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Choosing The Right Pool Tile Materials

Before you choose a pool tile, read this informative article.



Choosing The Right Pool Tile Materials

Pool industry professionals certainly came away excited about all of the new and innovative products and materials they saw at the recent Coverings event in Orlando, Fl. However, when selecting which pool tile materials to use it is vital to learn the differences between the US ANSI standards and the EU ISO standards which are not the same. Consequently, ANSI standards are more stringent.

It’s important not to buy into the sales presentation and perform your due diligence before choosing a product. Using materials that are not suitable for the application could potentially expose you to liability should there be a failure.

ANSI A137-2017 are the standards for tile performance (A137.1 Ceramic Tiles & A137.2 Glass Tiles). Below are the minimum performance characteristics for ceramic tiles for submerged aquatic applications, the applicable test methods, and the minimum standards required.

One important factor to consider, porcelain tiles are 50% feldspar and are fired at much higher temperatures than regular ceramic tiles. This makes them much harder and denser than regular ceramic tiles. Porcelain tiles are a sub-group of the broader ceramic tile group, to which these standards apply.

Read The 10 Most Important Things To Consider When Choosing Tile
Read The 10 Most Important Things To Consider When Choosing Tile

10 Important Factors To Consider When Choosing Pool Tile Materials

1. COEFFICIENT OF FRICTION (COF – TCNA: DCOF Acutest test method).

There are two types: Static (SCOF) and Dynamic (DCOF). COF is the ratio of forces necessary to initiate sliding between two surfaces. The outdated ASTM C1028 static test measured the SCOF.

DCOF is the ratio of the force necessary to maintain sliding between two surfaces. The higher the DCOF, the more slip resistant the surface. This may not be of any concern underwater, but of grave concern on a pool deck or locker room floor. Industry standards generally accept ≥0.42 DCOF for commercial floor applications. Wet/dry locations, like aquatic locker rooms or moveable pool floors, may require ≥0.60 DCOF.

2. WATER ABSORPTION (ASTM C373-88 test method)

Tiles are weighed dry and again after soaking in water. The weight gain determines the percentage of absorption. Tiles are rated as follows:

Impervious: Tiles exhibiting 0.5% or less.

Vitreous: Tiles exhibiting more than 0.5%, but not more than 3.0%.

Semi-Vitreous: Tiles exhibiting more than 3.0%, but not more than 7.0%.

Non-Vitreous: Tiles exhibiting more than 7.0%.

3. FROST RESISTANCE (ASTM C1026 test method)

Directly related to water absorption. You can see that any absorbed water will be detrimental in a freeze condition – the expansion of freezing water will crack the tiles. Porcelain tile, by definition has a water absorption of less than 0.5%, making it frost proof as well. For aquatic applications we want impervious pool tile materials.


The hardness of a tile’s surface will determine how it wears. The surface is scratched and a MOH’s hardness rating assigned. MOH’s scale 1- Talc (softest) to 10 Diamond (hardest). A hardness of 5 is suitable for residential flooring. A hardness of 7 or greater is usually recommended for commercial or outdoor applications.


Ceramic floor tiles must be able to support the loads exerted upon them. The test applies a force in pounds, to an unsupported tile until it breaks. Your selection should be based upon the anticipated maximum loads. Properly installed tiles, with a supporting setting bed that is free of voids, will be able to support significantly greater loads. These breaking values are for comparison purposes.

6. CHEMICAL RESISTANCE (ASTM C650-04 test method)

In this test, sample tiles are placed in various chemical baths for 24 hours, rinsed and examined for surface damage. For aquatic venues, it is desired to have the greatest level of chemical resistance.


This is a purely a cosmetic evaluation as to the consistency of the tile shades within a production lot.

Monochromatic (V0) – Very uniform, monochromatic color.

Low (V1) – Consistent color within each tile and from tile to tile.

Medium (V2) – Color variation within each tile.

High (V3) – Variation from tile to tile & within each tile.

Random (V4) – Considerable variation from tile to tile.

8. ABRASION RESISTANCE (ASTM C1027-99 test method)

The durability of the glazed surface is examined following the abrasion testing. The performance classifications and recommended uses are listed below:

CLASS 0 – Not recommended for use on floors.

CLASS 1 – (Light Residential) Light Traffic – Residential floor coverings in areas subject to soft-soled footwear or normal footwear traffic, without scratching dirt (i.e. domestic bathrooms and bedrooms without exterior access).

CLASS 2 (Residential) Medium to Light Traffic – Residential floor coverings in areas subject to soft-soled footwear or normal footwear traffic with small amounts of scratching dirt (i.e. rooms in the living areas of homes except kitchens, entrances and other areas that may be subjected to high usage).

CLASS 3 (Heavy Residential or Light Commercial) Medium to Heavy Traffic – Residential or light commercial may withstand normal footwear and regular traffic, with some dirt and/or other abrasives present in limited quantities. Tile in this class may be used in light commercial installations with limited foot traffic and with no direct access to the outside. Examples may include residential kitchens and hallways with limited traffic from the outside.

CLASS 4 (Commercial) Heavy Traffic – Residential and commercial floor coverings subjected to considerable traffic and scratching dirt (i.e. entrances, workrooms, inns, exhibition halls, and sales rooms, as well as other rooms in public and private buildings). Floors should be adequately protected against scratching dirt at the entrances to buildings by either floor mats or some other footwear cleaning device.

CLASS 5 (Heavy Commercial) Heavy Traffic – Heavy commercial floor coverings subject to heavy traffic with very abrasive soil.

9. STAIN RESISTANCE (ASTM 1378 test method)

This test is intended to determine the resistance to staining of tile surfaces. Class A – provides maximum stain resistance


While not a part of the ANSI A137.1 standard, in submerged applications, the TCNA standards require that 95% of the back of the tile be in contact with the thinset. Care must be taken when choosing a porcelain tile for an aquatic environment, to ensure that the combination of the mesh and glue to not occupy more than 5% of the contact surface. It’s easy to evaluate the mesh, but not the glue. Worse yet, is if the glues soften in water.

Selecting The Best Pool Tile Materials

To summarize when selecting the best pool tile materials for aquatic applications we would desire the following minimum characteristics:

1. DCOF – not critical in submerged applications, but values of ≥0.42 for flooring, ≥0.60 wet/dry floors.

2. Water Absorption – Impervious, Tiles exhibiting 0.5% or less.



5. BREAKING STRENGTH – Exceed PSI loads.

6. CHEMICAL RESISTANCE – Chemical resistant.

7. SHADE VARIATIONS – purely cosmetic.



10. MOUNTING METHOD – free of glue and mesh backing.

Below are the equivalent US / ISO European standards:

  • Slip Resistance: TCNA DCOF Acutest / ISO NONE
  • Abrasion Resistance Glazed ASTM C1027/ISO 10545-7
  • Frost Resistance ASTM C1026 / ISO 10543-12
  • Water Absorption ASTM C373 / ISO 10545-3
  • Chemical Resistance ASTM C650 / ISO 10545-13
  • Break Strength ASTM C648 / ISO 10545-4
  • Stain Resistance ASTM C1378 / ISO 10545-14
  • Scratch Hardness MOHS Scale / ISO MOH Scale
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Paolo Benedetti is the President of Aquatic Technology and better known on social media as the "Swimming Pool Expert Witness". Paolo is an instructor at Watershape University and has authored a myriad of articles on the finer points of pool construction and design. He is a pioneer in the field of aquatic design, constantly pushing the envelope, creating a number of firsts that spawned new trends in the industry.

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Finally, a Luxury Pool Float You Can Take Anywhere



Finally, a Luxury Pool Lounger You Can Take Anywhere

Picture yourself in a state of pure relaxation, gently swaying on a floating oasis, completely immersed in the soothing embrace of water. With the Laze Hammock by Ledge Lounger, this dream becomes a reality. This remarkable hammock-style luxury pool float is designed to redefine your leisure experiences, whether at the poolside, on a boat trip, or during a beach vacation. The exceptional features of the Laze Hammock make it the epitome of mobile comfort and convenience.

The luxury pool float is priced from $249-$299 on
The luxury pool float is priced from $249-$299 on

An Exciting New Pool Float by Ledge Lounger

The Laze Hammock offers a premium submerged lounging experience far more luxurious than a typical pool float or conventional loungers. Comprised of two buoyant pillows connected by a fabric sling, this hammock is ingeniously designed to offer maximum comfort and support. Its buoyant foam bead filling allows you to effortlessly float on the water’s surface.

Available in a wide array of captivating colors, you can choose the one that perfectly complements your outdoor oasis.

Laze Hammock by Ledge Lounger - Optional Colors: Bold Jungle, Shibori Blue, Pearly Swirls, Blend Indigo, Canvas Mineral Blue, Nautical Knots
Optional Colors: Bold Jungle, Shibori Blue, Pearly Swirls, Blend Indigo, Canvas Mineral Blue, Nautical Knots

Bring It Wherever There’s Water!

Ledge Lounger fully understands the demands of various aquatic environments, and the Laze Hammock certainly rises to the occasion. Made with fade-resistant marine-grade fabrics, this pool float retains its vibrant colors, even after prolonged exposure to sunlight and pool chemicals.

Whether you prefer the chlorinated waters of a pool or the salty embrace of the sea, the Laze Hammock is up to the challenge. Its mold and mildew-resistant foam beads ensure a long-lasting, hygienic lounging experience.

Have float will travel, this luxury pool float is ready to take anywhere there's water.
Have float will travel, this luxury pool float is ready to take anywhere there’s water.

Why This Luxury Pool Float is a Hit With Consumers:

  • High Quality Materials: The Laze Hammock by Ledge Lounger is not only a pinnacle of comfort but also made from high-quality durable materials and designed to support up to 250 pounds.
  • Removable Cover and Machine Washable Fabrics: Ledge Lounger understands that poolside lounging can sometimes lead to spills and stains. They’ve designed the Laze Hammock with removable and machine-washable covers which means you can easily keep your hammock looking fresh and pristine, even after countless hours of enjoyment.
  • 1-Year Warranty: The Laze Hammock comes with a 1-year warranty on any manufacturer defects.

Unlike cumbersome inflatables or loungers with complicated assembly instructions, the Laze Hammock arrives pre-filled with buoyant foam beads, ready to elevate your relaxation experience from the moment you unfold it. Its hassle-free design allows you to effortlessly roll it up and secure it with the built-in carrying strap. This convenient feature enables you to take your Laze Hammock on the go, whether it’s a spontaneous trip to the pool, a boat excursion, or a beach getaway. Simply grab it and indulge in the ultimate relaxation wherever there’s water.

4.9/5 - (38 votes)
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Pool Equipment

Aiper Pool Cleaners – We Look At 4 New Products For 2023

Get to know Aiper’s 2023 Robotic Pool Cleaners



Aiper's New 2023 Pool Cleaners

When it comes to pool maintenance, Aiper has been making waves in the industry with their line of robotic pool cleaners. Consumers have been impressed by the technology and quality, and let’s face it, the price point. With a rapidly increasing base of customers, they have fast become a trusted brand with pool owners. We got to take a sneak peek of their new products earlier this year at the International Pool Spa Patio Expo in Las Vegas and then caught up again with them at CES. On both occasions, there was a line in front of their booth of folks waiting to see the latest products.

Aiper 2023 Pool Cleaners

With their 2023 lineup of pool cleaners, Aiper continues to impress pool owners and professionals alike with cutting-edge technology and superior cleaning performance. We’ll take a look at what’s new and delve into the exciting features of Aiper’s 2023 products Seagull SE and Seagull Plus, as well as the Elite Pro and the Seagull Pro.

Aiper's 2023 Product Line Include the Seagull SE, Seagull Plus, Elite Pro, and Seagull Pro
Aiper’s 2023 Product Line Include the Seagull SE, Seagull Plus, Elite Pro, and Seagull Pro

Aiper Seagull SE

Let’s start with the Seagull SE. This cleaner really is an above-ground pool owner’s dream as it does quite a lot at a very attractive price point, consequently, it’s become one of the best-selling above-ground cleaners on Amazon and is highly rated by consumers with 4/5 stars.

Aiper Seagull SE

This cordless robotic pool cleaner eliminates the hassle of messy hoses and tangled cords. With a simple power-on and submerge, the Seagull SE automatically begins its cleaning process, giving you a hands-free experience. The increased battery life is a significant improvement, taking only 2.5 hours to fully charge and providing over 90 minutes of continuous cleaning.

2023 Aiper Seagull SE

The Seagull SE is ideal for above-ground pools or small in-ground with flat floors. Powerful dual-drive motors ensure a thorough cleaning by effortlessly tracking down and collecting various types of dirt and debris.

The self-parking feature brings an added touch of convenience as the cleaner automatically stops near the edge of your pool when the battery is low or the cleaning cycle is complete. With its LED indicator, you can easily keep track of the cleaner’s status. The Seagull SE truly lets your robot do the dirty work, giving you back your weekends to enjoy your pool.

Aiper Seagull Plus

Next up, the Seagull Plus takes cleaning performance to the next level. This cordless pool vacuum boasts stronger power suction and an extended cleaning time of 110 minutes. Equipped with powerful dual-drive motors, the Seagull Plus effortlessly tackles all types of debris, from dirt to stones, providing you with a pristine pool.

Aiper Seagull Plus

The cordless design ensures easy setup with one-click activation, making it a hassle-free experience. With its longer battery life, the Seagull Plus is perfect for larger round above-ground pools or in-ground flat-floored pools.

2023 Aiper Seagull Plus

Additionally, the sophisticated water release system drains the cleaner in seconds, allowing for easy retrieval and portability. The LED indicator keeps you informed about the cleaner’s status, ensuring a worry-free cleaning experience. Let the Seagull Plus do the dirty work while you enjoy your free time.

Aiper Elite Pro

For those looking to venture into the wall climber market, Aiper introduces the Elite Pro. This cordless robotic pool cleaner is designed to tackle not only the pool floor but also the pool walls, making it suitable for all pool types, including above ground and in-ground pools of any shape. With its dual motor system and large inlet, the Elite Pro excels in collecting and filtering more dirt and debris, saving you time and leaving you with a crystal-clear pool.

Aiper Elite Pro

Despite its remarkable cleaning capabilities, the Elite Pro weighs only 10 pounds, making it ultra-portable and easy to handle. The quick water release feature ensures effortless storage. Fast charging and improved battery life are additional benefits, with a full charge taking only 2-2.5 hours and providing up to 120 minutes of cleaning time.

2023 Aiper Elite Pro

When the battery is low, the Elite Pro’s self-parking ability automatically brings it near the pool’s edge for easy retrieval. Coupled with a 2-year warranty and worry-free customer service, the Elite Pro is a great addition to Aiper’s lineup.

Aiper Seagull Pro

Lastly, we have the Seagull Pro, Aiper’s most advanced pool cleaner to date. This cordless robotic pool cleaner is a powerhouse that rivals more sophisticated wall climbers like the Polaris 9450 and the Dolphin Nautilus CC. Featuring the world’s first quad-motor system and WavePath Navigation Technology, the Seagull Pro delivers maximum efficiency at a minimal cost.

Aiper Seagull Pro

With its four-wheel drive system, the Seagull Pro effortlessly climbs pool walls and effectively scrubs the waterline, providing a comprehensive cleaning experience. The quad-motor system utilizes up to 200W of power to filter 130 gallons of water per minute, ensuring superior suction and trapping even the smallest debris, from leaves to dirt, pebbles, and sticks. The Seagull Pro’s cleaning modes allow you to target specific trouble spots in your pool, ensuring a thorough clean every time.

Aiper Seagull Pro Robotic Pool Cleaners

One of the standout features of the Seagull Pro is its WavePath Navigation, which enables the pool vacuum to work under a fixed pattern, unlike traditional random patterns. This advanced navigation system maximizes pool coverage while minimizing energy consumption, making it 10 times more energy-efficient compared to other pool cleaners. The cordless design eliminates the hassle of tangled cords and complicated accessories. Simply drop the Seagull Pro into the pool, and it will take care of the cleaning while you enjoy your leisure time.

2023 Aiper Seagull Pro Robotic Cleaner

With an impressive runtime of up to 180 minutes, the Seagull Pro offers 60% longer battery life compared to other pool cleaners. Thanks to the improved battery system, the built-in 9000mAh battery powers the Seagull Pro for extended cleaning sessions. And with a shortened charging time of just 90 minutes, you can get back to enjoying your pool sooner.

The Seagull Pro is designed to handle pools of all shapes, including in-ground and above-ground pools, and can clean pools up to 3200 square feet in size. Its versatility and power make it an ideal choice for pool owners seeking a high-performance pool cleaner that can tackle even the most challenging cleaning tasks.

Yes, there’s plenty to be excited about and with this fresh lineup of products. Aiper has underscored that they plan to continue to refine and improve upon their product line.

Watch a video to see Aiper’s unveiling of their next generation of pool cleaners.

As you gear up for the summer season, we hope this look at Aiper’s 2023 lineup of pool cleaners has helped better educate you about their latest products and has given you some insights into the exciting features and capabilities of these innovative products. Get ready to make the most of your pool and have an Aiper cleaner do the hard work for you.

4.8/5 - (54 votes)
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The Future of Pool Sanitization is Here

HydraPure (AOP) is a cutting-edge system that effectively eliminates harmful bacteria and algae, leaving your pool clear and sparkling.



The future of pool sanitization is here and Hayward’s HydraPure Advanced Oxidation System (AOP) is set to revolutionize the pool industry. The new system offers an all-in-one sanitization solution that keeps your pool sparkling clear and free from harmful bacteria and algae.

Pool owners know that keeping their pools clean and healthy is a top priority. However, traditional chlorine sanitization systems can be harsh on skin and hair, and often leave behind a chemical smell. The HydraPure system, on the other hand, uses an advanced oxidation process (AOP) that combines UV and ozone to form hydroxyl radicals, eliminating 99.9% of chlorine-resistant bacteria and viruses.

The benefits of the HydraPure system are numerous. First and foremost, it reduces the amount of chlorine required for effective sanitization, cutting chloramines by 50% to create softer, gentler water that is more pleasant to swim in. The system operates efficiently with low head loss at flow rates ranging from 10-120 GPM, making it a versatile option for pool owners. And, with an easy-to-use rotatable lid for access to the control panel, the system is simple to install and operate.

One of the key benefits of the HydraPure system is its eco-friendliness. By reducing the amount of chlorine required, the system helps to minimize the impact of pool chemicals on the environment. In addition, the system is easy to winterize, making it a low-maintenance option for pool owners.

The HydraPure system is also backed by a 3-year limited warranty and a 1-year limited warranty on UV and ozone lamps when purchased from a Totally Hayward Partner. This gives pool owners peace of mind knowing that their investment is protected.

But what sets the HydraPure system apart from other sanitization options on the market? The answer lies in its advanced oxidation process (AOP). The AOP technology used in the HydraPure system combines UV and ozone to form hydroxyl radicals. These radicals are incredibly effective at destroying bacteria and viruses, even those that are resistant to chlorine.

Learn more about HydraPure by Hayward

UV is a well-established technology for pool sanitization, as it is effective at killing bacteria and viruses that pass through the system. However, it has limitations, as it only kills organisms that are exposed to the UV light. Ozone, on the other hand, is a powerful oxidizer that is effective at destroying contaminants in the water. However, it can be difficult to control, and can be toxic in high concentrations.

The HydraPure system overcomes the limitations of both UV and ozone by combining them in a way that maximizes their effectiveness. The hydroxyl radicals that are formed by the combination of UV and ozone are incredibly reactive, and are able to destroy a wide range of contaminants in the water.

The HydraPure system also has the ability to reduce the amount of chlorine required for effective sanitization. This is because the hydroxyl radicals created by the system are able to destroy contaminants that would normally require higher levels of chlorine to eliminate. This not only makes the water more pleasant to swim in, but also reduces the impact of pool chemicals on the environment.

We’re excited about the HydraPure and it’s a revolutionary advancement in pool sanitization. The system is easy to install and operate, and is eco-friendly, making it a great option for pool owners who want to keep their pools clean and healthy while minimizing their impact on the environment. With a 3-year limited warranty and a 1-year limited warranty on UV and ozone lamps when purchased from a Totally Hayward Partner, the HydraPure system is a smart investment for any pool owner looking for a better way to keep their pool clean and healthy.

4.8/5 - (33 votes)
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