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This Time Lapse Vinyl Liner Replacement is so Satisfying

This 2 minute long vinyl liner replacement may be the most satisfying thing you’ll watch all week



Vinyl Liner Replacement in Pool is so Satisfying to Watch - Time Lapse Video

We caught this great video posted on Facebook recently by Brian Conners showcasing the crew at River City Pool & Spa out of Hixson, TN – knocking out a vinyl liner installation. It’s always a treat to watch skilled tradesmen at work, and this is definitely a skill that Conners made sure to pass down to the next generation. Check out this incredible time lapse footage captured by the homeowner and produced by Josh Huff.

The video is about 2 minutes long but it breaks down the entire process of removing a vinyl liner and installing a brand new one. Tara to the rescue! The new vinyl liner is a night and day improvement over the old one wouldn’t you say? It’s always fun to watch these videos sped up.

More and more homeowners have taken to recording pool contractors and we must admit, it’s pretty entertaining to watch. These two guys absolutely crush this vinyl liner replacement and make the entire process look easy. It’s amazing what a new Tara liner can do to completely revitalize the interior of a pool. Another stunner for the summer and man those homeowners couldn’t be happier.

Awesome footage of River City Pool & Spa doing what they do best. Check them out on Facebook and don’t forget to drop us a line in the comments and tell them what you thought of their video.

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Pool Cleaning Videos Popular on TikTok & Instagram

Experts say Pool Cleaning videos trigger A.S.M.R.



Pool Cleaning ASMR Videos Get Hundres of Millions of Views - Miles Laflin is a TikTok Star

Pool cleaning companies are creating a huge following on social media. Researchers say they’re getting millions of views on their pool cleaning videos because these kinds of short films satisfy a deeper element within our human nature.

Sociologist and City University senior lecturer Stephanie Alice Baker told the New York Times that pool cleaning videos have a well-established trick of the trade that simply make for really compelling videos. She says that the shock factor of witnessing the complete transformation of a dirty pool into a clean one is something that is very satisfying to viewers on an emotional level.

One popular pool cleaning professional Miles Laflin, also known as The Pool Guy is located in the U.K. and has racked up hundreds of thousands of subscribers and followers along with over 69 million video views on YouTube alone. He’s equally if not more popular on Instagram and TikTok.

“It’s long been known in the fitness industry that one of the most successful ways to build an audience is a before-and-after post,” Dr. Baker said.

She also mentioned that one of the videos’ most appealing aspects was the way it affected the audience’s feelings.

When a pool company is able to revitalize a filthy pool, folks watching may feel some sort of sense of accomplishment, according to Dr. Baker. Baker suggested that viewers may get a sense of success, order, and mastery while watching these types of videos.

It’s nothing new for pools to take the spotlight on social media. We’ve written time and again about videos involving pools that set social media on fire. The fact that there may be some type of therapeutic benefit from watching them is pretty new information though.

@thep00lguy The transformation though! @poolboyb4nners #thep00lguy #hollayaboy #123PandoraME #fyp #satisfying ♬ original sound – thepoolguyml

This new short-form video emphasis that TikTok focuses on has helped propel this particular video genre to new heights with a younger demographic. More than 45 billion people have watched videos with the hashtag #oddlysatisfying on TikTok.

Researchers like Dr. Richard believe that for our ancestors, witnessing someone work with their hands taught them a skill. Richard believes watching films of individuals working activates a region of our brain that, according to him, keeps us captivated.

Dr. Richard thinks that we are hard-wired to look at people’s hands when they are teaching us or explaining something because subconsciously we believe that doing so will help us survive.

Richard said watching pool service videos and the action of someone working with their hands while providing professional advice, coupled with a soothing voice and the sound of flowing water triggers an autonomous sensory meridian response. A.S.M.R videos are said to provide a relaxing, even sedative sensation. Viewers claim the feeling begins on the scalp and moves down the body.

Miles Laflin - @thep00lguy has become an overnight celebrity with his pool cleaning videos.
Miles Laflin – @thep00lguy has become an overnight celebrity with his pool cleaning videos.

While we can’t vouch for the tingly feelings, we can say without a doubt that some of these pool cleaning videos are absolutely mesmerizing to watch. Today Miles Laflin has gone from a run-of-the-mill pool guy to being approached on the street daily for autographs and selfies by followers. Despite the fame his videos get, he’s not a rock star or a famous athlete. All Miles had to do to get famous was to start cleaning pools.

Photo Credits:

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Lava Fills Swimming Pool in Spain, Incredible Video Footage

A volcanic eruption caused a lava flow to completely annihilate this inground pool



Lava Destroys Swimming Pool in Spain

On the Spanish island of La Palma, rivers of 1,800°F lava are demolishing houses and forcing residents to evacuate their homes.

Thousands of tiny earthquakes sparked the Canary Islands’ first volcanic eruption on land in 50 years.

An unexpected eruption sent thousand fleeing the local area.

On Sunday, it triggered the Cumbre Viejo volcano to spew lava hundreds of meters into the air.

The so-called seismic swarm had warned officials that an eruption was imminent, and over 5,000 people had been evacuated ahead of the crack opening.

The magma has spilled down hillsides in a 20-foot high wall, boiling swimming pools and burning and destroying everything in its path.

Lava flow caused residents to evacuate their homes and flee the area. – Photo Credit: AP

The phenomena has drawn tourists, prompting the island’s president, Mariano Hernandez, to appeal to them to stay away.

He said: ‘We are having serious problems with the evacuation because the roads are jammed with people who are trying to get close enough to see it.’

Onlookers watche as the flow of lava decimates everything in its path. – Photo Credit AP

It was predicted to reach the Atlantic Ocean today, where it might create explosions and earthquakes.

A Reuters reporter saw molten rock slowly tearing its way through a house in Los Campitos, burning the interior and spreading flames through the windows and onto the roof.

Local officials are concerned that if the lava reaches the sea, it may generate a chemical reaction that could result in the emission of poisonous gases.

Authorities Tell Locals Not To Panic

According to regional emergency director Jorge Parra, people should not fear for their safety provided they follow authorities’ suggestions.

Six routes on the island have been closed, according to officials.

According to the European Union’s Copernicus Earth Observation Programme, lava had covered over 260 acres of terrain and destroyed 166 dwellings and other structures by this morning.

Scientists monitoring the flow, which might last for weeks or months, detected it at over 1,800°F.

Watch as a flow of lava completely fills this swimming pool

There have been no fatalities or injuries reported, but watch this incredible footage of an unstoppable wall of lava overtaking this swimming pool.

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Pool dog videos -This Pool Has Gone To the Dogs



Pool dog videos -This Pool Has Gone To the Dogs

There’s no better way to cool down under the summer heat other than taking a long swim in your pool. TeamDogs report that dogs enjoy hours of pool play. Swimming is important for the overall health of your dog. Pool dog videos are great to watch and can be enjoyed by everyone. This low-impact exercise makes your dog stronger and flexible. Moreover, it helps them relax and unwind; hence, it improves their mood.

All dogs at a doggy daycare center jumped into a pool on a hot sunny day in America. This sight was undoubtedly admirable from a distance. All 39 dogs jumped into the pool to cool themselves from the summer heat. Luckily, the witnesses did not forget to record this moment on camera.

Brenda Langley, Lucky Puppy founder, is responsible for managing the doggy daycare. She monitors all the dogs as they move freely in the compound. She says, “One of the main things she enjoys about her job is watching dogs let loose in the pool. Pool dog videos are always the best. It’s good to see the dogs happy and having fun amid the summer heat.”

Brenda continues to say, “Basically, I have grown up around a swimming pool. And I had so much fun in my childhood because of this spectacular feature. Consequently, I believe that it is important for every child to grow up around a pool. That’s the sole reason why I had to incorporate a pool into my property. I feel like dogs are just like kids; so, they need some pool time as well.”

Dogs indisputably enjoy pool time. Brenda’s pool is large enough to accommodate a large bather load capacity. Additionally, it has a shallow end for dogs who don’t know how to swim. Here, dogs can sit and relax as they enjoy more hours of pool play.

Brenda says, “Before having my current pool, I had an above-ground pool. Every time I’d go into the pool, the dogs would jump in too.” “Over time, I realized the dogs needed their own pool. So, I built a pool specifically for the dogs. Seeing the dogs happy in the pool melts my heart. I love dogs. And I’m so grateful whenever I see them enjoying themselves.”

Nonetheless, it is pretty challenging to maintain crystal clear pool water when you have dogs swimming in the pool. Keep in mind that the pool filter has to deal with pet hair. Dog hair can easily tangle along the filter cartridge. Thus, it can lead to clogging and damage to the filter. Brenda and her crew of pool experts have to wake up early in the morning to sweep the pool. Cleaning usually takes about an hour. Also, she has to switch on the filter 24 hours a day to ensure the pool water is clean and safe for use. Moreover, there’s always a professional who uses a net to get rid of any large dirt particles in the pool during dog swim times.

Are you a dog lover?

If you love dogs, do not hesitate to join TeamDogs. You can do this by signing up on their new website. Once you reach the website, start by sharing a picture with your dog.

Brenda says, “Not only does swimming make your dog happy, but it also makes them healthier. Your dog is likely to benefit physically from swimming. It makes them more flexible and stronger. Additionally, swimming improves the mental health of your dog. Your dog is likely to be happier and more satisfied from swimming. At the end of the day, you boost your dog’s overall health once you allow them to take a swim.

“It’s amazing to see our pool videos put a smile on faces. Some confess that the pool dog videos are the only thing that makes them smile amid their problems. And this makes us happy. Even though we may be miles away, at least we can touch people’s hearts. Teachers and parents also report using our videos to get their children to complete their homework or chores. Children love to see our pool dog videos; thus, they light up whenever they watch the video as a reward for something they did.”

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