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The Cost of Constructing a Luxury Inground Pool



The Cost of Constructing a Luxury Inground Pool

Luxury inground pools are indisputably great sources of fun and relaxation. Even so, these breathtaking features can take a toll on your budget. Luxury inground pools are slightly more expensive compared to regular pools. This is because they are more customized and incorporate a broad spectrum of water features. Therefore, if you are constructing a luxury inground pool, it would be best to prepare yourself mentally and financially.

The Cost of Constructing a Luxury Inground Pool

Furthermore, it is crucial to employ a reputable pool construction company to turn your pool dreams into reality. Keep in mind that one mistake during construction can cost a fortune. Therefore, be careful with the contractor you choose to handle your luxury inground pool project. 

Costs of constructing a luxury inground pool

Typically, the costs of installing a luxury inground pool varies depending on various factors. Some of these factors include the pool size, the pool type, and the design. The bigger the pool, the more you should expect to spend. But generally, expect to pay approximately $35,000 to $100,000 when constructing a luxury inground pool. These costs could be more or less depending on the pool type. Vinyl pools are the cheapest, while concrete pools are the most expensive. At the end of the day, always install a swimming pool that matches your requirements.

Luxury inground pool cost

Luxury inground pools often come with additional costs due to extra water features. So, always add about $2,000 to $10,000 on water features when constructing a luxury inground pool. Needless to say, the total costs will utterly depend on the size of the pool, location, and material.

How much do water features in luxury inground pools cost?

Beach Entry 

The cost of a beach entry pool often varies depending on your pool contractor. But most people end up spending about $50 to $125 per square foot. A beach entry modifies your pool into a first-class haven. Besides, it makes swimming experiences fun. These features resemble a gradual slope descending into the pool. Here, you can walk into the pool as you would walk into the beach. At the end of the day, beach entries are worth the cost.

Lap Pool Cost

If you wish to install a lap pool, expect to spend about $20,000 to $70,000. Lap pools are often considered luxury inground pools. These pools deliver excellent functionality and aesthetics. Professional swimmers use lap pools to practice for upcoming competitions. Like most pools, you can spice it up using a wide range of water features. So, the cost of a lap pool depends on the water features installed and the size.

Backyard Lagoon Pool Costs

Building a lagoon pool in your backyard will cost you approximately $50,000 to $150,000. The price range depends on the design you choose. Lagoon pools transform your yard into a first-class destination resort; that’s why they are costly. If you are looking for a tropical addition to your landscape, consider installing a lagoon pool.

Inground Pool with Hot Tub Prices

One of the most luxurious water features you can add to your pool is a hot tub. Hot tubs are increasingly becoming more popular among most homeowners. These features offer excellent functionality since they enable you to destress and unwind after a grueling day. Installing a pool with a hot tub costs approximately $30,000 to $70,000. This price varies based on the size of the hot tub. If you want to add a hot tub separately or on an existing pool, expect to spend about $6,000 to $15,000.

Inground Pool Lights

Pool lighting is common in most luxury inground pools. Today, there are many types of inground pool lights, from LED to halogen. Pool owners should expect to spend approximately $700 to $1,800 on pool light installation. Although Led lights are the most expensive, they offer the highest durability. Therefore, never fail to install pool lighting on a luxury inground pool.

Waterfalls or Water Features

Rock waterfalls are unquestionably fantastic features to install in your pool. However, a rock waterfall costs approximately $1,500 to $15,000. The costs can be lower or higher; it all depends on the size and design of the waterfall. The more complex the design of the waterfall, the more expensive it will be.

Diving Board or Slide

Pool slides can keep your children occupied during the summer holidays. So, consider installing this feature in your luxury inground pool. It costs about $900 to $20,000 to install a pool slide. Although expensive, these features offer value for money.


The cost of constructing a luxury inground pool varies between $35,000 to $100,000. However, the price varies depending on the pool type, design, and additional water features. If you want to add extra water features, expect to ad $2,000 to $10,000 on top of the pool construction costs.

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Pool News coverage brought to you by Pool Magazine's own Marcus Packer. Marcus Packer is a 20 year pool industry veteran pool builder and pool service technician. In addition to being a swimming pool professional, Marcus has been a writer and long time contributor for Newsweek Magazine's home improvement section and more recently for Florida Travel + Life. Have a story idea or tip you'd like to share with Pool Magazine? Email your story idea.

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Claffey Pools Acquired by Riverbend Sandler Pools



Claffey Pools Acquired by Riverbend Sandler Pools

The pool industry has seen a spate of recent acquisition announcements. The latest, being the recent acquisition of Claffey pools by Riverbend Sandler Pools. Backed by Chicago-based Concentric Equity Partners, they are continuing efforts to consolidate the swimming pool construction and maintenance industry in the Dallas-Fort Worth market.

The acquisition agreement was signed on December 31, 2021 but only made public on Thursday. Full details about the exact terms of the deal were not disclosed.

This marks the third major pool builder purchased by the holding company, after acquiring Pulliam Pools back in November. The acquisition of the Fort Worth-based firm made it one of the nation’s largest pool construction companies.

This recent acquisition of Claffey Pools which is ranked within the nations top pool construction companies with about $32 million in reported residential construction revenue in 2020. A builder of high-end inground swimming pools, Claffey’s average pool project costs around $142,000.

Riverbend Sandler intends to make considerable advancements by acquiring existing service and maintenance companies, in addition to focusing on construction. Consequently, they hope to become a key service provider in the state’s pool service and maintenance sector.

This in itself appears to be a key decision point for the Claffeys who are looking to expand their pool service and maintenance divisions. Last year’s Texas Pool freeze caused unprecedented amounts of damage across the Lone Star state and saw Claffey perform over 1,000 repairs as a result.

In regards to any restructuring of the organization, the Claffeys, along with their 95 employees, will remain with the company. Riverbend Sandler has announced its intentions to continue its expansion. It will continue to concentrate on Texas, for the time being, looking seriously to expand into the Austin, Houston, and San Antonio markets after having established the predominant marketshare in the Dallas area.

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GENESIS Announces Newest Platinum Sponsor: Pool Magazine




GENESIS Platinum Sponsor - Pool Magazine

(Alexandria, Va.) – GENESIS is pleased to announce its newest Platinum Sponsor, Pool Magazine. The GENESIS sponsorship program showcases companies that are dedicated to the highest standards of best practices, quality, and ethics in the pool and spa industry.

“We look forward to collaborating with PHTA and expanding our relationship as a Platinum Sponsor,” says Joe Trusty, CEO & Editor-in-Chief. “We are excited for this next chapter and look forward to making a positive impact on the industry.”

As a Platinum Sponsor, Pool Magazine will have the opportunity to maximize its brand visibility, connect with thousands of engaged industry professionals, and unlock valuable opportunities.

“We are delighted to add Pool Magazine to our distinguished list of Platinum Sponsors,” says Janay Rickwalder, Vice President of Communications and Public Relations of PHTA. “Pool Magazine has everything we look for in a partner: quality services that can benefit our members, an understanding of the importance of continuing education, and a finger on the pulse of industry trends. I am excited for this collaboration and to working together in 2022.”

For more information, please contact Janay Rickwalder, PHTA’s Vice President of Communications and Public Relations, at or 703.357.3918.


About the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance 

The Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA), a non-profit organization with nearly 3,500 members from around the world, was established in 1956 to support, promote, and protect the common interests of the $36.5B pool, hot tub and spa industry. PHTA provides education, advocacy, standards development, research, and market growth to increase our members’ professionalism, knowledge and profitability. Additionally, PHTA facilitates the expansion of swimming, water safety and related research and outreach activities aimed at introducing more people to swimming, making swimming environments safer and keeping pools open to serve communities. For more information, visit

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Pool Contractors Gift New Pool To Grandma After Disaster



Pool Contractors Gift New Pool to 80 Year Old Grandmother in Indianapolis

A group of pool contractors are the answer to one homeowners prayers. For years, Kitty Smitth, an 80-year old resident of Indianapolis, had dreamed of having an inground swimming pool for her 29 grandchildren and great-grandchildren to enjoy. Smith had just recently used her life savings to purchase a home and property in South Indianapolis that she was hoping would allow her to finally realize those dreams.

Smith acknowledges that the home she purchased needed a lot of work inside, but held out hope of enjoying the backyard with her family. For Smith and her grandchildren, the backyard pool meant a safe haven from the dangers of the pandemic that was sweeping across the country last summer.

“They were here, swimming and playing. I can’t tell you how great that was. This has just been my dream my whole life,” she told reporters.

Smith’s pool collapsed after a snowstorm this February. Photo Credit: WTHR

Future summer dreams would be put to an end this February when a winter storm caused her pool to collapse into a heap of disintegrating concrete and collapsed fiberglass walls. Smith was horrified to find that her backyard pool had collapsed in on itself in the night. “My whole body just started going numb and shaking. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” she told reporters.

An engineering report was conducted to determine the cause of the failure. Analysis determined that a leak may have contributed to its collapse. A new pool cover, which had just been installed, combined with the inadequate water level in the pool may have contributed to adding stress on the walls of the pool.

To add insult to injury, Smith quickly found out that her homeowners insurance would not cover the damage. Despite being a customer of the same company for over 40 years and having a policy that includes the replacement cost of an inground pool, her insurance company refused to pay a cent. They claimed her policy excluded any leak in the structure of the pool.

Smith was faced with an impossible problem. The cost of installing a new inground pool would be at least $60,000 plus an additional $20,000 for hauling away the debris from the old pool that had collapsed. “I just put everything into my house”, Smith told reporters, indicating that she didn’t have the financial resources to rebuild the pool. She stated that she felt like her insurance company had left her high and dry.

Smith contacted investigative reporters and discussed her problem with them. The reporters shared her story with some folks they knew in the pool industry that could help lend a hand. Ultimately, eight separate Indiana companies came together headed up under Automatic Pool Covers owner, Michael Shebek. Shebek pooled his resources and network to help put together a team that will help rebuild Smith’s backyard.

What is truly incredible about this story is that although some of the companies on this list are competitors, they are all united in the single goal to help one local resident recover the usage of her pool.

Shortly before the Thanksgiving holiday, Smith was greeted with the surprise of a lifetime. The contractors who have agreed to rebuild her pool at zero cost, showed up at her house along with the 13news team to break the good news. Overwhelmed with emotion, Smith hugged them all and said “I don’t know your names but I know your hearts,” telling the contractors, “I love you.”

A team of local pool contractors has vowed to help Smith rebuild her pool. Photo Credit: WTHR

Smith will hopefully have a new pool to enjoy with her grandchildren this summer. The contractors have all assured her that the unsightly mess in her backyard will be removed and a new pool installed. The entire cost of the project is estimated to cost approximately $90,000.

“Just no words. There aren’t words big enough to thank everyone,” Smith said. “I’m just so thankful.”

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