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Pool Fences Are Getting Smarter, But Has U.S. Law?

Smart pool monitor devices use A.I. as a virtual water watcher beyond the pool fence.



Pool fences are getting much smarter these days. As a result, artificial intelligence is bound to play a larger role in securing the pool perimeter in years to come. It’s only fitting that as our homes have gotten smarter, that our swimming pools should as well.

These days, you’re likely to find a slew of smart technologies both inside the home as well as in the backyard. Modern homes are equipped with everything from biometric door locks, to refrigerators that update your grocery list when you’re running low on milk. However, when looking at ways to better protect your family, adding a smarter pool fence just makes sense.

No Standardized U.S. Pool Fence Laws

Presently, swimming pool fences are mandatory in many parts of the country. While there are no federal laws in place, individual states have taken to institute their own laws pertaining to pool fencing. States like Arizona, Florida, California, and Texas all have stringent requirements in place for residential swimming pools. There are rigid guidelines in place for how high a pool fence must be, as well as inherent safety measures they must meet to be in accordance with state laws.

Practical state safety standards for Pool Fences are not yet mandated by U.S. law for residential pools

Practical state safety standards for Pool Fences are not yet mandated by U.S. law for residential swimming pools:

  • Residential pools should be equipped with an approved safety pool cover.
  • Doors and windows providing direct access to the pool should be equipped with a high-pitched alarm.
  • Doors providing direct access from the home to the pool must be equipped with a self-closing, self-latching device with a release mechanism placed no lower than 54 inches above the floor.
  • Pools should be equipped with a swimming pool alarm sounding upon detection of unauthorized entrance into the water. Such pool alarm must meet and be independently certified to ASTM Standard F2208, titled “Standard Safety Specification for Residential Pool Alarms,” which includes surface motion, pressure, sonar, laser, and infrared alarms.

Concerning Statistics

Pool safety is arguably one of the most important topics of discussion in the industry. With over 236,000 annual accidental drownings reported, it is a critical issue. It also happens to be the number one cause of death amongst children aged 1-4 (according to a New England Journal of Medicine study).

Recent reports indicate that incidents actually tripled in some states during 2020. The average number of cases has increased roughly 15% during the pandemic. It’s an alarming statistic that experts are concerned is trending in the wrong direction.

Despite a concerted effort to better educate consumers, and more states putting laws in place to mandate fences for residential pools, the numbers are going up. This could very well coincide with an increasing number of homeowners installing inground and above-ground pools.

Smart Pool Monitors Act as a Second Set of Eyes on the Pool Area

When purchasing a pool, homeowners are increasingly looking to incorporate technology that will provide them with security and peace of mind. Putting up a pool fence and adding a safety cover are obvious methods to mitigate potential accidents. In addition, adding smart monitoring devices that utilize technology like artificial intelligence, is a great 2nd line of defense that acts a virtual water-watcher for the swimming pool.

Sai Reddy of CamerEye, a San Diego-based firm that makes one of the most popular pool monitor devices on the market said, “What we’re talking about is adding an additional layer of safety. Now we’re able to provide immediate detection when there is unauthorized entry around the pool perimeter. We’re also able to detect early distress behavior using A. I. technology.”

How Pool Monitoring Devices Save Lives

Incorporating this type of technology is not yet the standard in the pool industry. However given the rising number of fatalities, many are wondering if it should be. This type of technology provides homeowners with the ability to draw an invisible boundary line around the pool area. Pool monitors provide an instant alert when there is distress in the pool, even coupling the ability to call 9-11 in case of an emergency.

Waiting For Much Needed Pool Fencing Regulation

Consumers are still largely on their own when it comes to researching local laws and regulations pertaining to fencing. While laws for public pools across the nation largely mandate fencing, we’re still waiting for U.S. laws to regulate laws for residential pools. Is it the law of the land to have a physical barrier around every residential pool in the country? No, it isn’t. Should it be? Absolutely.

While adding a pool fence is a great first line of defense, in light of the new information we’re seeing from credible reporting bodies, clearly, there is a need for pool monitors to pick up the slack where both pool fences and U.S. laws leave off.

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Editor in Chief of Pool Magazine - Joe Trusty is also CEO of, the leading digital agency for the pool industry. An internet entrepreneur, software developer, author, and marketing professional with a long history in the pool industry. Joe oversees the writing and creative staff at Pool Magazine. To contact Joe Trusty email or call (916) 467-9118 during normal business hours. For submissions, please send your message to

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Cleaning and Service Equipment and Supplies

Best Robot Pool Cleaners & Pool Monitors



Best Robot Pool Cleaners & Pool Monitors

Swimming pools are indisputably excellent sources of enjoyment and relaxation. Even so, cleaning and maintaining a pool is not a walk in the park. Pool maintenance usually consumes a lot of time and effort. Unfortunately, you can never skip pool maintenance if you want to maintain crystal clear pool water. On average, you need to clean your pool at least twice a week. Moreover, you need to ensure you have balanced water chemistry at all times. Fortunately, there is a wide range of pool cleaning equipment you can use to keep your pool in good shape. In this article, we look at the best robot pool cleaners of 2021.

Best Robot Pool Cleaners & Pool Monitors

2021 best robot pool cleaners

The pool filter is usually responsible for getting rid of dirt and debris in your pool. However, some particles may be too large to go through the filter. As a result, you need to use a vacuum or robotic pool cleaner to clean the pool. At present, there is a wide range of robot pool cleaners in the market. Each offers unique functionality.

There are two primary types of automatic pool cleaners; pressure cleaners and robotic cleaners. Both deliver excellent functionality. But pressure cleaners usually depend on the pool filter and pump to function. At times, they rely on a booster pump to operate. On the flip side, robotic cleaners depend on electricity to function and work independently. Also, some robotic cleaners use smart technology like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to function.

Factors to consider when buying a robotic pool cleaner

Typically, robot pool cleaners incorporate a head unit responsible for running all operations of the cleaner. You can set a robotic cleaner to work at your preferred timings during the day. Most robotic pool cleaners have floor and wall cleaning options. In addition, pool professionals usually advise getting a robotic pool cleaner that cleans the waterline. Such pool cleaners reduce the need for brushing your pool surfaces. Nevertheless, these robotic pool cleaners tend to be more expensive.

All robot pool cleaners use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi systems to function. Thus, you can easily control the robotic cleaner using a smartphone app. You can start and stop the robotic cleaner at any time. When buying a pool cleaner, always buy one with a quality debris canister. The debris canister is responsible for trapping debris in the pool. After cleaning the pool, you need to empty and remove the canister according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Another factor to consider when buying a robotic pool cleaner is the size and shape of your pool. If you have a complex pool design, buy a robotic cleaner that can navigate tough corners. Also, if your pool has steps, choose a robotic cleaner that can go up the steps.

Different types of robot pool cleaners

It is important to note that robot pool cleaners are costly. Thus, before purchasing this equipment, ensure you analyze your requirements. Even so, pool experts report that robotic pool cleaners are worth the purchase.

DOLPHIN Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner with Bluetooth and Massive Top-Load Cartridge Filters, Ideal for Pools up to 50 Feet.

Hassle-free clean. Easy-to-use, robotic pool cleaner equipped with an anti-tangling swivel cable, allowing Sigma to move freely around large residential pools up to 50 feet with ease. Backed by a 3 year quality assurance.

$1,497 on Amazon

Polaris Alpha IQ+

This is one of the best robotic pool cleaners you can find in the market. The Polaris Alpha IQ+ incorporates a fast and straightforward installation process. Also, it does an excellent job of helping you maintain crystal clear pool water. You can find it for about $1,458.96 on Amazon

Aquabot Turbo T4RC

Another robotic pool cleaner is the Aquabot Turbo T4RC. It is lightweight and uses a series of brushes to keep the pool clean. You can find it on Amazon for as low as $1,999.

Polaris 9550 Sport

Best Robot Pool Cleaners & Pool Monitors

Another Polaris robotic cleaner is the Polaris 9550 Sport that goes for approximately $1299 on Amazon. This cleaner is ideal for getting rid of dirt on pool surfaces of inground pools.

Smart pool water monitors

Maintaining balanced water chemistry is essential. Currently, there are several pieces of equipment specially designed to check the pool pH, calcium hardness, and chlorine levels. Smart monitor systems do this job and send measurements to your smartphone app every day.

WaterGuru Sense

This smart monitor system is specially designed to stay in the pool skimmer. The WaterGuru Sense smart monitor measures the pool pH and chlorine levels. You can find it on Amazon for as low as $295.


Another smart monitor system is the cFloat. This system helps you improve water quality at all times. It goes for approximately $399 on Amazon.

Sutro Smart Pool Water Monitor

This smart monitor helps you know your pool chemistry. Also, it advises you on all the chemical adjustments you need to make. Purchasing a Sutro smart pool water monitor costs approximately $199.


Today, there is a wide range of smart pool equipment. Before purchasing any pool equipment, ensure you evaluate all your requirements.

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Smart Goggles Are Like a Peloton for Swimmers



Smart Goggles Are Like a Peloton for Swimmers

Using goggles is one of the best ways to stay on track while swimming. Smart goggles help you stay focused and check your timer as your swim. Thus, these swimming accessories enable you to monitor your progress.

Smart Goggles Are Like a Peloton for Swimmers

Understanding smart goggles for swimmers

FORM, a Canadian tech company, innovated smart goggles for swimming in 2019. These swimming goggles were specially designed to provide excellent performance and functionality. They incorporate a modern design and deliver a hands-free performance. The company recently upgraded this product. Now, these swimming goggles enable your trainer to watch you. Ultimately, swimming goggles are an essential accessory for your pool.

These swimming goggles also enable you to make it through challenging exercise sessions. You can subscribe to a wide range of swimming workouts through the smartphone app. The FORM smartphone app allows users to monitor their progress and check for areas of improvement.

Different smart goggle varieties

If you are a beginner, choosing a particular workout that works best for you can be challenging. Remember, there are hundreds of swimming workouts in the app. The type of workout you choose often depends on your requirements. Each workout incorporates a different level of speed and distance. Suppose you are a starter; it would be best to settle with workouts featuring short distances. Also, note that there are several workouts with offers. Some of the workouts you are likely to find on this app include Growth mindset and Swim yoga. Also, there are intense workouts like freestyle monster and the boss.

Every workout usually has a set of instructions and tutorials. This helps you complete the workout without difficulty. Also, each workout gives a detailed explanation of all equipment needed for the workout. Besides offering different workouts, the smart swim goggles usually tell you when to start and stop swimming and when to wear swimming equipment. These goggles also help you receive updates from time to time as you swim.

Do smart goggles have disadvantages?

Although smart goggles provide excellent functionality, there are several downsides that come with them. The smart goggles may not offer a clear vision when swimming. Thus, they are only perfect for use in less crowded pools. It can be hard to see swimmers in front and avoid head-on collisions even with these goggles.

Another common disadvantage of smart goggles is that they continue monitoring your progress even when you take them off to get rid of excess water. Also, when you try adjusting them when swimming, they won’t stop recording your progress. As a result, the swimming tracker won’t deliver accurate results. Generally, you need to wear your goggles at all times. However, you have to be careful not to move them around as much. Otherwise, you would have to stop frequently to adjust them.

Additionally, it is essential to note that the swimming goggles won’t record your progress until you finish the entire workout. So, avoid pausing in the middle. Otherwise, you will have to start over and over again. This is both an advantage and disadvantage. The goggles help you stay persistent in your workout.

Smart goggles are worth a try

Indisputably, the smart goggles are worth the purchase. These swimming equipment offer a broad spectrum of benefits. You can easily track your swimming progress using these smart goggles. Therefore, if you struggle to complete full laps, these goggles will give you the right motivation. When you wear these goggles, you won’t have to purchase a wrist tracker. The goggles will do all the work for you. Not to mention, the workouts offered by the FORM smart app are out of this world.

Final takeaway

Ultimately, it is pleasing to see how much smart googles offer. Nevertheless, it is essential to note that this swimming equipment also carries several drawbacks. For example, they do not pause tracking your progress when you stop during a swim. All in all, if you are looking to get out of your comfort zone, the smart goggles got you covered.

There are different payment methods for paying for subscriptions. You can choose either yearly or monthly subscriptions. The price varies depending on the type of workouts. However, the average cost of a subscription is $19.99.

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Cleaning and Service Equipment and Supplies

Dealing With the Trichlor Shortage Head On



Dealing With the Trichlor Shortage Head On

The recent fire that destroyed the chemical plant in Louisiana is the main reason for the current chlorine shortage. As a result, a good percentage of pool companies were adversely affected. At the same time, some pool companies remained unaffected by these events and have been able to carry on business as usual. Such companies relied on other pool sanitation systems like saltwater systems and baquacil.

Dealing With the Trichlor Shortage Head On

But generally, the shortage of chlorine is a big challenge for many pool owners. There has been a significant rise in the price of chlorine due to increased demand.

How did pool professionals deal with tricholor shortage?

Once the news hit home, pool experts came up with several strategies to deal with this sudden shortage of chlorine. President of Patio Pleasures Pools & Spas, Rene Huston, said that trichlor shortage forced them to stock up in excess. This way, they would still have supplies in the next swimming pool peak season. Although this was a good idea, they realized that the demand was too high. In particular, the demand was three times than what we would sell in normal seasons.”

Most pool companies stocked up the chlorine in excess to deal with the shortage. Even so, this strategy also comes with other challenges. When you decide to stockpile chlorine, you need to create safe storage space. As a result, pool product suppliers have had to expand their warehouses to accommodate excess stock. Aside from creating a stock house, you need a lot of money to purchase chlorine in bulk. Unfortunately, very few pool experts have enough cash to stockpile.

What were the early signs of chlorine shortage?

People started noticing the shortage of chlorine by a sudden hike in prices. Before, pool owners bought a 50-lb buck of 3-inch unwrapped tablets at $70 to $75. Last year., the price rose to $125. Thus, pool owners had to pay almost twice what they used to pay to get chlorine tablets.

CEO/RMO of Cline Commercial Pool Service in California, Lori Ann Cline, says that she received a notice that the price of chorine would rise by approximately 15 to 20% during summer. Therefore, her company had no choice other than increase their prices to retain their profits. Contrary to popular belief, the increase in prices has not helped them deal with scarcity. In fact, most of their suppliers are currently reducing their purchases every week. So, they cannot buy as much chlorine as they would wish. Unlike before, they cannot order multiple buckets of trichlor.

Dealing with the situation beforehand

The owner of Richard’s Pool Service, Richard Garnai, says that the shortage of trichlor has not been a big problem for them. They already had a solid plan for dealing with the shortage. Their suppliers advised them to purchase trichlor in bulk. This way, they would be able to meet the expected surge in demand during summer. If they run out of stock, he considers manufacturing the chemical himself. Additionally, he plans to use cyanuric acid and liquid chlorine if he runs out of stock.

Garnai advises pool experts not to depend on tabs this summer. He says that looking for other options is a great idea. Trying to reduce the use of chlorine tabs is a great idea to deal with this problem. Some of the alternatives to trichlor include calcium hypochlorite and liquid chlorine. Although bromine is also a great alternative, it tends to degrade when exposed to sunlight.

Education programs

At the moment, it is essential to educate customers about this sudden shortage. Most customers are angry about this whole situation. Consider informing your customers that you are suddenly experiencing a chlorine shortage, and it would be best to look for other alternatives. Explaining the sudden increase in prices is also a good idea. Pool professionals are also encouraging customers to stock up tabs before summer. Fortunately, most customers are responding positively.

Using alternatives to chlorine

At present, there is a broad spectrum of techniques that can help you lower chlorine usage in your pool. These techniques help pool experts deal with the trichlor shortage well. When reducing the pool’s dependence on chlorine, the first thing to do is keep the pool in good condition. Using UV, Ozone, and AOP pool systems also helps you reduce chlorine usage. Consequently, pool experts are trying to encourage customers to consider other pool sanitation alternatives. Fortunately, most customers are responding positively. Nonetheless, pool experts hope that they won’t experience these challenges in demand and supply come next year.

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