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Underwater Swimming Pool Speakers

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Underwater Swimming Pool Speakers

In this present age and time, you can listen to music when swimming or diving. As a pool owner, the newest water feature you can incorporate in your pool is an underwater speaker. Underwater swimming pool speakers are increasingly becoming popular among most homeowners. These functional features make swimming experiences more fun and entertaining. The majority of hotel and resort owners are embracing this distinctive feature to attract a wider clientele. Besides, it is relatively simple to install underwater speakers in your pool.

Underwater Swimming Pool Speakers

Underwater swimming pool speakers are expensive 

Although underwater swimming pool speakers offer a broad spectrum of benefits, they are costly. Not many pool owners can afford to install this feature in their pools. On average, underwater speakers cost about $1,500 per unit. Most pools require two units. So, pool owners end up spending about $3,000 when installing underwater speakers. Commercial pool owners may spend more since they will need a compatible mixer and amplifier. Ultimately, underwater speakers are not cheap.

“Even so, first-class pool owners don’t get intimidated by these costs. Such pool owners often spend more than $100,000 on water features. So, to them, $3,000 is not a problem,” the owner of Oceanears, Edward Harper, says.

Despite the high costs, underwater swimming pool speakers are worth the purchase. Once you install them, you attract a lot of people to your swimming pool.

President of littleton, bill philips

A scientific understanding behind underwater swimming pool speakers 

Contrary to popular belief, sound waves travel much faster in water than in air. In fact, sound experts report that sound travels four times faster in water than in air. Partner at Colorado Pool + Spa Scapes, Marshall Foote, says, “Surprisingly, the sound underneath pool water is clearly heard.”

The sound originating from underwater swimming pool speakers is confusing to most swimmers. With underwater speakers, swimmers often think that sound is coming from outside the pool. “It’s a sound that plays with their mind,” Frank Giuffre, owner of Coastal Audio Video, says. And it gets more confusing when swimmers go to the bottom of the pool and hear the same sound even more clearly. Generally, it is hard for sound waves from above the pool to penetrate the water. So, the confusion continues until swimmers spot the underwater speakers.

Where should you place an underwater speaker? 

When you are inside the water, it is hard to determine the side from which the music comes from. Sound waves travel very fast in the water. Thus, it is hard for you to identify the location of the speakers. Besides, most pools have more than one speaker. Pool experts often recommend installing one underwater speaker in a 20 by 20-foot section of the pool.

On the other hand, lap pools should have one speaker unit for every 20 linear feet. Moreover, pool owners should install underwater swimming pool speakers 18 to 30 inches below the tile line. During installation, avoid placing the speakers opposite each other. Doing this interferes with the production of sound waves. Also, don’t place underwater speakers near other water features.

Are underwater speakers safe?

The expansion of the pool industry brought about many discoveries. One of them was that pool lights can lead to severe electrocution. Consequently, most individuals are often left wondering whether underwater swimming pool speakers are safe.

  • Pool experts advise using quality equipment for grounding and bonding when installing underwater speakers. Underwater speakers incorporate a ground fault circuit interrupter that boosts safety. Also, professionals install underwater speakers using an isolation transformer to make audio in the water safe.
  • Another safety precaution you need to take when installing underwater speakers is using stainless steel grill to regulate the voltage. Note that incorporating a stainless-steel grill is mandatory, as stated by the National Electric Code.

Generally, underwater speakers are safe. There has never been a case of swimmers getting injured or dying as a result of underwater speakers.

How do you install pool speakers? 

If you know how to install pool lights, then you can go ahead and install underwater speakers. The process is usually the same. Nonetheless, it would help if you employ an audio professional to connect the pool sound system for you. More often than not, it is hard to connect underwater speakers with above-ground sound systems. There are usually some complexities when it comes to wiring and tuning. Therefore, conducting a DIY project is not advisable.

Professional installation of underwater swimming pool speakers for pools usually entails connecting the above ground and underwater speakers. As you do this, ensure you are able to adjust the volume of each speaker separately. This way, you cater to the needs of your customers.

Consider underwater swimming pool speakers for your swimming pool 

Currently, one of the most modern water features is the underwater swimming pool speakers. These speakers provide unlimited hours of fun and entertainment for you and your swimmers. Even though costly and hard to install, underwater speakers are worth the purchase. Moreover, if you have a commercial pool, installing this feature will expand your customer base. In turn, you’ll increase your sales, revenues, and profits.

Pool News coverage brought to you by Pool Magazine's own Marcus Packer. Marcus Packer is a 20 year pool industry veteran pool builder and pool service technician. In addition to being a swimming pool professional, Marcus has been a writer and long time contributor for Newsweek Magazine's home improvement section and more recently for Florida Travel + Life. Have a story idea or tip you'd like to share with Pool Magazine? Email your story idea.

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Pool Builder

Dave Penton – Builder, Mentor, Professor

We’re chatting with Dave Penton, Co-Host of Ask The Masters and Professor for Watershape University

Pool Magazine Editor



Dave Penton is probably one of the most recognizable voices in the pool industry. As a Co-Host of the Ask The Masters Podcast, and Professor at Watershape University, Dave has been a mentor to countless builders in the field of pool construction.

Dave Penton – President of Fluid Dynamics, former SWD Master, Watershape University Instructor and Mentor is one of the leading voices in the pool industry today.

A certified PhD in Pool Construction, if there was such a thing – David Penton is pretty much omnipresent in the pool industry. Here is a man who is involved at such a high level in this field and has given back so much to the industry over the past few years. It’s tough to discern exactly how he finds time for it all.

Penton has been involved in a number of high profile pools over the years. His construction projects have been featured in The Robb Report, The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, Luxury Pools, and now we are privileged to be able to highlight and profile his incredible story and body of work in Pool Magazine.

Dave Penton has earned a reputation as one of the leading pool builders in the industry.

Penton first got started in the pool industry back in 1992. His company at the time Krystal Klear Pools, originally focused on pool & spa maintenance and repair services. Receiving his state contractors license, the company continued to work on bigger and bigger projects. Dave began developing a reputation as one of the leading service providers in Orange County for his residential and commercial work. His company, Krystal Klear Pools continued to grow until he received his C-53 pool construction license in 2003. Penton decided to sell his service business to focus on pool construction full time and re-branded the company as Fluid Dynamics.

His first major project was a $100,000 remodel. A pool builder friend of his guided him through his initial forray into the industry and helped him learn the ropes. Penton committed himself to learning as much as he could, as quickly as he could and became a voracious student. Penton credits studying with organizations like Genesis with providing the stepping stones he needed to becoming one of the industries high-end builders.

Penton’s body of work has been featured practically everywhere. He has made an indelible mark in the industry during the span of his career with projects such as this one.

Fast forward to 2021, his company Fluid Dynamics has been responsible on numerous high end pool construction projects all over Los Angeles and Orange County. Dave’s body of work includes the type of high end restoration projects that only the leaders in the industry at the pinnacle of their career get to work on. Penton recently worked an incredible restoration project at The Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades and another restoration of the fountain at the historic Century Towers property.

This zero edge luxury inground pool in Beverly Hills is merely a footnote in a long list of incredible projects for Penton.

Projects like an over-the-top 26 by 100 foot pool in Bel Air are all in a days work for this master pool builder. With a laundry list of high profile inground pool projects, Penton has worked with a veritable who’s who in the pool industry including top names in construction and design like Jimmy Reed, Shane LeBlanc, and many others.

As one of the leading experts in the country, Dave has found time to give back to the pool industry in so many ways over the years. His transition now to Mentor has seen him function as an instructor for both the Genesis program, and now Watershape University where he teaches today.

We asked Dave how he finds time for it all, and what the transition has been like to becoming a mentor for other builders “I couldn’t have gotten to where I am without people doing the same thing for me.” said Penton who claims to find it immensely rewarding to be able to give back in the form of imparting his expertise on other builders. “That rhythm has always been established since the beginning of my career for learning or being able to carve out time for giving back” said Penton.

Dave Penton is not only one of the leading builders in the country, he finds time to Co-Host Ask The Masters and teach for Watershape University.

Prior to joining Watershape University, Dave was an instructor for Genesis – one of the leading training programs in the pool industry. His split from the organization is now common knowledge. We asked him some pointed questions about his separation from Genesis. We also asked him to clear up a few ambiguities that come from questions we have seen posed again and again in social media groups.

The pool industry itself is huge but in the ecosystem we live in, everyone talks to one another so it’s kind of like a small town the way word travels so fast. Dave was already familiar with the topic at hand and replied “Bill Drakely and David Peterson had a different vision for education and decided they could do a great job on their own.” said Penton “I love Dave and Bills vision for the industry and I’m just happy to be a part and be a contributing professor and continue to give back to the industry”.

Penton summarized one of the distinctions between the two programs being the pace of which matriculation occurs from one level to the next.

“What I like about Watershape University is that you can move from your Associates, to your Bachelors, to your Masters quickly” said Penton “There’s also recognition at various levels of your education as opposed to having to wait until you’ve completed the entire course”.

We inquired as to whether the course curriculum is the same. “As far as the program goes there are some overlaps,” he replied. “There are instructors that teach for both organizations.” Penton advised anyone interested in either of the two programs to compare course descriptions and teacher bios in order to make an assumption as to which program best suits their educational pursuits.

Dave Penton is a master pool builder and one of the leading experts in pool construction today.

Penton, who regularly consults with a dream team including Paolo Benedetti (Swimming Pool Expert Witness), Randy Beard, Rick Chafey and many others is probably one of the most knowledgeable folks in the pool industry. He says programs like Genesis and Watershape University have given him the foundation and vernacular to be able to communicate at various levels in the industry with expert knowledge.

“It creates a more well rounded individual” said Penton “Understanding both sides of it makes pool builders better understand the design side, and conversely it makes pool designers better understand the construction side.”

You cannot discount the fact that Penton has taken the opportunity to reinvest back into his education. He has done so at every stage in his career. Education is something Penton encourages professionals pursuing a career in the industry to consider very strongly. The program he teaches today at Watershape University is an excellent pathway towards continuing ones training in the field of pool construction.

You can follow the Ask The Masters Podcast where they speak with expert knowledge on a variety of different topics associated with the pool industry. We subscribe to it and you should too. Listen to our complete interview with Dave Penton on the Pool Magazine Podcast.

All Photos Courtesy of Fluid Dynamics

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Offering Pool Services amid the Global Pandemic

Pool News



Offering Pool Services amid the GlobaL Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic brought about many challenges, especially in the economic sector. Businesses closed, and people lost jobs and their loved ones. However, the pool industry came out unscathed. Since most people worked from home, they looked for ways to revamp their backyards. As a result, there was a surge in demand for pool services from homebound homeowners. Although this was a good thing, increased demand was met by a shortage of supply and labor.

Offering Pool Services amid the GlobaL Pandemic

Everyone is home!

A member of Algae Busters Pool Service, Dick Abare, states, “Fortunately, a good percentage of our clientele wanted to renovate their yards amid the pandemic. This was the reason for the high demand for our pool services. Subsequently, we’ve been dealing with pool equipment installation and updating old pool systems.”

Unlike before, customers are now home 24/7 during projects. Gone are the days when pool contractors had the privilege of working alone on site. Clients are no longer going to work. So, they have enough time to monitor the project during their free time. Shannon Sellers of Jeff’s Pool and Spa can relate to this. He says, “There was this customer who had never bothered interacting with our pool service technicians before the pandemic. After the covid-19 restrictions, he kept monitoring the project closely. Unfortunately, he kept finding fault in everything our technicians did. In fact, there was one time he dropped a penny intentionally to see whether our contractors would take it.” Now, customers are monitoring every step of the project. And this does not have to be a bad thing. Consider using this as a source of inspiration.

Is the increase in prices caused by high demand?

Typically, increased demand usually leads to an increase in market prices. But this is not always the case. In 2020, shipping became twice as challenging due to travel restrictions. Moreover, communication with vendors was a huge challenge. All this led to increased prices. Even so, some companies like Aquatic Pool systems chose to retain their prices.

“Market prices keep fluctuating depending on the condition of the pool industry. But we decided to retain our prices, and we are still doing okay. But we plan to review our prices soon. The price of everything is going up; so, it would only be fair to raise our prices.”

owner of Aquatic Pool Systems, Rich Tarricone

What causes the supply shortage?

Unquestionably, the global pandemic is to blame for the shortage in supply. Currently, finding the latest pool products is challenging. In fact, Tarricone reports that he lost a customer because he couldn’t offer a specific product. Manufacturers are trying to keep up with the increased demand, but at the same time, they want to avoid stockpiling in the coming year. Customers think that we are lying when we say we don’t have a product.

How can pool experts deal with the supply shortage?

Some pool companies, like Tri-City Pools, choose to limit the products they supply at a time. This helps them prevent waste and supply what is needed.

A rise in theft cases

The majority of pool owners need pool equipment replacement services. However, it is impossible to offer what is not available. Unfortunately, some people end up stealing pool equipment. A customer whose pool heater, pump, and other equipment were stolen before she moved into her new house. Her pool service technicians had to find a solution to this problem. But after a few days, the equipment got stolen for a second time. Since people can’t find pool equipment easily, they resort to stealing.

The pool industry needs more workers

Most pool companies are experiencing a shortage of labor. Nowadays, finding a qualified pool service technician is not a walk in the park. So, it is challenging to keep up with the surge in demand. Not to mention, it is hard to find someone willing to stick with you through thick and thin. Abare says that teamwork is essential. His company deals with large and complex projects as a team.

Consequently, they are able to be more productive. And they recognize that we all need each other. He says, “You never know that you need people until work gets overwhelming.”

Pool services: Training and educating future pool technicians

The shortage of labor has led to training and education programs. The Florida Swimming Pool Association is now training aspiring pool service technicians. They offer a broad spectrum of courses that help in generating more labor in the industry. They provide virtual classes. Anyone who wishes to improvise their skills can register for the course. This kind of training will expand the pool industry in the long run. With this increase in demand, it would be beneficial to bring in more pool service technicians.

Pool companies should devise a solid strategy for dealing with the surge in demand for pool services. Although hiring more employees is expensive, it could pay off in the long run.

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Industry News

Latest 2021 Pool and Spa Products

Pool News



Pool and Spa Products

As summer approaches, most pool owners are looking for effective pool and spa products to purchase. Luckily, the constant expansion of the pool industry led to the development of a wide range of pool products. Let’s take a look at some of the latest pool products you can buy today.

Pool and Spa Products

Pool cleaner: Polaris by Fluidra

Are you finding it hard to clean your pool? The new Polaris by Fluidra will sort you out this summer. The cleaner incorporates an automatic system that cleans the pool by rotating around the pool. The Polaris by Fluidra can maneuver through corners, steps, and obstacles due to its rear-flow outlet. This equipment also uses strong suction to get rid of all dirt and debris. Moreover, this cleaner incorporates a double helix split brush for maximum cleaning.

Polaris by Fluidra

Best pool add-on: Floating luxuries

Currently, the latest pool product is floating luxuries. The floating luxury is more of a ledge lounger placed on the pool water. It incorporates a phone holder, hence allowing you to scroll through your social media pages as you enjoy the breathtaking views of the pool. At the back, it contains an easy-to-fill hole for adequate drainage. Not to mention, these pool and spa products provide the perfect chill spot for you to unwind after a long day.

Latest 2021 Pool and Spa Products

Pool access lift: The Pentair Aquatram 90+ Access Lift

The next product is the AquaTRAM 90+ pool access lift. It provides easy access to the pool. This equipment can rotate at 90 degrees and has a lifting capacity of 400 pounds. It also has robust anchors that offer easy installation on the deck. It also has a Quickset Dual Wedge Anchor socket that makes it simple to remove from the deck without using any tools. The pool access lift also has two firm armrests, a footrest, and a lap belt. It is pretty simple to operate since it has an automated system. Additionally, it functions using a rechargeable battery-powered system.

AquaTRAM 90+ pool access lift

Black Oak Foundry

The black oak foundry is undoubtedly a great add-on to your pool. This feature helps you boost the aesthetics of your pool. Besides, it can blend with any pool design and outdoor living space. It is also perfect for architectural fountain pool designs. Visit or if you wish to purchase this product.

Latest 2021 Pool and Spa Products


This pool product makes your life easier. The Rola-Chem helps pool owners to monitor the water chemistry. With this equipment, you can know the number of chemicals in your pool and the pool pH. These pool and spa products use controllers that offer timely feedback on everything you need to know about your pool water. The best thing about this equipment is that it comes with a 5-year warranty. If you wish to purchase the Rola-Chem, make sure you visit


OriginClear Pool Preserver

Another pool equipment that helps you maintain crystal clear pool water is the OriginClear pool preserver. Typically, this equipment cleans your pool automatically. And you don’t need to hire anyone to monitor the pool. This equipment is great for pool companies that provide pool cleaning services. Pool experts can connect the main pool to this equipment and leave it running for hours. This helps them to deal with multiple projects at the same time. This pool preserver automatically goes off immediately the whole pool is free from dirt. The OriginClear pool preserver helps your water become sparkling clean. It can restore cloudy and contaminated pools.

OriginClear pool preserver

Waters Choice Enzyme All-In-One Spa Starter Kit

This pool product helps in keeping pool water safe by reducing the quantity of chlorine. The Waters Choice Enzyme All-In-One Spa Starter Kit disinfects the pool without the need for chemicals. It also helps pool owners to cut down on energy and maintenance costs.

Latest 2021 Pool and Spa Products

Automatic pool covers 

One of the most popular pool and spa products in the industry is the automatic pool cover. This safety feature is uniquely designed to protect pools from debris and dirt. There is a wide range of automatic pool cover options, and each offers unique benefits. In particular, the AutoGuard provides excellent functionality. You can simply install it on top of the pool deck. This automatic cover also incorporates a SmartMotion Control technology that protects it from damage. Thus, it is perfect for closing pools before winter. Besides, this automatic pool cover is highly durable and user-friendly. In fact, most of them come with a 5-to-10-year warranty.

Latest 2021 Pool and Spa Products

Pool and spa products

In this present age and time, you can use so many pool and spa products to boost the durability and aesthetics of your pool. But before purchasing any pool product, take time to understand the requirements of your pool. This way, you’ll know the right products to buy.

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