised for tremendous growth moving into 2023. The service has been rapidly gaining traction with consumers who are attracted by the ability to rent a swimming pool by the hour.

Renting a pool by the hour may can be very profitable. Swimply has created the marketplace for renting a pool.
Renting a pool by the hour may can be very profitable. Swimply has created the marketplace for renting a pool.

Swimply’s Business Model is Unique

In the sharing economy, Swimply, definitely deserves recognition for their offering. Providing a marketplace that allows buyers and sellers to connect and rent a pool is at the core of the company’s business plan. The model is simple, Swimply takes 15% of the booking fee from hosts and 10% from guests.

Swimply’s pool rental marketplace can be lucrative for hosts and may not be as weird as it sounds. As water recreational facilities were shut down by COVID in the last two years, Swimply has emerged to fill the vacuum. Consequently, the company has grown exponentially.

We spoke with Swimply Co-Founder and COO Asher Weinberger last year about the revolutionary new technology which is connecting homeowners with an open marketplace of consumers looking to rent a backyard for a few hours.

Listen to our conversation on the Pool Magazine podcast:

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Pool Rental Marketplace Grew 5,000% During Covid

After a soft launch back in 2019, Weinberger quickly realized that the public was elated with their offering. “There was a tremendous amount of interest and at the time we could only meet 10 to 15% of the demand,” said Weinberger. “That helped set the stage for us because we learned a lot about what people wanted and how they were using the platform.”

“We caught huge tailwinds in light of Covid and grew roughly 5,000% year over year,” said Weinberger. Since then, Swimply’s marketplace has exploded with consumers searching for a safe recreational experience with friends and loved ones in an open outdoor setting. This has been true both on the guest side and the host side.

Homeowners Look To Monetize Their Pool

It appears that word has definitely begun to spread that renting your pool is a sweet new side hustle. One man in particular recently made the news after he reportedly netted $177,000 just by renting out his pool and backyard.

Jim Battan of West Linn, Oregon, told news sources, “I love to say that the pool has paid for itself and more. I built a man cave last year, and also credit that to my Swimply pool.”

Swimply As a Side Hustle

Being a Swimply host isn’t for everyone, according to Battan. The side hustle does require a fair amount of work on the part of the host. Maintaining the pool between guests involves much more than simply setting out fresh towels. His 26-foot by 18-foot pool and its accompanying pool house has cost him roughly $37,000 in maintenance over the last decade. On a typical week, Battan estimates that he and his wife Lisa spend approximately 12 to 14 hours cleaning and testing the water’s chemicals as well as managing all of their bookings.

“I love the income, but I generally caution people from it,” Battan told reporters. “Unless you’re retired or don’t have a day job, it takes a lot of time to learn about pool chemistry and management. It’s not good enough to just rely on a once-a-week service to come out look at your stuff. I look at my pool chemicals probably five to 10 times a day.”

Renting Your Pool By The Hour Can Be Profitable

It’s also important to note that Battan’s pool represents the best-case scenario. Currently, he’s Swimply’s top earner out of 25,000 pools in the U.S., Canada, and Australia. The average host earnings are between $10,000 to $20,000 per year.

Ned Gilardino is another top earner from Aurora, Colorado who is cashing in on the lucrative side hustle. Last year he rented his pool out roughly 500 times clearing close to $50,000 in the process.

“Not only has the extra money paid for the cost of maintaining the pool,” Gilardino told news sources, “it has actually brought in an entire new revenue stream for my family.”

Pool rentals vary by price and can be filtered to meet price, features, and amenities. - Photo Credit: Swimply
Pool rentals vary by price and can be filtered to meet price, features, and amenities. – Photo Credits: Swimply

Homeowners who are looking for MSI’s (multiple sources of income) can certainly put Swimply on their list of resources. Typically most swimming pools on the platform rent between $15 and $75 an hour. However, there appears to be no limit on how much hosts can earn. We’ve seen some pools in premium areas such as Beverly Hills rent for as much as $200 an hour. Those with luxury amenities in their backyard obviously can charge towards the higher end of the spectrum.

Guests can search for an ideal backyard in their price range to throw a pool party and even filter their search to show properties that have specific amenities. Finding a backyard with a fire pit, or an outdoor grilling area, or one that allows pets, is easy. Swimply made it simple to narrow down selections with the ideal features consumers are looking for.

The interface is simple and intuitive to use on both ends. Swimply also made it super easy for homeowners to track their reservations, communicate with guests and quickly get their pool rental up in their easy-to-use marketplace.

Swimply’s Contribution To The Shared Economy

Given that public pools are closing at an alarming rate, Swimply has also started filling a gap in underserved communities, much the way Uber and other sharing economy platforms have.

While the shared economy is a young concept itself; Swimply’s arrival simply ushers something we will undoubtedly see even more of in years to come. Though unexpected and a newcomer; one thing is certain, homeowners and consumers have embraced the concept of renting a pool by the hour.

4.6/5 - (17 votes)

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Sinkhole in Swimming Pool Kills Man, Swallows Guests



Sinkhole in Swimming Pool Kills Man, Swallows Guests

A man was found dead after being swallowed by a sinkhole that opened up in a private swimming pool. The incident transpired in Israel where authorities are still trying to figure out what caused two men to be swept away by the receding water after a sinkhole sprang up within an inground swimming pool at a private property in central Israel. One was recovered dead at the scene on Thursday afternoon.

The body was located by search crews in the town of Karmei Yosef after a four-hour recovery operation conducted by rescue personnel who were lowered deep underground. The search was hampered by concerns that tunnels extending from the sinkhole could lead to a second collapse.

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It took rescuers several hours of searching before they were able to uncover the body of the man who had gone missing. The other 34-year-old man who had been trapped for some time, was saved and treated for minor injuries to his lower body.

Rescuers worked for hours to find the missing victims body. - Photo Credits: Fire and Rescue Services
Rescuers worked for hours to find the missing victims body. – Photo Credits: Fire and Rescue Services

Employees of a private company were having a pool party when the incident occurred. About 50 people were present at the time of the accident, according to one guest.

“The water level suddenly started receding and a hole opened up, creating a vortex that swept two people inside,” the guest told news sources.

She said a sinkhole opened a vortex formed which swallowed up the victim in a matter of seconds. She yelled at her coworkers to get out of the pool as the sinkhole emerged, but they initially assumed it was a game. Authorities say, fortunately, there were only 6 people in the pool at the time or injuries and casualties could have been far greater.

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“Seconds later, the ground just dropped… I watched two people just disappear,” she added.

According to police, an investigtion into the incident is currently underway, and they plan to find out if the pool was operating with the proper license.

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